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6:13 pm EST
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I ordered two dressers, a bed and two nightstands. The dressers arrived extremely damaged so I refused delivery. They did not deliver the bed at that time. I called to set up the bed delivery and they stated that they already delivered the bed. After a great deal of arguing with them about this they then stated that they lost the bed in shipping- had no idea where it was. How do you lose a king size bed?

Next they found the bed and set it up for delivery with me. They did not show up to deliver the bed on the day that they were supposed to. When they did bring the bed the following day it too was very damaged. I refused delivery.

When I contacted ifurn about crediting my credit card back for the bed I was then told by ifurn that they did deliver the bed and accused me of being a liar and a thief.

I work in the court and am involved in a consumer protection website. I have NEVER seen nor dealt with a scummier company in my life. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. I encourage every victim of this company to do the same. They will be investigated. When enough people stand up to companies like this one and file complaints they will get shut down.

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Mar 01, 2014 2:06 am EST

I wish I had read all of the reviews beforehand too. I bought a media tower off of - one of iFurn's other sites. After a week, they told me this product was no longer made, so why is it listed on their site? Then they said my refund would be put into a queue. How many refunds do you have that it requires a queue? Those are instant everywhere else I have ever shopped. After 8 more days, no refund so I called them. The rep suggested, "just between you and me, I would get a chargeback from your bank". That is one scummy company.

Feb 04, 2014 5:35 pm EST
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I wish I would of read these reviews before I bought a bed from this company that I have yet to receive. Zero customer service zero concern from them. I have no idea when my bed will be here. When I purchased it on Jan 2 they said Jan 17. It's now Feb 4 and nothing. Even the tracking info is zero. Ugh. I just want my bed. Please people. Do not buy from this sketchy company! Spend a little more and use anyone else but this place