Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc.Poor business practices and lies!


I was at a home show and was told if I put down a deposit of $1000, this would guarantee a show price for one year with the chosen bbq to be determined at a later date, and a full refund could be made anytime within the year if they had not started working on a particular bbq for us.

I researched this company when returning from the home show, there were many red flags so I decided they were not the company for me. I left three messages, and received no return phone calls. I e-mailed them letting them know I wanted a refund, and I was told only Phil Bovard could do that, and I have yet to hear from him, and this is since September 19, 2006...

It is now time to make complaints, and to let other consumers know of there poor business practices and lies.

Custom Outdoor Barbecue's

Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc
8753 Lion Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Owner: Phil Bovard


  • Kv
    KV Dec 12, 2006

    Buyers please take note:
    May 8, 2006 I attended a home improvement show in San Jose, California. My contractor and I spoke to the sales rep. and asked if Imperial could build a island to the contractor design. I was assured they could.
    The order was placed and paid in full. Drawing was sent to imperial and island was in production and received two phone calls from Imperial to set and confirm a delivery date of 11/8/06.
    10/8/06 I received a phone call stating my order was going to be delayed because the company was merging with another company and that someone would be contacting me in 3 days. With no response and several call to Imperial I made contact with Mike from Imperial. He assured me they had all the material but the delay was because of the merger with Island Outdoor Bar-B-Que. No money could come in and going out for 30 days my order would be delayed 60 to 90 day beyond the original due date, and Imperial would wave the cost of the $350.00 upgrade I requested. The delay was unacceptable to me if it was more that 30 days . I asked for information about this company. Mike knew nothing. Several days later Imperial sets a new delivery date is set for 11/17/06.
    11/14/06 another phone call from Imperial telling me my side burner is back order.
    11/17/06 30 minutes before delivery I found on the web that Imperial is being may be sued for non payment to their suppliers.
    As well as another complaint. /URL removed/ And I could not find any information on Island Outdoor Bar-B-Que. The Island arrives and does not match drawing sent. by my contractor. I am in a panic and ended up accepting the island because fearing that I would lose my money be without an island .
    11/19/06 Another call to Imperial for the owner manual on stove an installation instruction. June and Mike both stated that my warranties would be voided if I did not get a professional to install the unit. Mike has no clue when the backorder will be delivered. As of this date I have made numerous phone calls as well as my contractor for to obtain manual, installation instruction and warranties that I have not received. I had to postpone the installer and city inspector for signoff of backyard project . All I have a $5200.00 island with a hole in the counter stove that is not operable. Your limited lifetime warranties only exist upon request. Without the warranty how do you know what you need to do to conform to it if Imperial will not send it to you.
    Kathy from Fremont, Ca.
    P.S. This is to Phil Bovard. There is enough information in this letter that you can Identify who I am and call me if you wish. I don’t want you to thinks I am just another anonymous anyone. If you should make good on my request and backorder soon and my permit is cleared. I will follow up and state that on this forum.
    To the consumer: Beware!! In my opinion they are Bad News.

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  • Jo
    John Jan 10, 2007

    In late January 2006, we ordered a BBQ Island from Imperial Outdoor Living. We were required to put a $2900 deposit. Our pool construction was delayed so we informed Imperial. We were told no problem. In November we received a call from Imperial informing us that they were merging with another company and our order would be delayed until around the second week of January 2007. They also offered a "free upgrade (lighting) or $250 off the price".

    I have tried calling Imperial all week and have left numerous voice messages along with a FAX. No response. The answering machine indicates they were closed for the Holidays and would re-open for business on January 8 and would return all calls within 24 hours. I'm still waiting...still no response.

    Customer Service and it appears business practices are lacking. Will be contacting friends I have at the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney General's Office if no response by Tuesday (Jan 16). Give them enough rope.....

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  • Da
    Damon Karaiscos Jan 12, 2007

    These circumstances are unfortunate, and all too common. However, it is not difficult to research the numerous companies that sell at home shows. Buyers beware. Home shows are a haven for unscrupulous businesses. There are no internal policing measures by home show promoters. Check with your local BBB, or simply Google the company's name on the internet, before purchasing. I have been in business since 2000, and will no longer sell on the home show circuit. If you would like to review a company in this industry that takes care in how they interact with consumers, look up Soleil Hearth and Home on the Southland BBB website. We also hail from Rancho Cucamonga. Take a look at our website as well:

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  • Lu
    Lupe Mendoza Jan 18, 2007

    I will be brief in saying that I like many other (Honest, American Taxypaying Citizens) have been SCAMMED!!! I have paid out of our pocket in earned money of $4,650.00 to Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc

    Just in the last (2) days have found out that they have shut down there Business and VACATED the warehouse they occupied leaving it in sambles. According to the Property Manager they owe Rent
    for the last (3 - 4 months). So where does that leave us???

    I want everyone to know that I will do everything in my power to find PHILLIP W. BOVARD and KELLY RENEE BOVARD (Wife) and bring them to justice. All I want is for the public to know of there wrong doing and most of all for myself and others is to just retrieve our hard working money back or at least the product agreed to per there agreement.

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  • Ca
    Carson Turner Jan 22, 2007

    I too put a deposit on a bbq island at a homeshow. I received several calls to place my island into production and pay the remainder. I asked for color samples and they never showed. I have been calling daily and getting the out for the holidays message. I am interested in working with anyone to recover our money.

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  • Fr
    Francois De Groen Jan 23, 2007

    We have been scammed by the same ### for over $2,000.00. I think realistically none of us will see our money but I will participate in every effort anyone starts to send these people to prison, where they belong for a long time. They WILL do it again, and perhaps we can flag these folks with every home show and business bureau, as well as the feds. Also, the media would be very interested in home show scam artists like these, and they need to be publicly 'outed' and shamed for taking all of our money. We can make their lives a living Hell and they deserve nothing less. Count us in. If anyone knows an attorney perhaps a class action law suit would be a start. Regardless, these larvae need to be locked up.

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  • Jo
    John Leal Jan 24, 2007

    Went to the Spring Home show in Visalia last year (which is up coming again) and found a vender called Imperial Outdoor Living. My wife and I placed a down payment for an outdoor kitchen island that costs us a total of around $8,000 (to be paid in 3 installments). Around June they requested for me to give 2nd payment to place my order into production and if I did they would give me a discount. I called them around Aug. to schedule a delivery date and was told that the company was being bought out and that they have stopped production and will not restart till February then I asked for a refund. After several phone calls they stated to me that they will deliver the kitchen to me but the side burner is on back order. Late November they delivered my kitchen and still charged me for the side burner that has not been delivered. Received my credit card statement and noticed they charged my credit card twice for the last payment. Called the company and they stated it was my problem and that I was lying to them even though I faxed them the credit card statement to them and highlighted the charges. I then called my credit card company and they are trying to work out the charges. Till this day I have not received the side burner and when I call the company all I get is message that they will be back from the Holidays on January 8th. Since then I have been calling every day and still same message. Called the event manager for the Spring Home show in Visalia that is a company from San Francisco and they stated that Imperial outdoor living is no longer a vender because they have been flagged by the BBB with a grade of F. The event manager did give me the owner’s cell phone number that I have called everyday for the past week which his message does state that he returns his calls with 24 hours but still to this day has not called me and now when I call it states that his voice mail is full. Today found this website &gclid=CMurnLH--YkCFRT2YAodsR7kSw

    and talked with Carlos that states that he has received over 20 phone calls that other have the same problems that I do and states that over half of them have never received any products from Imperial Outdoor Living. Per Carlos a large amount of people have lost over $8000 and have nothing to show for it. Carlos gave me another phone number of a lady named Pam that is filing a lawsuit.

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  • Lu
    Lupe Mendoza Jan 24, 2007

    This is to ALL Customers who have been SCAMMED like myself and have posted their stories on this complaint board. I am desperately trying to contact each one of you via email but having no luck due to error messages (parse error, syntax error). I am actively working with Pam to bring Imperial Outdoor Living to justice.

    We are complying a list of names (which is growing by the minute) with the intention of proceeding with legal action.

    We must put a stop to this NOW, we are all hard working taxpaying citizens who just put our trust in someone who has misrepresented himself and his Company.

    If you would like to see justice served and maybe we have a chance of getting some of our money back, Please contact me at my email.

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  • Pa
    Paul McQueen Jan 24, 2007

    I too have lost out on $2,672.50. I put a $1,000.00 deposit down on a grill, from Imperial Outdoor Living, at a home show in Tucson, AZ in April of 2006. In June of 2006 I received a call asking me if I would like to start production of my grill, that they would need half of the balance due, $1,672.50, which I agreed to. I have been calling the office number daily and getting the same message as everyone else. I would be more than glad to see these ### brought to justice. Count me in on any sort of law suit.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Johnson Jan 25, 2007

    This is to customers going to the home shows. You need to be leary of the seller also. I feel I was a "lucky purchaser". In Oct 2006, at the home show on the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego CA, we purchased a "display model" and a BBQ cover was to come with it. The contract said everything was to be delivered within 4-16 weeks because it had to be made. But the seller, Paul, said everything was there and would be delivered the day after the show ended. He gave us his cell number and told us to call if there were questions. When they delivered the BBQ the umbrella was the wrong color and there was no BBQ cover. I called the Paul and found he was a real estate agent! He was making some extra money at the home show. He had no real authority over anything and I had to actually call Imperial Outdoor Living. I called to ask about the umbrella cover and about the BBQ cover, had to leave a message. I had called a total of 5 different times. I spoke with Jen twice with a promise that Mike would call me back. On the last call she transfered me to Jon who took the info and promised I would have the cover within a few weeks as it had to be made. No cover has been delivered as of this date and when I called today I also found the company is no longer in existence. While I am not out the large amount of money that others are I feel that my order is not complete. Please add me to the list of people who want to join your legal battle. I also checked out the above given web site for LA patio who are also complaining about Imperial Outdoor Living Inc. Called them at 11:30am on a Wed. They were closed but I left a msg!

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  • Jo
    John Leal Jan 25, 2007

    I have owner's cellphone number. Of course no answer but have been leaving massages 909-208-6047

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  • Ge
    George Mead Jan 30, 2007

    I am fully against this company. They owe me thousands of dollars and slandered me. They are currently being under investigation, all of the owners assets are up for sale around Rancho Cucamonga. Eviction notices are on the company's door along with small claims court paperwork. The owner used to drive a Range Rover and now he drives a Geo Metro OR something along those line. The owner is an extreme alcoholic and addicted to cigarettes and is also very fond of gambling. I hope to see this guy in jail for what he did to me personally and all the innocent customers. Phil is self destructing and so is Imperial Outdoor Living and HE knows it! He is trying to keep this company afloat but has absolutely no cash. Phil, please do yourself a favor and just end it all. Everyone knows you are a greedy, unfortunate sole and doesn't deserve time here with us. END IT! And also his business partner Louie....GO AFTER THIS GUY! He is just as guilty as Phil! All the employees are drug addicts. I've seen them in Reno using in a Hotel ROOM. The Black guy Brenden smokes crack all day! and his partner Chris is on heroin! And Matt is another draggy and beats his kids on drugs! This company is fueled on drugs and convicts! Please help to make everyone associated with imperial outdoor living goes down!!!!

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  • St
    Stephen Soto Jan 31, 2007

    Like so many others I have been burned by Imperial Outdoor Living. My wife and I went to the Visalia Home show in Feb 06 and put a $1,000 deposit on an island. In June we called and scheduled delivery of our unit and sent 50% of the remainder owed. Our island was scheduled to be delivered in October due to their "backorders". The day before the scheduled delivery I got a call that they were not coming. In November I got a call and was told all production had been halted and the island would not be delivered until sometime this spring. I have been calling and have also gotten the out for the holidays message. I am pissed and out the money we have put down so far approximately $4,500. I have also seen that this company is scheduled to be in at a home show in San Diego in September of this year. I will be calling the local district attorney in Tulare County and filing a complaint.

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Lozinto Feb 02, 2007

    I too am a victim of Imperial Outdoor Living! My husband and I put a deposit of $1584.00 down on an island bbq in Santa Rosa at the Home And Garden Show in March of 2006. Our friends also purchased the same unit. Our friends were fortunate enough to receive their island in June of 2006. They are still awaiting a proper working side burner. However, we on the other hand received a phone call from Imperial once a month offering us a special deal if we were to opt to go into production. Finally in September 2006 we opted to go into production, paid 50% of the balance due = an additional $1600.00 and were to receive a bbq cover for the entire island along with upgrades at wholesale pricing. Our delivery date was to be at the end of December 2006. Then was switched to early January, 2007. After unanswered calls to their office, I called the Rancho Cucamonga Police department and filed a complaint. An officer did some investigative work on our behalf. The results were: Imperial was evicted from their facility due to back rents of approximately $40k. The officer witnessed Mathew Vandigriff transferring bbq units to a new facility on behalf of Philip Bovard. Mathew states that he no longer works for Philip that they are acquaintances. None the less, Phillip has units being stored at a new location. I spoke briefly with Phillip before our line was conveniently dropped. Phillip stated that it was a bad year for him and that he put $500k of his own money into the company. He also stated that he had no employees and was looking to rebuild with a new investor. He has yet to return any of my calls. If anyone needs to reference my report it is on file with the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, RC070450168 with Deputy Ward (909) 477-2800. filed on January 15, 2006

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Lozinto Feb 02, 2007

    Oops, the report was filed on January 15, 2007!

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  • Je
    Jeff Neidert Feb 02, 2007

    I to was victimized by these crooks. I’m out close to $12,000 for a custom island and fireplace. My wife and I were at a show in Las Vegas where we met 2 of the owners (Louie Gutierrez and Phil Bovard). They both proudly introduced themselves as the owners and personally guaranteed that we would be 110% satisfied. They both looked like really good guys, at the time. I also made the mistake of paying in full (to get all the free perks). Since then, like everybody else. No return calls, still on holiday vacation. Being that they have soooo much of my money, I decided to invest a bit more and try to find these crooks who have taken our money. Yes, I hired someone to find some information for me and so far this is what has been found.
    Legal and Invested Owners:
    Luis and Tracy Gutierrez
    5433 Amethyst st. Alta Loma, 91734
    Home (909) 989-2689

    Phil W. and Kelly R. Bovard (Divorcing) Phil’s infidelity in Las Vegas (stripper) and on/off affair with Luly Armienta (also owner)
    No confirmed home address, continues to move into new homes with our money.
    Cell (909)208-6047

    Mathew XXX
    He invested a lot of money into this company. By all means he is just not an acquaintance. He also very clearly stated at home shows that he IS an owner (according to other customers my investigator contacted). He is very much still involved with the company. Cell# (951)258-7077

    Luly Armienta
    2940 Las Marias Ave.
    Hacienda Heights, 91745
    Home (626) 333-1668 / (562) 945-9933 / Cell (562) 900-5606 Don’t let the little girls voice fool you on the voicemail, it is her cell.
    She also invested a large amount of money into this company and was given a few show rooms for her to own and manage. “Imperial Custom BBQ’s and More” being one. She also flaunted her ownership at home shows (according to other customers my investigator has contacted).

    Since the collapse of Imperial Outdoor Living and yes, being evicted. They’ve opened up shop at a new location under Luly Armienta’s show room name of “Imperial Custom BBQ’s and More” using the location for storage purposes. With Luis and Phil signing the lease agreement and Luly as the contact.
    9017 Arrow Rte
    Rancho Cucamonga, 91730

    They are currently running operations from Luly Armienta’s residence (see above for address) You can see that they have even registered this new phantom business with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t be fooled, it’s the same crooks out to scam more innocent people! My investigator has been tracking and following the 6 Imperial officers. When I have more details on these individuals, then and only then am I going to take it the San Bernardino D.A. and file every charge against Imperial, the 6 officers and any new investors they con into investing. This is the only way I MIGHT get a few pennies back.

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  • Li
    Lisa ODaniel Feb 05, 2007

    I to have been scammed like so many others. Maybe not to the degree of many others but every dollar scammed is wrong and is a crime. We went to the Home Show in Fresno, Ca on June 11, 2006 where we unfortunately came into contact with salesman Matt V. of Imperial Outdoor Living. We liked there display model and decided to enter into a contract with them. We put a deposit of $1,615 down to hold what we thought was a very good price.

    We called them in August 2006 spoke with woman named June to put our island into production and asked if it would be guaranteed ready and delivered first part of October 2006. They couldn't guarantee us so we decided to not put into production at that time, didn't want it sitting all winter long. Then around mid September and into October Imperial was calling our house leaving messages suggesting we put island into production offering discounts and/or free accessories. We just ignored the calls.

    Then one evening we were home and they called making same offer. Told them we didn't want to put into production till January 2007. The guy on the phone was very persistent (sorry can't remember his name). We told him we had originally wanted it delivered in mid October but since they could not do that we were planning on holding off till first of the year. He said that they had slowed down and if we named the date he would have it to us no problem. We told him no offense but that we did not believe that statement because some friends of ours had a heck of a time getting there island bbq. There delivery date kept changing and besides that we weren’t in a hurry anymore at that time for it. He got upset and kept telling us to give him a chance, that he was the new I think delivery manager or something like that. But we didn’t budge with our decision and he was very upset, but then the phone calls stopped.

    The friends I mentioned live in Arizona, they received there island bbq the second week of July 2006 with a big hole in it where the burner was to be. Imperial told them the burner was on backorder and they would get it. After many calls and many promises on Imperials part our friends still didn’t have there burner. Then in early December 2006 Imperial promised to send them one out fed ex, again another lie. They called around the holidays to hear that message we have all heard, “they were closed through the holidays and would be back for business on January 8th, 2007". They left messages on there machine and when they didn’t get back to our friends, they called us and said “we think there’s a problem with this company, you better start seeing what you can do to get your money back”. That is when we realized we were in trouble.

    If you have been scammed by these people please don’t sit back and let them take your money. Do something about it like many of us are right now. The only way to stop ### like this is to go after them and not let them get away with there illegal and immoral actions against honest hard working Americans like yourselves.

    So please contact Lupe Mendoza, she has a complaint listed here and you can contact her. She will be able to help you out with info on what to do.

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  • Au
    Austin Woffinden Feb 07, 2007

    We were also scammed by these crooks. We put a deposit on our $4,600 unit back in August and were called last December to pay the additional funds to put the unit into production. We bought our unit from Chris Ades at the Phoenix home show. We were told that if we paid in full, we would get a cash discount, so I did. I had no idea any of this was going on until yesterday when I called to see when they would be delivering the unit. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.

    I was able to work with my credit card company to dispute the charge. They told me that if I never receive the merchandise, I will have an excellent chance of winning my dispute, at which time, the amount would be credited back to me and the credit card company would then assume the obligation of going after these guys.

    My credit card company has a 60 day policy, and I fortuitously called to dispute the claim on the 60th day. Anyways, if anybody has paid with a credit card, call your credit card company immediately and see if there's any recourse through that avenue.

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  • Gr
    Greg Sarkesian Feb 11, 2007

    We put a $1000 deposit on a bbq island on7-30-2006 at the Visalia show. By doing so we were told that we have within one year to begin construction on the unit. Like everyone else, we too were calling and getting the message of being closed for the holidays until 1-8-2007.

    We were also given a list of employers names and phone numbers which I tried calling several times. Most were disconnected and the numbers that weren't did not return the messages I left, including the owner, P. Bovard.

    I have called the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce.The Bankruptcy Court of Riverside County already knew what company I was describing before I could even finish my sentence!

    I would like for us to be added to the list of people to the class action suit.

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  • Jh
    J. Holmes Feb 16, 2007

    The guys who run this company, even though they refuse to put anything under their name and hide behind various relatives (wives, soon to be ex-wife, aunt, mother in laws, etc.), continue to take customers' money and buy lavish material items - expensive cars, trips to Europe, condos, etc. with no intention on delivering the product.

    They set up their first company, Imperial Outdoor Products, ran up huge bills and went BK. Ask Fire Magic about a large bill they stiffed them with. Now, they collect as much "cash deals", spend it all, don't declare it to the IRS, then plan to BK this company (since it is no longer in their name).

    Beware, they will attempt to do this again under another company name (whether it be the current partnership with Fantasy Islands or another name). Do not buy anything associated with Phil Bovard and/or Louie Gutierrez.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Johnson Feb 18, 2007

    Just thought this may help. We have heard in the industry that Imperial has moved some of their operation to Texas. It has also been heard that they are operating under California Islands. Found this on ebay, it surely looks like an Imperial Island with an Emperor Grill. You may want to call the contact number listed. It may help you. Z260087782265QQihZ016QQcategoryZ79687QQssPageName

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  • Ar
    Arthur Anderson Feb 20, 2007

    I noticed that you already had several complaints about this company on your website. This is an additional complaint as well as a reply to Mr. Bovard reply. Here is a copy of a letter I sent to Imperial Outdoor Living on November 27, 2006. I did not receive a reply.

    I placed my initial order with you on 3/27/06 at the Reno home show; I thought a barbeque island would look nice at our new house. We moved in to our house in May and in June your rep Lori left a message on my home phone. Throughout June I tried to reach her and finally gave up when her cell phone would no longer receive messages. In July I ended up contacting Chris to finalize my stucco selection. I received a confirmation from Lori in August.

    In September I was told that our barbeque would deliver October 28th. In early October I get a message from your rep Sonja that the production will be delayed and to call her on her cell phone. I tried to reach her on her cell phone until it would no longer accept messages. I finally got a hold of Mike at your main number. He informed me that there is no delivery dates yet and you would not be producing barbeques until 2007. Since October I have been calling every three weeks to get a delivery date on my barbeque and I get the same answer “we will have production dates in the next couple weeks.”

    I am tired of this game, either you have absolutely horrible customer service or you are running a scam. If your business is truly legitimate then I am concerned in quality of your product based on my experience with your customer service. In either case I would like you to refund my money so that we can go our separate ways.

    In response to Mr. Bovard response to an earlier complaint, "The consumer is getting a discount of 20-60% over retail. If you put a deposit on a house, a car, a set of encyclopedias for that matter, and simply change your mind, you do not get your money back. This consumer who has remained nameless, still has a deposit with us and can use it toward an island for up to a year if they wish.

    The discount is not worth it if you sit on my money for almost a year. I understand the non-refundable deposit only if you follow through on your promise of supplying me with a barbeque. Does this mean if you haven't produced my barbeque by March 27, 2007 I will forfeit my deposit money?

    Please feel free to contact me.

    Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc
    8753 Lion Street
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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  • Lo
    Lori Gregersen Feb 21, 2007

    Like all of you, my husband and I are out $3,000.00 for a barbeque purchased from Imperial at a home show in Sacramento. I have filed a lawsuit (small claims ) and have a court date March 1, 2007. I realize, especially after reading all of these complaints, I probably will not recover my money. However, if I win a judgment I'll be going after Phil Bovard's house with a lien and if not his house anything I can put a lien on. In addition, I will be contacting the District Attorneys Office in Sacramento to file a complaint.

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  • Ja
    James Mar 06, 2007

    I am glad i found this site.! Me and my wife went to the Homeshow in Phoenix, Arizona in October 2006. We saw a BBQ island that we liked at one of the booths run by 'Whole sale BBqs'. We bought a $7000 BBQ island and paid $1700 as advance to hold the homeshow price. Our new house was not ready yet. We just moved to our new house few weeks ago and tried calling the numbers on the Company folder that they provided. All the numbers were disconnected. The sales agents name was Mike and they said they were a company based out of Temecula, California. Here is their website

    All the contact numbers are disconnected and the emails bounced back or no replies. All tell tale signs of a scam! I even have digital pictures of their booth from the homeshow and even the sales guy. After reading all the complaints on here, i am wondering if Imperial and this company are the same. I guess they travel between homeshows under different company names??? And scam us folks who thinks that these homeshows are supposed to be legit! Luckily i paid with credit card and we have send in a dispute to get the money back.

    Phoenix, Az

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  • Je
    Jeri Price Mar 07, 2007

    My Husband and I put our deposit down for the bbq at the home show in Yuba City, CA. We picked the unit and said to call when we were ready for the unit. (We were in the process of moving) When I called to order the unit they had no clue as to who I was they did not have my paper work. When i faxed my paper work to them then they told me that no problem give them another $1, 000 to hold the unit another 6 months. (They had not even started production yet) I had been trying to call the numbers that were given to me on that sheet, just like so many others had, and there is either no answer or the phone is disconnected. Something has to be done to stop these creeps that have taken the money and ran with it!

    I too would like to be added to the list of people to the class action suit.

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  • Gi
    Gilbert Garcia Mar 07, 2007

    Summary Line: The Company will not respond to phone calls or letters. Employees who answer the calls will not put me through to the person running the business.

    Complaint Description: I purchased a new BBQ island on 4-23-06. Model M-3000. Lori Seina was the sales rep at a Home Show in Westlake Village Ca. The BBQ & Island was delivered to my home and installed on 7-19-2006. Three weeks later the BBQ became a safety hazard because the handle that lifts the heavy top hood cover off the cooking surface would come off in your hand and then the hood would slam back down on to the cooking surface. If you didn’t know this you would probably get your hand broken. I have to keep my family and guests away from the BBQ to prevent them from getting hurt. There are no decals on the knobs that tell you if the gas is on, off, high or low. And two of the three burners do not function.

    I made calls to this company week after week for months. I’ve spoken to someone named Mike, June and Brain who supposedly work in customer service. Mike and Brian are great at giving the “yes” treatment and lame excuses. But mostly they ignore and don’t return your phone calls. When I asked these two who owns the company I was told that there is no owner. There is a board of Directors that runs the company, but none of them are ever in when I call to escalate my problem.

    I’m told that the BBQ grill has to be replaced, which will cost $1200. Because this type of handle can not be ordered because there is not way to tell who manufactured the grill. Any markings had been removed before delivery

    Gil Garcia
    Gilbert. Garcia @

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  • Ro
    Robert Parker Mar 13, 2007

    I put down an initial $2500 then on 4/17/06 I met with Eric Richardson at my house to plan my outdoor kitchen. I put down another $8,208.75. I have never received a thing from this company. I called multiple times with no results. I have since invested another $2000 hiring an attorney just to find out Imperial Outdoor Living is no longer there. I will use the info above to try and track down these crooks. If anyone has any additional info please email me.

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  • Ti
    Tina Escalante Mar 13, 2007

    I bought a bbq from Imperial outdoor living in September16,2006 at the Bakersfield home and garden show. The sales man Matt Vandadriff told me my bbq would take 6-14 weeks after it was paid in full,so i paid it in full that day because my husband had been really wanting one I paid 4310.00 and my check cleared two days later. I called in November 2006 and the lady that took the call said that my bbq would be delivered in January 2007 that they were behind but they would be calling me to set up delivery at that time. I have called the company but keep getting the same message they are closed for the holiday be back on January 8th. I am not sure what to do that is alot of money can anyone give me some advise.

    Thank you,
    Tina Escalante.

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  • Ar
    Arpad Kaloczy Mar 14, 2007

    Well I'm in the same boat as all of you. I bought an island at a show in San Jose on 4/30/06. Paid in full so I could get a better deal (that should have been a red flag) After months of trying to get a delivery date I was finally given one in November. Unlike most of you they did deliver an Island. Unfortunately it was not what I ordered and absolutely ugly. I did not accept it. I was told from Mike that they agreed with me and would send a new unit out in January. Well that's the last I've heard from them. Anyone with any new info please share it. What a scam!

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  • Da
    Dave Johnsno Mar 16, 2007

    Where can I get one of these awesome barbeques, which seem to be the talk of the town, and selling like hot-cakes?

    Naa..... just kidding, we got totally screwed too. Add us to the list for the lawsuit.

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  • Ma
    Marge Mar 21, 2007

    My husband and I just now realized that we are right here with the rest of you. We met these crooks at the Las Vegas Home Show. They got us for a deposit too.

    Instead of telling our story, which is simply a repeat of yours, I'd like to suggest that we are powerful in numbers.

    Any additional information, we would appreciate being included and we'll do the same.

    0 Votes
  • Co
    Corbin W. Ingram Mar 24, 2007

    I initially placed a $500.00 deposit with Ed Estrada of Imperial Outdoor Living at the Long Beach Home and Garden Show. I went to their warehouse at 8753 Lion Street in Rancho Cucamonga in 2005 where they seemed legitimate. There was an older lady and a young innocent lady there that looked up my records, took more of my money and assured me that all would be OK. I was later told, when I wanted shipment, that they were going through a merger with another organization and they would get back to me soon. They never did. Two weeks ago (March 9, 2007) I made another visit to the warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga because their telephone was no longer accepting messages. When I got to the warehouse I noticed it was vacant. After talking to the property manager of the warehouse and finding out they had swindled numerous others, I had to face the fact that those rats ripped me off too. I was taken for $4,674.29.

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  • Ta
    Tayseer Mahmoud Mar 29, 2007

    I purchased the M-5000 BBQ Island from Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc. during the home show in Long Beach on April 23, 2006. Imperial sales associate, Mr. Joe Meadres, charged my credit card the price of the BBQ $6995.00 to get free delivery and accessories. Mr. Meadres wrote on the contract that customer may need more than 1 year before delivery because I was building my new house.

    Although it has not been one year since I purchased the BBQ Island, I never received the BBQ Island and could not reach your company by phone or fax. Imperial partially billed my credit card company the amount of $5,000 and received the $5000 in May 2006.

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  • Da
    Damon Karaiscos Mar 30, 2007

    I've already posted on here before. I'm in the Island industry, so I know about this company. I do see a lot of you are posting that you had your credit cards run by Imperial. Most, if not all of you, should be able to recoup your losses by calling your credit card companies and telling them you never received the product in question. If they won't refund the money, you need a new credit card company.

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  • Do
    Don Anderson Apr 05, 2007

    Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc. - this guys will get you. My wife and I were scammed just like most all of you were. I spend what it takes to get this guys behind bars.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    JoHanna Jones Apr 07, 2007

    My husband and I placed a deposit of $2500.00 towards a bbq. There has been no follow through on their part and we were unable to reach them for the same reasons listed above. We received a letter of apology today that states that they always had the intent of following through but are no longer able to stay on business. I am under the impression that they have declared bankruptcy. There was no mention of a refund. Please add me to the list for a lawsuit.

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  • Ma
    Manuel Alvelo Apr 08, 2007

    I am in the same boat just like the rest of you, the deal was too good to be true, with all the "extra" incentives thrown my way. Please add me to the growing list and hopefully we can get some kind of resolve.

    Manuel Alvelo

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  • Su
    Sue Ardila Apr 09, 2007

    I too have not received the bbq I ordered from Imperial Outdoor Living, Inc., which I ordered last year. It was a floor model and I paid cash $7500. Today I received a letter from them stating that they had shut down and sorry. I would like to go after them as well and any information you can provide as to how to proceed would be appreciated.

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  • Ke
    Keith Stem Apr 09, 2007

    I also gave a deposit to this company at a home show. Please email me and let me know if anyone has any success going after these people.

    0 Votes
  • Da
    Damon Karaiscos Apr 10, 2007

    Do not be fooled by any letters of apology. Luis Gutierrez and Phil Bovard have already proven themselves to be incapable of running a company, when they bankrupted their previous company "Imperial Outdoor PRODUCTS" just months before starting Imperial Outdoor Living. All the home show promoters knew who they were, as did the Better Business Bureau. How do I know this? Because I worked there, before quitting and starting my own company with my business partner. They were stealing from the customers back then, and pocketing all the money. That's exactly what they did this time as well.

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