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Kolors Health Care IndiaDeducting money after opted out before the service started

Name of the Agency -Kolors Health Care Pvt Limited (Gachibowli Branch)
Type of Service -Slimming Course
Dated 22-10-2019
Total amount -45, 000.00

I visited the agency Kolors Health Care Pvt Limited on 22-10-2019 for the slimming course .When I visited that agency, they informed me regarding the slimming course fee.
I told them it's not possible to avail the course, as I have some financial issues as well as I need to discuss with my family and my doctor before starting that. So I informed them that I will visit next day if I am interested for this course. But they started forcing me and informed me that they have some offer for that day only. I told them that I dont have money and may be I will not take this course because I have some issues.
But they told that I can cancel this enrollment later if I want.
I asked them that if I didn't like the services whether I can cancel the booking or not, they responded that I can cancel .
As I told them due to financial issue I will be unable to pay the amount, so I will visit the next day for the booking confirmation if I need the service.
But they forced me to enroll by that day because they had some offer and told me that I can pay via EMI .
They had also told me that I can cancel my EMI within few days before the service start If I don't want this service.
At the same time they asked me for my debit card and told that they have processed for the EMI, as the EMI amount is -5, 296.17 and told me that I can cancel the booking within few days if I want.
The next day, I visited the office, I told them to cancel the booking.
Firstly they started arguing with me and after that they told me to provide a letter of withdrawal of services which they will send to the respective higher authority to cancel the EMI.
I provided them the requested letter for cancellation and they said that within 10 days they will cancel the booking as well as the EMI.
I submitted the membership card which they issued to me on the first day.
But till now they haven't canceled and they have deducted 3 months EMI, Dec 2019, Jan 2020 and Feb 2020, and now they are saying that they will not refund my amount .
As per consumer I haven't taken a single service from the agency, but they are deducting the EMI amount, I have even contacted the bank, they said me that till they don't get any confirmation from the merchant, they cant stop EMI, as per consumer I want to look into this matter, refund my amount and cancel the booking as soon as possible as its been more than 3 months .

  • Updated by Bak10 · Feb 28, 2020

    Worst experience .

    I am suffering till now and not getting any help from Kolors

    I have opted-out from their service before the service started... I didn't took any class from them.. I had also informed them to stop EMI and service within few days of the enrollment ... They also had taken their membership card which they have issued for me after opted-out from the service.

    But till now they have not stop EMI and bank is charging me for the service amount which I have not started.. Not a single class I have done in Kolors. They are not refunding my money and not stopping the service.

    Customer care also not helping me out from this situation.. Nobody from Kolors are not helping me even after several email and phone calls.. I have already lost lots of money.

    Can anybody please guide me what I need to do to get my money back.

  • Kolors Health Care India's response · Mar 07, 2020

    Dear Bak10,

    We are from the Customer Relations Department of Kolors Health Care and we received your feedback in regards to Kolors Health Care in complaints board.
    At Kolors Health Care our Customer's satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We appreciate if you can provide us your Invoice Number or contact number so that we can retrieve your customer details from our system in order to assist you better. Alternatively, you may also contact us at @

    Thank you.