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ILD Teleservices is a leading payment processor for transactions between merchants and consumers. Through a network of 1,400 phone companies and 200 merchants, consumers can charge products and services directly to their phone bills without having to disclose credit card or banking information. ILD currently processes in excess of 120 million transactions per year, equating to approximately one half of a billion dollars (or $500 million) of third party charges placed on telephone bills.

ILD Corporation Complaints & Reviews

ILD Corporation / Unauthorized charges/billings

Mar 30, 2017

This is unauthorized charges on my account at century link. I have closed this phone and disconnected the phone at end of 2016 due to this issue of charges for things i did not authorize. Again i have been charge/billed/paid to you 4.50 on an account that is disconnected and close and i...

ILD Teleservices / Unauthorized charges added to my Frontier Phone bill

Feb 18, 2016

This charge for 44.95 plus taxes showed up on my December 2015 phone bill. I called Frontier and asked them who authorized this charge and I wanted it removed. They looked to see what it was and told me it was for International Long Distance and that there was a 59 min call on that. I told...

ILD Telecommunications / Long distance phone scam!


I just got billed from ILD Communications in Mazatlan on my long distance provider bill in Canada (Telus Communications). My daughter called me collect from Mazatlan for which I got billed $10.00 / minute from ILD communications. I was never informed on the cost per minute before accepting...

ILD Teleservices' Inc Long Distance Provider / unsolicited services and fees applied


On my February bill from Qwest (corp?) I received a fee for $7.62 from a company I had never heard of named IDL Teleservices, Inc. I inquired of Qwest what this bill was for, and they explained that I must have agreed to these fees when I consented to having this company as my long...

ILD Teleservices / phone bill


rec frontier phone bill wondering why it is up $34.95. it seems ild teleservices webmthfee is now on our bill. we never ok this nor did we have any idea how this is allowed. this is a total scame.

ILD Teleservices / overcharging credit card


Ild charged my credit card 44.98 for a 13 minute collect call from my son who is in the same state and only 2 hours away when contacted they justified it by having all kind of hidden fees who pays 2.95 per minute with a 7.00 connection fee, a 3.00 automated operator fee and other charge...

ILD Teleservices / Unauthorized Telephone Bill Charges


My AT&T Residential Telephone Bill, dated Feb. 11, 2011 and received Feb. 19, 2011, unauthorized charges payable to ILD Teleservices appear on page 4 of that bill. Alledgedly, on Jan. 29, 2011 I was charged a UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND FEE of $0.60, and a CARRIER ADMINISTRATIVE FEE of $1.55, a...

ILD Teleservices Inc. / Phony billing on Verizon Acct.


I got me Verizon bill and it had a charge for ID Lifeguard Credit for 12.95 a month. I called both Verizon and ILD to question the charge. Verizon only stated that they received this charge through a vendor. Verizon agreed to credit me and block any future charges. Why does Verizon accept...

ILD Teleservices, Inc. (&Calling 10) / &slamming&: bogus phone charges from AT&T


Bill from AT&T for $13.50 for Directory Assistance calls (includes Fed charges, state taxes). Never made the calls dialing [protected] number. AT&T says they can't help what third party companies do, and they can't stop the customer from using other directory assistance...

ILD Teleservices / Telephone Service Fraud


Telemarketers are BIG FRAUDS. If their mouth is moving ... you can be sure they are lying. I would suggest you NEVER TALK to telemarketers. The telemarketing agent said he represented Qwest, my telephone service provider and they needed to set up my account so all of the billing would come...

World Web Pages / ILD / unauthorized charges


My AT&T phone bill showed a charge appearing from the above company which I never authorized. I called the number AT&T gave me that was for ILD teleservices. They told me that they are only the accounting part of this firm & gave me number for World Web Pages [protected] to call. World Web...

ILD Teleservices / Directory assistance - phony charges to AT&T


My July bill had a fake calling charge for $7.47 - DIR ASST [protected] - This is a scam, I called the number they had on my AT&T bill [protected] and the lady took my address in a sec. to send me a refund and also to block my number from future calls. I asked her if this is spam and...

Total Contact Solutions / ILD Teleservices / false billing; ID theft


Just like the other complaint about this bogus company, I noticed that ny phone bill jumped up by about $15 one month, and at very end of bill there was a charge for "ILD Teleservices" for $14.95. I had no idea what this was/had never heard of such a thing. So called the number listed on...

Foneright, Inc. & ILD Teleservices, Inc. / Cramming


On 06 Jun 2009, Foneright, Inc, through IDL Teleservices, Inc. billed my home phone for voice mail services which were not solicited by any Internet pop-up, post card entry for a dream vacation, telemarketing call or any other means that you can think of. According to AT&T, "They are...

ILD Teleservices Long Distance / Unauthorized charges for VM DIRECT USA MTH FEE


I received multiple charges on my Phone bill for something called ILD Teleservices Long Distance Calls (toll charge inquiries call [protected]). They charged me 14.95 and back dated charges over many months. I have received no satisfaction of deletion of the charges from Frontier, even though...

ILD Teleservices, Inc. / Unauthorized services charge


ILD Teleservices, Inc. added charges $31.99 to my AT&T phone bill last month. I called AT&T and was asked to call ILD direct. After called ILD [protected]), the lady agreed to remove the service and so as the charges and also asked my e-mail to send the cancel confirmation. I never received...

ILD Telecommunications / Overcharging


While travelling to Grand Rapids, Mi, I had to call my contect cell phone in Ohio from the airport public phone. i made the mistake to pay with my credit card. The call lasted 2 minutes (according to records), no operator was involved. I was charged 21.36$ for the call by IDL (I found out...

ILD Telecommunications / Fraud and scam


I attempted to make a call from several pay phones in the Sacramento International Airport late on 12/19/08. They advertised a 50 cent fee for ten minutes (I believe) to anywhere in the U.S. I tried thirty or so different coins to make a call, but they just dropped into the coin return...

ILD Teleservices / Unauthorized billing

Our Qwest telephone bill reflected an $8.43 YOUR PRODUCTBILLSETUP charge from ILD Teleservices, Inc. I contacted their customer service department to question this charge - the agent could not, or would not, provide any details about what I was being charged for. She only stated that it...

ILD/Your Product Bill / un soliceted charge to phone bill


ILD Teleservices, Inc charged by phone bill $8.43. When I called them, they referred me to Your Product Bill . YPB told me the charge was for an 800 number that I had subscribed to. Not so. This is a total scam, they assured me that the charge will not appear again and that it has been cancelled. However, I must pay the $8.43 now. This is so unfair.

ILD Telecommunications / Illegal practices

I got a call from My ex-husband a few days ago telling me he was going to sue me. He said I was USING his Identity to Charge His phone bill for some VoiceMail service. He gave me the name of ILD that was on his bill. They said I Signed up online. When I asked what Website was used they...

ILD Teleservices - Info Dial USA, Inc / Charge for no reason


There was a mysterious charge that showed up on our Windstream phone bill that was billed on behalf of "Info Dial USA, Inc". They claim that it was for our fax line which makes it even better. A representative who came to my office even said that it was most likely a scam.

ILD Services / Cramming


I had been receiving calls on my answering machine which requested to speak to some person who never ever had my phone number which I have had for years. They would leave an 800 number to call. I got so annoying that I thought I would call the 800 number and inform them to stop calling my...