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Iolo System Mechanic 9.5Worst Customer Support

As a customer for 4 years this once was a great product. In the past 6 months their tech support (all Indian now) just sends an email and says unload and reload. It is their status quo, if you can even get through to tech support. When you dial their [protected] you continuously get a busy tone. I had to use the email to get a case number at the beginning of Feb and now on Feb 18th I still don't have my AV working and I feel they are no longer helping their customers. I even called customer service several days ago and they don't want to call back to hear a complaint. I am told they have so many complaints they don’t have time to get back to anyone. If Iolo thinks the user community will put up with this, they are going to be out of business soon. If you are looking at this product I would keep looking. The power of the internet will kill them.


  • It
    I The Preacher Jun 11, 2016

    System mechanic deliberately has their download fixed to not download correctly.
    That means their looking for exxtra monetary funds to pay a so-called expert.
    This is all about the american greediness. Shameful and disgusting people.
    I just ordered it about 2hours ago and of course it didn't download correctly and is no where to be found. I am not paying monetary funds for someone unknown to set it up. That's crazy.
    If you paid for a program on the net, it should download correctly and function correctly without having to hire someone to download it into the pc.
    It's a scam to raise their revenue.
    I emailed them today after it would not work and i demanded satisfaction via refund immediately or fix it to download properly to work on my pc.
    I'd rather have the monetary funds returned.
    The only good thing is that i came accross this website here to read numerous tradgeties dealing with people who are takers.
    They are committng grevious sins, that will bring on their consequences.
    God may remove everything valueable from all involved by the end of the month of june 2016. Thanks for allowing me to read you all's temporary setbacks. All grammarical miscalculation are of the author.
    Respectfully yours- i the preacher
    abba theos in caelis7,
    vade retro satana,
    ipse venena bibas,
    crux sacra sit mihi lux!
    nunquam draco sit mihi dux!
    ipse venena bibas!
    in nomem christi,

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  • Su
    supermadinchitown Sep 22, 2015

    So I purchased system mechanic like 2 years ago as a 1 time buy. Out of nowhere my card gets charged 2 weeks ago for $29.99. I was promised a refund when I called within 5-7 business I sit 2 weeks later still no refund, getting the same, that's up to your credit card message from iolo. Well it's not a cc, it's my bank card, and I work retail it takes 24-48 at the most. I am now off to the BBB to lodge a complaint. And a lawyer if need be, because I never authorized them to charge my card 2 years later anyway...where is my MONEY THIEVES!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS!

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  • Ry
    ryd1008 Jul 21, 2015

    So, I had Iolo for over 2 years. I paid hundreds of dollars for their tech support. It worked well at first. Then, when my laptop was running slow, I would call, be on the phone FOR HOURS watching then remotely fix my laptop, all for it to keep not working right. When became more persistent that their support fixes weren't working, then they told me it was a problem with malware and they couldn't do anything about it. I bought a new laptop, got a new tech services for my new and old laptop for over a year now and everything's great. I did attempt to get a refund, but the phone number they have me never connected me to anyone. Suddenly, the last few weeks, they have been literally HOUNDING me with phone calls to re-instate my service, that they can detect viruses in my WiFi and that my computer is going to crash if I don't let then fix it. They over talk me and when I hang up, they call me back TEN TIMES IN A ROW!!! I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to figure out how to complain because this is CRAZY!

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  • Ca
    candygriffin Apr 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    System Mechanic has absolutely horrible tech support. They are more interested in "up-selling" consumers to the $300 plan than they are to help you. They did not even listen to my complaint. They had me (get this!) unplug all of the cords including the power cord, from the computer and then press the on-off switch 45 times. Like that joke of a FIX is going to work. Then the hard sell begins again... Beware of this issue. I am ready to quit System Mechanic although I have used it for a number of years. One expects excellence in customer support not pressing a button 45 times.

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  • Ne
    Nezumi1966 Jan 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had several issues with my computer, and each time, it was handled professionally. Yes, I paid over $300 for everything, but it is worth every penny I invested.

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  • Si
    sierraman Dec 03, 2012

    I think you will be interested in this one. When the latest version of System Mechanic would hang up I called their tech support. They scanned my computer and told me I had all kinds of problems. I did sign up for the extra support for $200. At the time I noticed that the charge was to I spoke to some manager there after several exchanges and also after they spent 2 hours working on my computer and they were very polite and gave me my money back. After extensive checking and speaking to them further I felt they were a legitimate company and reinitiated the contract. They were very helpful. Now it gets better. Since it was not iolo in the U.S. I called them back and they said they never heard of this company. How the hell did I ever get them? Well the other day I called their tech support number, got connected to India and they never heard of (they have a rather elaborate web site). This other iolo India company scanned my computer and told me I had all kinds of problems and needed it fixed. I was not going to buy this and called direct oneresolve who had checked my computer and found nothing wrong. They said this other outfit was trying to scam me. I will call iolo today and confront them with this. The next step may be the D.A.’s office in Los Angeles

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  • Lv
    lvguns Aug 30, 2012

    I agree...these people are the worst. I had System MechanicPro v. 10+, needed some help as it just froze up on "downloading improved virus definitions"...You get sweet talked into some kind of "Premium Service" (in my case $479+USD for 3 computers for 2 years)...Then they offer to work on your computer "remotely" and thoroughly screwed it up. Two phone calls later, and two sessions with "supervisors" only made it worse.
    The ###s even deleted the copy of SMPro10 that I paid for, dumped a non-working installer on my desktop for a "complimentary" upgrade (Gees, what would I hope for for a mere $479?) and it won't install, and the computer works worse than ever. A followup call to (hopefully to LAX) gets someone from the Philippines who is not much better in the English department than the Indians, and a promise to "escalate" my case. Someone is supposed to "call me back from Los Angeles", and all I have to do is wait around until they do. I guess noone at Iolo realizes that other people in the world have real jobs and don't just wait around breathlessly for a call back.
    this operation is screwed up beyond my wildest nightmares, and I would emphatically tell anyone who is considering buying anything they offer to avoid it like the plague. Avoid them at all costs, and maybe they will collapse under the weight of bad press and no sales.

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  • Jc
    jcomputerguy2012 Jul 08, 2012

    I just got off the phone with them and they are the wrost customer service, first i was hung up on, when they said why are you calling, i said cause i am calling aout a refund, and they replied with what product, i said drive scrubber, rep replied we dont have no suhc thing as that, click ..
    and then i called back, i dont give up too easy.soi i called back and said your rep hung up on me and they said OKI.. like they CARE
    and so i said i was promised a refund since last week, and he replied i cant give you 2 refunds only one, cause you used the product, DUH i know i used the product and he kept tying to say i cant do it, and then he said, i can only refund you 19.95 and thensaid, but i am not giving you a refund only going to request it, nice not even going to help
    here comes the part when i hung up on him, i dont normaly do this, but he said, sir i checked my records and we could not give you a refund cause your card expired, i said oh yeah thats right t did, but come on, why didnt they contact me and tell me this, and so i said, ok would you like my new card, and guess what he went into the whole process of refund all over agian, i could not believe, it then he said you can call the billing department, i said your telling me you cant fix this issues, he said the number is 1800 ... i then hung up on him

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  • Pm
    P MacDomhnaill Sep 03, 2011

    Terrible product which has corrupted my hard disk which defaults to blue screen error no 24, etc

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  • Jo
    Jo Selby Feb 04, 2011

    I agree with all that's written. I have confirmation to cancel their premium service two days after purchasing when I found out they hadn't a clue about Windows 7, corrupted my computer and lied to me. I was on the phone for 45 min. with 3 people (that I could barley understand) and all they could do was try to "hard sell" me to keep the from canceling. I finally hung up after asking what the confussion was in the word "Cancel". I contacted my credit card company disputing the charge and I'm not beyond contacting the BBB or my State Attorney General Fraud Division if they give me any more lip service.

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  • Jm
    JMurray Oct 08, 2010

    On August 30th I purchased one year of technical support from Iolo. They fixed the then current problem. I have downloaded System Mechanic 10. The Windows Security Center on my computer will not run the new software program. (Anti-Virus) After searching through many, many pages of suggestions and tutorials, I found a place where I could ask for help by E-mail. According to their web-site all technical Support services are free. I'm asking myself what I spent the $199.00 for. There seems to be no way to access this product. There was a white cross icon on my computer which I thought would access this service. It was called "" this is a free service with which to link two parties together. This site had nothing to do with Iolo. I spent $199.00 for a service that cannot be accessed. Also on Iolo's website there is a record of my purchasing 3 years of System Mechanic; but no record of my purchasing the premium service. I checked my credit card statement and found that the charge was, in fact; to Iolo Laboratories.

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  • Ar
    ArizonaMudd Sep 23, 2010

    I'm Now Getting HD Defrag Errors On A New Drive ! First It Was 13%, Then 37%, Now It's Even Worst @ 47% ! Iv'e Run SysMech, With Out A Pause For 2Days Straingh, And It Still Say's That My HD Is Frag'ed ? Why ?

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  • Ts
    tselsar Jul 10, 2010

    I cannot get all of System Mechanic off my computer. Therefore i am unable to download a different version I feel
    totally dissapointed in this. Does this happen to everyone? I have been a customer for several years. I just hope somehow I can get a answer for this problem.

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  • Su
    surfsideking Jun 19, 2010

    Iolo system mechanic is HORRIBLE!!! it actually slows the system down and CONSTANTLY performs "fixes" even if you have had NO activity on your computer. I paid the $60 for tech support to help fix the problems and they spent most of their time PRESSURING me OVER AND OVER AGAIN to participate in the $300 per year subscription for remote tech support and system cleaning. I repeatedly told them that I would not invest $300 until I was sure the $60 fix would actually help (which it did not.. my computer runs the same or worse than it did before they "helped me") I have uninstalled the program and my computer starts up fast at the windows start-up again... and despite ALL the problems the mechanic CONSTANTLY found on my computer that would bring my computer's performance to a cripplingly slow pace ... SHOCKINGLY the computer seems to be managing just fine without the worthless Mechanic 9 program slowing everything down.

    as an aside.. an interesting frustration with Mechanic I found is that if you enable "Active scanning" your computer will take about 20 minutes to completely defrag almost every time you re-start your computer (even if it claims the computer is only 10% fragmented)

    don't waste your time or energy with this ATROCITY of a product. I am going to do some independent research to see if there are similar programs that perform better and has customer service and tech support that actually SPEAK and UNDERSTAND english.

    Why would ANYBODY in this world practice customer service like this. If someone from India has a problem with a company he is paying, why would they want to talk to customer support or tech support that had trouble communicating PROPERLY with them... so why do americans CONSTANTLY have to struggle with this.

    I have wonderful friends who are from India, but I would never talk to any of them about something technical and complicated where there could be a lapse in proper communication that would not facilitate a proper resolution. That is simply putting profits over practicality. [censor]IC

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  • Ma
    Malena52 Mar 20, 2010

    Iolo are reaching the bottom. Las November I bought System Mechanic Pro fully convinced of what they said - Fully Windows 7 ready.
    Not only have they discontinued the firewall, part of my deal, but I have had nothing but blue screens in the most different circumstances, like when someone on my network tries to access my computer, and a series of others i can't even put my finger on.
    So I had to install a different program, that is running beautifully - no more blue screens.
    I wrote to Iolo and asked to have my account cancelled and my money refunded. Guess what the answer was?
    Dear Maria,

    We have deactivated your account. Unfortunately we are unable to issue you a refund as our return policy states all refund requests must be made within 30 days of purchase.

    Thank you for your time and patience. If you have any further questions, suggestions, or comments about any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us using this case. To provide for better tracking of your issue and to ensure accurate responses by Customer Care, please do not start a second case on the same issue as this may cause unnecessary delays. For your reference, your case number is CAS-764781. You may also visit Customer Care online at


    Allie D,
    Customer Care Representative

    I am speechless... anybody care to add a comment?

    Maria Oliveira

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