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3:50 pm EST
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I have booked the airline ticket through the website and noted that the payment is to be made in two steps to get the e-ticket. As soon as the first level payment is completed through online credit card, I got the e-mail notification saying that the second steps payment process is to be done to get the e-ticket. After receiving the e-mail only, it was noted that the total fare of the ticket is much higher than the market price and I decided not to proceed with the second payment step and hence I requested to cancel the booking immediately and asked for the refund. I have paid USD.1323.29/- and the airline was not responding positively and they are not ready to refund. After searching in the internet I realised that this site is a scam and many people like me paid the money and not able to refund the money.
I request you to support me to refund the money and block such sites from the internet.
Babu MK

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Jan 10, 2018 11:13 pm EST

I Too was scammed by these people from Im so frustrated for not seeing the review first.