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indianapolis martial arts clubgreed and decietful business practice

signed what I thought was a EFT deduction or authorized withdrawal from my checking account when in reality was a contract that was sue-able. Long story short I lost my job, I quit going, still paid them for 6 months. Stopped paying got sued and lost. It's obvious that greed is their primary motivator since i only took one month of lessons and they stilled filled my spot. Wouldn't take my situation into consideration. Be wary of joing this place.


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    indyboxingrappling Jan 24, 2018
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    Ray had a reputation for hurting students in the 89s he used to take students around in a van engaging in brawls but 260 pound ray only beatup guys half his size a total pos human being beware

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    Jojo72 Jan 30, 2018
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    @indyboxingrappling We are experiencing this now too. My son has actually moved out of the state for work and they are still charging him. Such a joke.

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    Pearsonfamily Oct 17, 2016

    I absolutely agree about the money part, that is all they care about. I was warned by several people about this place but I didn't listen. Everyone said they didn't care about their students it was all about the money and they were correct. But we were roped into a 3 yr contract for my because we were told that was the shortest they offered, he hasn't been in almost a year and we're still paying.

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  • First and foremost, claiming to be a Kru is bizarre and an outright lie if you've not been made a Kru by Traditional Muay Thai/Muay Boran fighters, boards or governement recognized councils of Thailand/Burma etc. Even if Ray Sarkine or his boxers won some SPORT competitions in the USA against petty schools from the USA who also have no credentials it wouldn't prove anything except that IMAC worked out a few boxers enough to beat some other non-traditional boxers in amateur bouts in SPORT fighting. There is a major difference in Combat and Sports. There is also a major difference in Muay Boran and Muay Thai. IMAC is not recognized by any True Traditional Muay Boran or Muay Thai Krus. I hope you all realize that even if a few American workout people get together and do some kickboxing (watered down Muay Thai moves) and form an organization or so-called federation or league thst it makes them official in real Muay Boran/Muay Thai. If you want more information on Tradition and Real Combat Martial Arts instead of Zumba mixed with TaiBo of IMAC then go look into AITMA, the Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts. Also get books on Muay Boran by a real Arjan who's name is Marco DE Cesaris. Grand Masters are over this organization and real information, real traditions (not SPORT). You want Siamese Martial Arts, look to Siamese Knowledge, not a Zumba/TaiBo BlackBelt like Ray Sarkine who has some Sport Amatuers slap around other schools who have other Sport Zumba/ThaiBo Blackbelts. The BlackBelt is a joke of course folks. Those workout programs don't or shouldn't offer blackbelts. Either way the black belt system isn't part of real Muay Boran/Thai either so Mr.Sarkines Americanized brown belt or umpteenth black cloth means nothing in Thailand, Burma, India or elsewhere. Start contacting Krus from Thailand who teach in the USA and let them know the claims of IMAC also. A major issue of IMAC is money of course for BS a person can do at home. They also claim to be teaching things which no other school does and that other schools copy them etc. Wth?! Lol. Official Thai Boxing that's certified from Pros exists outside IMAC but not within their Bullshido clubhouse. IMAC needs to be sued for false advertising, hidden costs for testing and materials which aren't in the contracts up front, the risks that students face trying to utilize fake programs only good for fitness of Zumba/ThaiBo, the unofficial claims by Sarkine and more. For the people who claim IMAC is so great, well, it'd easy for many Americans to feel it's so great when they know little to nothing about anything else aside from getting fit and applying a few skills to underskilled onlookers etc. What does IMAC even truly provide? Can you get something there that you can't elsewhere? Who taught Ray Sarkine any Muay Boran, Muay Thai or American SPORT Kickboxing??!! Where the proof and where's IMACs recognition among real Trad Fighters and Councils outside American clubs that promote themselves and make money off of unknowledgeable spectators who come into the SPORT slaps to watch their kids or girlfriends participate?! ;)

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    Class Action Lawsuit against Indianapoli May 11, 2014
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    I have had the same experience. They keep charging people for no services because of the run around telling them how they have to cancel then you cannot reach them or they are never there. Several VERY large health clubs have recently had class action lawsuits filed against them for the same behavior.

    James (I believe that is his name) is a nice guy but is obviously part of the scheme to make it as difficult to cancel as possible. He always tells you that you need to talk to the billing department. Yet the billing department will never return your call.

    I have contacted the law firm going after LA and Equinox to see if they will add Indianapolis Martial Arts. If not, I plan to hire a lawyer locally to pursue it. It is about what is right, not at all about the money for me.

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    PrayingMantisXX Mar 08, 2013

    I know just who you are talking about.I do think the service is crappy because it is one of their students that teach the little ones.I made a comment about not correcting my child to a fellow member.That member took it to the owner and they expelled me. After 2 years and many hours I felt my little one was not getting the full benefit.Then you stuck with a contract that is a joke.I feel for my little one .She has worked so hard but really got nowhere. She got her belts but they are in for the money.They expelled me and kept the money.I refuse to ever sign another contract like that.They have got it so cramped you can not even breath.

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    unhappy_and_disgruntled Jan 17, 2012

    I agree, the services when you are there are great. The work out is fantastic. That is undesputable. But, all they care about is MONEY at the end of the day!

    I was put on mandatory overttime at work and couodnt make it in because of it. I had my supervisor write a letter and I sent it in telling them I needed to terminate my contract and they wouldn't let me!

    So I called and spoke to one specific employee about temrinating my contract and they directed me to the company that handles their finances & contracts. I couldn't find anything on them when I googled them, just got an automated vm. I mailed them two letters telling them I wanted my contract terminated. Months later when my contract was up, they still charged me for the following month even though it was after my initial contract dates! The employee at the gym fed me some BS that I was supposed to mail the termination letter to the gym, not the contract company. So I asked him WHY he sent me to the contract company in the first place!!!

    Their business practices are shady, unprofessional and unethical. Do NOT go there because of this!

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    Cindy Johnson1 Jan 13, 2012

    I'm not here to complain about the services this place offers because I think they are great. However, they run a crampy business. When trying to cancel my membership, they gave my a number to call to get a P.O. address. They told me that I need to I need to submit something in writting at least 30 days in advance which i've done before with other memberships I had. However, I have not receieved any confirmation from them that the membership is cancelled. Also, I googled the name of the billing company and number and nothing comes up. I tried calling the club, but no one answered. Also, they dont' have an automated voice mailing system. In this aspect, I think they fail as a business.

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  • Ma
    Mad_Mechanic Jul 20, 2011

    I do not agree with all of you that are complaining about Ray Sarkines Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. I was enrolled in this thai boxing gym for two years and I couldn't have been happier with the intensity of the training and the expertise of the staff. I was at the best shape of my life during this time period! While I do agree that his gym tuition is on the high side there are no other gyms in the Indianapolis area that hold a candle to Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. I think it is ridiculous that a few of the posters are complaining about the contracts that they were "conned" into signing. I highly doubt that somebody held a gun to your heads and made it mandatory for you sign anything. I think it is quite foolish to sign a contract you don't fully understand in the first place. Mr. Sarkine has every right to have his students sign contracts. The man is running a business, that's how things work! You buy a car, you sign a contract! You buy a house, guess what? You sign a contract! You sign a contract and break it you will always end up putting yourself in a position where you will be sued. Similar to the original poster, I also had lost my job during the contract period but that did not stop me from staying enrolled in the gym. I stayed enrolled in this gym for another year before I gave my 30 day written notice. As for the BBB Rating (link attached) I find it garbage! First of all, the name of the business is wrong! Secondly, there have only been 5 complaints in 3 years! How many satisfied students/customers do you think have been in and out of this gym during this 3 year period alone?

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  • Lo
    logicalthinking101 Jun 24, 2011

    I've been attending classes for quite some time now and the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Is it a little bit more pricey than a normal gym? Yes, of course it is. It's not a normal gym and it's not a normal workout. There are a lot of gyms that have you sign contracts, this is standard business practice, and as with any contract, if you break it you are held legally accountable. Business is businees, if they continuously worried about being buddy buddy with everybody who trains there they would have been out of business a long time ago. To address the individual who complained about having to buy their own equipment (ankle supports, gloves, hand wraps, etc)..well of course you have to buy your own equipment! First of all, a lot of the equipment ends up with a considerable amount of your sweat on it so why on earth would you not want to own your own?! You couldn't pay me enough to wear someone else's ankle supports or hand wraps..disgusting! Second of all, you wouldn't walk into a yoga studio and expect them to provide your yoga matt. Even when you enroll your children in dance classes you are resposible for providing the outfits they HAVE to wear to the recitals. So here's it is people, if you went and you didn't like or it wasn't for you than don't go anymore, but your on here complaining about a COMPANY who asks people to sign a contract and stick with it. That's like complaining about an employer who expects you to show up on time. It's really pretty ridiculous.

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  • Bs
    bsum Jun 15, 2011

    You know, if they did good business they wouldn't have to con people into b.s. contracts just to stay IN business. By the way mrme12345678965 your attitude is a perfect testimate to the mind set of the jokers running the place... Hell, sounds like you might even be one of those jokers...

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  • Mr
    mrme12345678965 Jun 13, 2011

    you guys are all cry babies. I have been there for a couple years. Learned alot and am a well rounde fighter now. You are all probably fat lazy slobs that expected to sit on your ### eating candy and cakes and thought you would lose that extra 250lbs and learn to fight. Pussys and they are "crappy" all the time. that means you were one of the pieces of ###. If they didnt do a contract they wouldnt stay in busniess because people like you sign up and quit after one workout. like I said buch of pussys

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  • Ms
    MSUM Jun 10, 2011

    This club is a joke. Check out their rating on Better Business Bureau…they scored an F!!! It’s all because they care about their egos more so than their reputation!!!
    Do your homework before going to this club, read all the reviews on all the websites. It’s a shame they removed the reviews from google, you would’ve seen how they personally attack anyone who has a complaint.
    If you do go…. It's $185 a month and they do have month to month and short term memberships available (don’t let them lie to you), and ask about the $285 “advancement” fee. Also, you should know you have to buy t-shirts, wraps, jump ropes, ankle braces, etc…….
    Save your time and money and go to another club!!! This is a very unethical business!!!

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  • Ca
    casbday Aug 27, 2010

    Yeah, and they say that it is fun there and they get really crappy with you all of the time. I will tell you from persoanl experience that the only thing that these people are interested in is money. They don't care about you at all. They won't even tell you the monthly prices until you have already paid 99 dollars for a week. their prices are 199 a month 180 if you decide to be with them for a year 170 if it is for 2 years and 160 for 3. that is outrageous. and they are relocating to a different building and the prices will be even higher than that. im warning you all. unless you like to get ripped off or are extremely wealthy do not go here.

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  • Jo
    Josh-007- Feb 04, 2010

    Same here!!! I feel you all too well. I signed a contract which was explaned to me, and i was told in order to stop payment from coming out of my account and to cancell membership i had to give a 30 day notice in writing handed to them in person. Which i TRIED to do because of medical reasons i was not able to continue. I was gave the bs and told that no matter what i could not cancell till after the contract which was a year or they would sue for the amount due and other fees. So i had to stop going by doctors orders and still had to pay. Like the other said didnt even take my situation into considerdation. They are all about the money. Would not recommend

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