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I am writing to report having been defrauded by, the e-commerce arm of Tamuz Records Ltd. I have retained all relevant documentation to substantiate my claims.
On Dec. 1, 2009, I placed an order with for five CDs (Order Number IM-73238)., for which I paid $125.97 CAD via Pay Pal. On Dec. 21, Israel-Music notified me by email that they had verified my payment, and gave me an estimated delivery date of December 22 (which did seem odd!). However, each time I have tried to track my order since then, I find that they list it as "being processed and prepared for shipment." By April 2010, I had emailed Israel Music eight times to inquire what had happened to my order. Each time, I received no response except the same computer-generated message. I have tried to contact them by phone, and there has never been a soul there – only a recorded message stating that the voice mailbox was full! Finally, I wrote to them at the contact address provided on their website (Tamuz Records Ltd., PO Box 198, Ra'anana, 43102, Israel), but received no response. In short, the CDs never arrived. I finally gave up on my order, although once in a while I still check on its status – which, as of September 17, was still listed as “being processed and prepared for shipment”! I question whether is a legitimate business at all -- in fact, whether it even exists save as a glossy website!
I am Canadian, but apparently customers from Holland and Germany have also been victims of fraud at the hands of this mail-order company. They report experiences almost identical to mine, some of which are described on websites such as (“Chrizzl” and “Gingio” from the Netherlands), (“W. Gebhardt” from Germany), and on the blog of Henrik Blunck (also from Germany). It is important that people be warned about this shameless company so that they too do not become victims!

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Mar 09, 2022 5:53 pm EST

Commande d'un vynil. Payé et jamais reçu. Pas de réponses à mes emails évidemment. Comment depuis autant d'années ce site peut il en toute impunité arnaquer les consommateurs?

Dec 19, 2021 2:23 am EST

I purchased some CDs in Israel Music back in 2014. I went to the same, and it was very frustrating, I spent USD 200, but the CDs never arrived, sent multiple emails with no response. I was attended by a guy who took note of my order and my name; both times, it was the same person, but it was very difficult to rare that he took the call. On both occasions, he told me in his lousy English that my order was already being processed and shipped. Eventually, I got tired of calling and emailing, the charge went straight to my credit card, and I could never get my money back.

Thanks for the info ! is a RIP OFF. I have been wondering what happened to my order of September 4, 2021 - my account at shows "payment received." However, no email confirmation, no response from Israel Music, and no charge has appeared on my card statement in 3 weeks, and I will try to get the company to block Israel Music if they suddenly try to process this payment.

He may be laying low because the heat is on, so good work communicating everyone ! He may be not processing orders since we are getting wise to his scam.

However, he may be letting payments pile up, then before the cards expire he will process them all at once and make off with a big pile of money. I encourage everyone to inform their card companies and try to block this event in advance.

I will contact the authorities in Israel as well. This person needs to be stopped. I am sure Mr. Tamuz Records will enjoy his well-earned stay at Ktzi'ot Prison בית הסוהר קציעות !

Aug 28, 2021 11:43 am EDT
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I truly wish I had found this site earlier. I placed an order a few weeks ago on this store and got no confirmation e-mail, although I was charged on my credit card. So I wrote them the first time. No response.
Then they changed my status on their site to shipped with a tracking number that is, to no one's surprise I imagine, non-existing.
I have written them numerous times and never got any kind of answer. Sadly, as I can see in here, I'm pretty sure I'm also being scammed.

This been going on for so many years now, with so many complains, as far as I can see, how can this store still be operating it beats me!

Jun 29, 2021 12:24 pm EDT
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Bonjour à tous,

Je suis aussi dans le même cas, pour un CD commandé le 4 avril 2020 et 27, 98 euros débités de ma carte de crédit dans la foulée. Depuis, ma commande est en traitement, mais je n'ai toujours rien reçu et il est impossible de les contacter, que ce soit par mail ou par téléphone.
Bref, fuyez le site d' comme la peste! Ils sont tout sauf sérieux
Publicité négative sera faite auprès des différentes communautés juives de Belgique, via les réseaux sociaux et de vive voix.
De plus, des démarches administratives seront entreprises auprès de la Cyber Crime Unit, en Belgique, pour informations et suites utiles.
Ce sont des personnes peu sérieuses, sans aucun scrupule et clairement malhonnêtes qui doivent absolument arrêter de nuire.
Et le plus grave, dans tout cela, c'est qu'ils donnent une bien triste image, faussée, du beau pays qu'est Israël, ainsi que de la gentillesse des gens qui y vivent et des belles valeurs qu'ils portent en eux.
Rien que pour ce fait, honte à vous, vous êtes des voleurs sans âme!

Douvy (S. Paulo) 🐻

Nov 16, 2020 1:12 pm EST

This happened to me as well. They did not ship order and charged our credit card

Jun 05, 2020 3:02 pm EDT

I ordered a CD from Israel Music on February 28, 2020. to date I have received nothing.
The order history indicates that the order has been received. shortly afterwards received an advertising mail from the company, indicating that they have my email address; although the e-mail address is known, I did not receive an answer to the two emails sent ...

Dec 28, 2019 4:20 pm EST

I've been waiting for my orders for 2 months. i don't understand why they don't go in jail. none of them should shop !

Dec 17, 2018 11:51 am EST

Looooooong Delivery Time

I ordered a DVD the 14th of october 2018, my order was not shipped in 35 days, but luckely got it after only 50 dayes, I live in Denmark :)

The movie was also good, but in the future, I will NEVER use Israel-Music

Nov 29, 2018 2:09 pm EST

Same happened to me. I spoke 3x with the owner and sent 12 e-mails. He keeps my money and does not deliver the goods since June 6th

Sep 09, 2018 5:56 am EDT

Same happend to me. Still waiting 3cds from March this year! Sad enough, I went to visit Israel this last summer and got to talk to someone via WhatsApp. He said he was waiting on one CD. Still waiting...shameful, I should have cancelled then.

Jan 20, 2018 8:56 pm EST
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So glad you didn’t complete the purchase, JeremyAW. When my bank cancelled the payment, Israel Music then decided to send the order, long after I needed the item. Then when I contacted them, several times, about how to return the item, again silence.

As others have said, do not do business with this fraudulent company. And if you’ve come here because it’s too late, be sure to get your credit card company involved.

Jan 20, 2018 3:33 pm EST

Thanks! I was this close!

Aug 13, 2017 1:17 am EDT

Same here! Ordered a double CD. Payment by credit card confirmed by auto-email and since then silence. Not one reply to my ten attempts to contact by email. Fraudsters!

Aug 10, 2017 11:55 am EDT
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I've had the same experience and am now writing a letter to the Merchant Disputes division of my credit card company (and including this website) to document what happened. I expect to have the charge dropped from my account, but I wonder what will happen when Barclays tries to deal with the seller's bank. I wish I had known all this before I ordered.

Sep 08, 2016 8:35 pm EDT

I ordered two DVDs in April 2016. The money was processed and taken from my card but it says 'pending' and it is now September and no sign of the films. No answer either from the online in-account enquiries or emails sent direct. DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

Sep 07, 2016 6:09 am EDT

You guys need to call your credit card company and ask for a charge back! I did, and got my money back (I referred them to this website, so thank you for adding your comments). With enough complaints, the CC companies will cancel this store's account, because they don't like charge backs.

Aug 22, 2016 8:59 am EDT

The same happened to me. I had been a customer since 2006 and all my previous orders came all right. Last time I had ordered successfully was in 2010. But this time the status of the order is "received", i.e. they received my order, not "processed", not "shipped". I emailed and called and got no answer whatsoever. I thought they had gone bankrupt.

Apr 26, 2016 5:04 am EDT
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It has been seven months since our order and we have had contact with this
company several times. They keep saying they will send our order tomorrow.
They have had excuse after excuse for the delay and after a while they just
stopped answering the phone and there is no reply to emails either.

Our order was for several DVD's and CD's with a value of 351 euros which was
paid in full on the day of the order.

I'll never do business with these men again and our bank is in the middle
of investigating this case.


Jan 20, 2016 7:44 am EST
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I ordered the DVD film Bethlehem and was emailed that it had been posted to England on December 9th 2015. Delivery expected by Dec 22nd.
On Dec 30th I emailed to say it had not arrived.
I have emailed 6 times asking what they propose and have had no response.
I phoned twice and got the answer machine on both the land line and the mobile.
On one occasion - Jan 14th - 5 weeks after the item was supposed to have been shipped - I got through and complained I was being ignored. The guy that answered said he was not ignoring me, he would check my order and email me back within an hour. 6 days later nothing. This is either a really inefficient or a fraudulent company. The authorities should investigate - but I doubt that will happen. In the meantime I recommend nobody actually trades with thme - you'll lose your money

Oct 25, 2015 11:34 pm EDT

Unbelievable! Same just happened to me! I am an Israeli living abroad. In late August this year I ordered a double CD from this ״company״, paid $40 (a CD that can't be found elsewhere). On September 1 I got an email saying the CD had been shipped. Well, 2 months passed and I never got it. All attempts to contact them, whether via their 2 fake phone numbers posted on their website or by email (2 different addresses) or by facebok messenger, were not answered. Finally I decided to contact them using the comment option on their facebook page - i just left a comment on their 3 last posts on facebook, with details of my case and my inquiry... Only then, they responded on facebook messenger very shortly and without apologizing: "hi Asaf, we will check with our shipping team and get back to you". Needless to say, a week passed since then and i haven't heard a word; of course, my comments were deleted and I was blocked (which also means i cannot contact them on facebook messenger anymore), and again they're not responding to any of my emails. At least I am going to write to Facebook asking to remove the profile of this ilegitimate "business" - those criminals. And I would be grateful if every one of those stung by would do the same - this will guarantee they are removed from Facebook - but before you do that, please leave your comments on as many of their posts on facebook as you can! So I'll wait with reporting them...

Aug 13, 2017 5:15 am EDT
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Replying to comment of Asafb

It was only through Facebook that I learned about this Complaints Board site, so maybe better to let the profile stand. I'm a little surprised that Israeli Music has allowed that one negative comment to remain there. But, unfortunately, we consumers find it when it's too late. Surely there must be some sort of organization that handles international fraud.

Jun 11, 2015 12:06 pm EDT
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My experiences are the same. I ordered for 137 Euro one month ago, and they are still preparing my order for shipment. No answer to my mails, the money is lost. I informed the israel comsumers council and a lawyer in Israel. We will see what will happen.

Apr 21, 2015 12:01 am EDT
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I ordered 2 Cds from this company.Never delivered.I have phoned, I was promised a phone call back, never happened. They are just scammers.DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

Oct 03, 2013 4:32 pm EDT

Sep 2013 and it is still happening. I wish I saw your posting prior to ordering from this company. Same experience as you three. Placed an order. Paid via Paypal, and every time I check on the status of my order, I get the same message. Order received but not processed. I will try and contact - and see if they can help me too.

Sep 03, 2011 12:29 pm EDT

I have not had a positive experience either. I too had ordered before without any problem until I put an order in a few years later. I paid for some CDs in July 2011 and did not receive them and multiple emails, phone calls (from Australia) failed to be answered. I decided to try another tack, so sent an email asking if there was a bulk discount for buying 100 of the same CD- WOW-the response was so quick! So I figured Israel-Music owner had not gone away, become deathly ill...I then contacted the consumer organisation in Israel. Funnily enough, Israel -Music sent me one of the 4 items after this. I decided that rather than wait months, I will contact Consumers in Israel and ask them to assist in getting all the products to me. Word of advice to anyone considering using the website to buy...DON'T!

Apr 14, 2011 8:15 am EDT

My experiences are exactly the same. I ordered for $ 195 in december 2009, and they are still preparing my order for shipment. A CD I ordered before this big order DID arrive, so I thought it was safe to order more.
Phone is never connected, and emails are automatically answered by a number for 'future reference', but of course never answered. But I still get announcements of CD's that 'might interest me' . The ###.
I wrote the chamber of Commerce in israel, but got no answer. Still waiting for my CD's...
Be warned!


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