Hungry Jack's Australiahorsham manager

C Jan 02, 2019

My son was employed by Hungry Jack's to work at the take away store in Horsham.

My complaint is about the manager and her treatment of him, She has constantly degraded him in front of staff members, about his Aboriginality and how looks and how slow and dumb he is.
This was while people were in the shop and whilst staff were working. In this day and age, you are NOT allowed to speak to people like this especially vulnerable teenage's.
When Bec finally reduced my son to leave/quit work, it wasn't good enough that she ran him down and be little him in front of people she ran him down in a crew meeting mentioned his actual name.

My son would have anxiety attacks knowing that he had to work with BEC or go to work, he would be violently ill. I have taken him to doctors several time with him being ill, one day he was that worked up he ended up in hospital.

It is not fair that my son's first job has resulted in him not having employment and not being able to support himself financially. He is now mentally unstable and feels to intimidated to look for other work.

I have seeked advice with Workcover and Equal Opportunity to address this matter and have staff member's that are very happy to support my son.

My son's name is Mackenzie Barrett, My name is Kelly Saylor.

I want something done about this appalling behavior.

My email address is: [protected]

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