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B Jan 09, 2019
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"Are you looking for a fake bachelor diploma, realistic enough to fool anybody?"

This sentence is copied from the website of Diploma Company. I purchased a fake diploma from them to fool my father. He is 86 in very poor health and barely has a pulse. He believes I finished my degree, I didn't. I purchased a fake diploma for $220 expecting it to fool him, not a difficult task.

The fake diploma I purchased from Diploma Company had a non-existant graduation date printed on it, February 29th, 1987. There is no February 29th, 1987. It might well have said December 32, 1987. This would fool no one. I did not expect the diploma to be a copy, replica or to pass scrutiny, just to fool "anybody". It wouldn't fool an idiot. Before you go off blaming the victim here, the accusation is false advertising, not the knowing purchase of a potentially deceptive product. There would be no market for this product were it sold as unable to fool anybody. This company operates many similar websites, think twice before paying for any fake diploma, "realistic enough to fool anybody."

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