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M Jul 15, 2019

I filed taxes with Jackson Hewitt for the 2015 tax year. The lady who worked on my taxes cost me a $3090 error by inputting the wrong information on the interest paid on my home. This was corrected by Jackson Hewitt after many calls and complaints from me. I even had to drive 2 hours from where I live to meet someone from Jackson Hewitt to no avail. Moving forward to 2019, I received a notice or proposed assessment for the same tax year, 2015 in the amount of $1224.56. The notice states that I under reported my income and/or overstated my deductions. I don't see how this could happen when I submitted all W-4's to the lady working on my taxes. I paid for the warranty (Golden something warranty) and I need Jackson Hewitt to correct this mistake made by the same person who worked on my taxes. This is unbelievable and the second time that the 2015 taxes are being audited by the IRS due to no fault of my own. Please contact me asap because the protest by date is 8/12/2019. I request a refund/correction to this proposed assessment. Please find attached the notice of proposed assessement.

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