Intex Corp.bad product


I bought a Intex twin airbed as we had company. I spent $59.99 that I could not afford. I was assured by the sales man this was a good brand. Well it lasted two nights before it got a hole, we patched the hole, seemed good to go. Then three days later this loud uncomfortable mattress was flat on the floor. WOW! One week and it was dead. Can't find any holes, won't hold air. This product is a piece of #*#* never had a product cost so much that is so fragile and worthless for the money. Now it is worthless with no refund in my favor.


  • Da
    dawn Jul 27, 2008

    i ordered parts because there was one staight pole messing from the box when i bought it and one of the T bars was bent the claim # is 21810 when it came to me from fed-ex it awas the wrong part you all sent me a pump, so we sent it back. but the problem is i waited a wekk for these parts and now i have to wait another week . that is not right what i would like is for the right parts to sent tome over-night so idon't have to wai another wekk that would be the right tning to do SINCERELY, DAwn VanLeeuwen

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  • Ti
    timtim Jul 10, 2012

    I purchased a pool system from Intex corp. I talked to their manager before I made the order and he was so polite and showed me many of the advantages of the product I was going to buy. I believed him. After two weeks I received the system but there were not enough details inside. When I called to the same manager he said that I should paid extra money for the missing details.

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  • Va
    Valerie A. Spring Sep 13, 2013

    Same situation as me. However, I bought it so that my handicapped sister could stay over in my tiny house. Needless to say, I was
    awakened at 4 AM to find my sister on the floor, as the bed had deflated substantially. It also popped a seam, so there was a big bubble in the middle of the twin bed.
    What a horrible product, and whammy to Walmart for selling this piece of garbage. By the way, make sure you read the tiny eight by ten notice by the air mattresses in Walmart. They only offer 15 day refunds or replacements on their airbeds. Sneaky, sneaky. They knew damn well they were retailing an inferior product. Valerie A. Spring

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