Hungry Jack's Australiaquality of burger and poor service by manager

L Nov 29, 2019

Earlier this evening (29/11/19) my son and I went through the Hungry Jacks Innaloo drive through to purchase a Grilled Chicken bacon & Cheese burger for him. When we left and he unwrapped the burger it was a sloppy mess just thrown together and was absoutely stone cold. It looked as if someone had picked it up off the floor!
We therefore had to turn around and come back to go inside the store to speak to the Manager. When we explained and showed him the burger he apologised and also said we were given the wrong burger so he would get another one.
Matthew, the manager, returned with the burger and I asked "do we get a refund given the poor quality and service. Plus the fact that we had to turn around and come back. And that the staff did not even get the order correct". His reply was "sure, I'll give you a refund and take the burger back". I told him that that was disappointing that a manager of Hungry Jacks would not consider this given their error and poor servide, and to look after the customer.

We know (through friends and our own experience) that this branch has had problems with their icecream/soft service machine not working and sundaes/icecreams handed back as they are only half full (sundaes) and small serving on cone.

I would like to know what Hungry Jacks policy is with regards to our burger incident. Our desirable resolution is/was for the Manager to automatically give a refund. No excuse for serving sloppy and cold food, and the wrong burger.

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