Intown Suitesproperty manager and environment

A Jul 24, 2019

So me and my fiance have been staying here for almost a year now. Thank God we are moving tomorrow because I have never seen such discrimination and disrespectful service. We have seen them change management and since this new guy JC got in here it's been horrible. Floods, prostitution, drug deals, homeless men staying in parking lot and on breezeways to rooms, and hardly any notice for property maintenance or room maintenance. He has a big disrespect for females or kids of any age and will lie and ignore them to dismiss them from rooming there. He is overly nice to any male who wants to room or has an issue here which is just terrible. We do not have anything against homosexuals at all but it's crazy when you discriminate just because the other party is not a man or not attracted to him. I hope you get him replaced soon with another female because this property needs help.

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