Ignition Casino/Pokerunethical behavior

P Aug 04, 2018

I have real issues with most on line poker sites, indeed I believe a lot of players do, but I've never encountered the problem I have now with Ignition Poker. I logged off sometime around 3 am on August 4th with $78 remaining in my account. I logged on this afternoon to discover my account balance was $55. I went to the "my poker" tab and discovered I had been charged for 5 tournaments, between 4 am and 7 am, which I DID NOT PLAY. I could not have... I was asleep. So either someone hacked into my account or Ignition defrauded me. I have recently been very vocal with ignition about my dissatisfaction with their poker site and would not be surprised to discover they simply stole from me out of anger for my complaints. If so, it's might petty of them and demonstrates a certain panic over their inability to attract many players, indeed their ever dwindling client numbers.

When will the on line poker industry recognize that the way their game is designed - the impossibly "Random" numbers generator they ALL use (one can not program "rando") will always result in driving people away from the tables. As it stands now ON LINE POKER IS FRAUD! I've played all the sites over the past 10 years and it's all the same, the same familiar patterns of impossible card combinations, excessive and unlikely bad beats of premium hands (usually by a much weaker opening hand), good rounds where one can not lose, followed after the break with rounds where one can not win no matter how strong the opening hand, the ever present bust out hands occuring on the last deal before a break, the almost 100% certainty of winning one or more hands after a bad beat (to keep players at the table) with the worst possible cards, the almost 100% certainty of winning a hand which forces a short stack all in (also to keep players at the tables, the paid site goons who enter long tourneys just as late registration ends and quickly climb to the top of the chip leaders, the paid site goons who enter AFTER late registration closes (I've seen this several times, especially when there were not many players originally entered, the players who sit out a whole tournament, never paying a single hand and cash because their hands are not folded and blinds are not sacrificed but instead the hands are played as if someone is actually sitting at the table. BLAH BLAH BLAH I am certain that others have noticed these all too familiar patterns on EVERY poker site out there.


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