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Howard Lee Schiff P.C.Fraud and scam!

I was shocked when I read about the 'Schiff' crew in Jonesys post. They did the same thing to me a couple of months ago. They sent me papers saying they were going to put a lien on my house for a credit card bill. I was very upset and frantic. I called the debt consolidation company Ive been working with and after days of trying to get a hold of them they made them an offer on my behalf but they wouldn't accept it. Said yes to a payment plan but Insisted on an already inflated amount - plus interest and costs bringing the bill to about $4000 more than it was. THEN>>>after I agreed to this - I received - in the mail about a week later - a JUDGMENT-signed by a judge - I wondered why - now I know. God - who are these horrible people and how can they get away with this??!! I don't have money for an attorney but maybe if I stop paying them and call them up and say I am going to sue them for pretending I was some deadbeat who didn't show up for court...


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    blackwidow Jul 14, 2016

    They just contacted me after 10 and a half years to tell me I still had outstanding debt on a collection that I though was paid off in 2005. They never contacted me about it until now, when it has accumulated $350 in interest! Apparently all I owed was $150 and I thought I had paid it off in 2005. They said they are not required to contact me about outstanding debt or making payments, that I am supposed to know about it and pay it off! They had obtained a judgment for court fees of $75 plus 8% interest on the unpaid balance, which has accrued for the past 10 years. A truly underhanded group. And because they obtained a court judgment on the debt collection, it will never be considered paid off as there is no statute of limitations. If I don't pay now, it will continue to accrue interest and be charged to my estate when I die! I don't understand how the Consumer Protection Agency allows this.

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    Erica Lindsay Jun 06, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I had my wages garnished a few years ago to pay this debt. I recently got a letter asking me to pay off the debt. I am so glad that it went through my job. There is a paper trail. It is just so annoying to get a letter from them when my debt has been paid. Does no one check or file paperwork there? It has been two years. I just sent them an email telling them that my credit reports show that the debt is paid. I even showed screen grabs of it. I know I don't have to really worry but I like them to fix their mistake and leave me alone. I have received two letters and they don't respond to the first email. I might just send a letter too.

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    Ilikebeingmebrianlee Feb 24, 2016

    I had a Citibank Radio Shack card that my ex was to be paying, then stopped. I never received any phone calls or letters (I believe he was hiding those from me) I got a summons, I tried to work with Howard Schiff and they told me that they would see me in court. I got a judgement against me for $5380. I started by making payments of $25. per week and then as I got promoted I moved it up to $45. I have been putting extra money on the account and have a spreadsheet with the balance owed with the extra payments. I called to make an extra payment and the lady told me that my balance was $3560, when on my spread sheet it showed 2960. I asked her why the difference as on my credit report it showed $3060 (which I understand that there would be a difference between the difference I show and my credit report due to the timing) The lady said that they dont report to the credit bureau, and I stated that they do, I asked if there was interest accumulating she said no. She said that was the balance and there was nothing I could do but to continue to pay, I then went to the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit and lodge a complaint against them. They are working on my case at this time. I should also state that on the credit bureau it stated the beginning balance of the judgement is 5380. I owe and I will pay, but I will only pay what was on the judgement.

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    5GIRLSNH Jan 13, 2015


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    Distraught123 Dec 24, 2014
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    Wow same here Xmas week paid online the agreement of 50 month
    They ach out of my account 1173.00 I had bank reverse it shut account down
    This was my boyfriends debt I just paid it out of account

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    pssdnh Sep 07, 2014

    My relationship with these bottom feeders started in September 2010, 2 weeks shy of the statute of limitations. I went to court, but met with their shyster lawyer prior to seeing the judge, I laid out my ability to pay which was nothing. He asked me to sign a continuance statement which I read, I also questioned the amount on the debit. It was for $9, 800.00 and I had paid it down to $3, 000.00 with the original creditor, who had charged off the debt for their corporate tax. I was told it was interest and fees for the time it hadn't been paid on. I responded that if a debt is charged off, it is no longer and active debt so therefore how could it be accruing interest and fees? He just stated that it did.

    I have been back to court with them numerous times, I finally agreed to pay $20.00 amonth with the stipulation that all interest ceases and the amount be reduced to what was originally owed. The judge agreed, however when I received the judgement back from the court, it was for the amount of $9, 985.00! I contacted the court and was told that additional information was provided to substantiate HLS claim of the higher amount. I questioned why I was not informed and allowed to counter this. I was given no answer. Also the interest keeps accruing which is not what I signed in court. I also questioned how I can be charged continuing interest when it was not agreed to by me and signed in court. I was told that the judge can make those changes.

    I really wish I'd had an attorney as I have been paying on this debt now for 6 yrs and it hasn't gone down at all as the monthly interest is more than my payment.

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  • He
    Herman -- Mar 11, 2014

    After reading a lot of this complains, Shiff, is just what I was thinking of them, they are a bunch of economy N*Z* thugs.They are doing deals with the credit cards company, s paying them maybe half of the amount(that should be yours)and they charging you the full amount+court cost.After you get the first scary letter from them, you will get another to sign DONT SIGN IT.Stay calm tell them monkey business felons to go F*** them self, and deal with original credit card company, they will give you a good deal, don't be afraid to talk to them they are good people.Remember Shiff can, t kill you over the phone.:)

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    Herman -- Mar 11, 2014

    Got a letter from them saying I owned the credit card company $ 2.622.68.+$80.00 in court cost. OK, so I started paying them $500.00 and it was going fine.In January was the last payment of $513.00 and because of unexpected draw on my account it failed.I told them I would pay them that amount in February and that seems to be OK. Paid In February and it was returned because of insufficient funds the 24th on the 27th it was sent again and this time it went true.So I got a letter from them dated 4th of March saying.I must speak with you.I called them yesterday and they told me they have not got the money.So now I going down to the Bank got a printout that said they got the money.And the Senior Branch Manager gave me his card and phone # and told me that if I got more problem with them they could call her.Back home I called them again and they refused to call the bank.So now I go back to the bank again called Schiff again and got a pretty rude women on the line(a new person every time) I handed the phone over to the Manager and she put them pretty good in the right place.But they refused to take the tracking # for the payment.So now I look at business as finish.

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  • Bi
    billy ryder Mar 23, 2013

    This collection syndicate may be filing documents in incorrect or multiple jurisdictions in order to use the courts to obtain easy defaults. This also generates vast amounts of money for the state. Virtual debtors prisons are created through defaulting people, if the scam is run correctly by Schiiff (the actual Howard Schiff has been dead since 2007).

    Improper Party
    Mr. Schiff’s enterprise reportedly accepts farmed-out “portfolios” from an out of state 3rd party syndicate known as TSYS. That company reportedly funnels zombie debts, unverified debts, debts based on false/no affidavits, and other debts to willing lawyers through use of the NAN (National Attorney Network) computer software program. The NAN software (or access to the data) is provided by the true clients—TSYS.

    A recent online article noted the following regarding the methods used by the below-named company and the affiliated farm-out lawyers (through use of IOLTA’s):

    “Capital One is famous for having TSYS of Georgia do their collecting for them. TSYS has a subsidiary company known as NAN (National Attorney Network) TSYS sends the debt to the NAN office which is at the same address as TSYS.” NAN seeks out willing lawyers in the victim’s jurisdiction, and provides information to the attorney. The lawyer provides a buffer to the third party and helps to prevent the problems that arise when the third party sends out letters that appear to be from an attorney—although the simulated summons serves the same purpose at present.

    The victim “is then sued under CAP1 as plaintiff, when TSYS is the actual plaintiff. TSYS is not alone in utilizing this method.
    Third parties may be using the courts in this way for a few reasons:
    • The method has been a convoluted success.

    • In the past, collectors would simply send out letters with simulated attorney letterheads in order to dupe victims into thinking they were being sued or losing their jobs. The letters were used as a scare tactic to obtain as much cash and information from the victim as possible, regardless of verification laws.
    • Although lawsuits have somewhat thwarted collection syndicates from utilizing the “letter method, ” they have modified their approach to include lawyers and the accompanying IOLTA’s---at least enough to perhaps buffer the enterprise from threats of potential suits.

    The Operation
    Some collection syndicates now insulate their activities by using the NAN program to farm-out debts and use attorneys, IOLTA’s, and the courts.

    A supposed summons letter is sent to the victim with what appears to be an “original” creditor listed as plaintiff. In actuality, the “debt” may have been sold, bundled and hedged many times over. Neither a date, nor a time is printed on the summons—so it is not a summons at all. It has the same purpose as the non-attorney letter as discussed earlier. Also, the summons letter may, or may not, reach the victim. The goal of the syndicate is to obtain a “legal default.”

    The motion for default and accompanying execution is affected from the court in due course. To further confuse the victim, the collection syndicate may send out collection letters or other correspondence before default. The victim may either respond (or not) to those inquiries in lieu of legal appearances—where the location and times are already ambiguous.

    Collection then continues from multiple angles with little or no recourse for the victim, as the court has placed its stamp of approval on the default motion by the syndicate.

    As stated earlier, TSYS/CAP1/Schiff are not alone in using this new methodology. TERI (Education Loan Services) uses the same scheme. TERI went bankrupt in 2008 and is presently owned by elements of Goldman Sachs and First Marblehead. TERI is listed as plaintiff in their suits (an improper party) and even goes so far as to claim status under the federal loan program—although they are private. TERI attempts to collect on zombie debts, unverified debts, and bundled-hedged debts sold many times over. Although the office of the New York Attorneys General has investigated many private loan schemes, several entities still thrive in other states.


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  • Fi
    fireknight Feb 26, 2013

    these people took money from me without ever telling me that they were going to. i had been making payments on time and that gave them my bank info. they are still calling me. i changed bank accounts to protect my money but that doesn't help when they steal all you have and leave you with no food. the day i went to court i met 2 other people in the same boat. i would love to sue these jerks. how do i do that? if there's a class action suit i want in

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  • Fi
    fireknight Feb 26, 2013

    i dealt with schiff and am still dealing with them. i went to court for a debt and agreed to pay $20 a month. i did that. my mother told me that was dumb. they had my bank account into and took all the money i had in my checking account, leaving me broke and without food. i did appeal the pull and got the money back but they did it again a few months later. i still get phone calls from them and have since changed accounts to stop that nonsense. it suits are being filed against this firm i want in. what do i do?

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  • Jo
    johnnypesky rest in peace Aug 15, 2012

    they are bottom feeders. just send their collection letters cease and desist. when they sue you get an attorney to fight this, and at court sting them with asking for full proof. i hate them, hope the worst for them.

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  • Su
    susan Aug 11, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I was just recently brought to court in the wrong state (venue) for 2 separate Credit card debts. The case was dismissed on both with prejudice. Wonder if I can sue twice now.

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  • Ch
    Charlene Crosthwaite Apr 06, 2012

    I just received a letter from small claims court for a judgement against my husband and I for two old hospital bills from Windham Hospital. They combined the bills together. One of the bills was not only paid by our Blue Cross (which left a $200 balance), but also paid by another insurance company (it was a worker's comp. claim). There was acually a credit balance on the account of over $300. This bill dates back to 1/11/2006. The hospital was still sitting on the money (more than six years later)! When my husband and I showed up at the hospital to get copies of the bills, we were told that they were in the process of returning the money to Blue Cross! Been trying to contact Schiff's office in CT, but so far with no luck and that has been going on now for almost a week. Strange how when I first started to call they would ask me for the payment in full, now I get an answering machine and have to leave a message!
    The other hospital bill was for 2005 for a bill for my husband. I thought it was strange that I have paid past bills for the hospital through a collection agency that dated back to 2007, but the 2005 bill I have nothing for.

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  • La
    Laurenks74 Jun 30, 2011

    I am now dealing with them and I am so emotionally exhausted. I had a debit from AT&T cell phone service from 2003, at the time I was in and out of the hospital and other people I was living with had taken the phones and ran up the bill. In 2010 I had recieved the first notice that a judgement had been brought against me for $35.00 per week. I had contacted them and asked them if I can have my say in court, they told me no and I had to start paying. That summer I was out of work for 3 months and could not pay. About 1 month ago they froze my bank account and it was then drained of its whole $29.00. I called them and demanded to know why they never send their correspondence via certified mail like all "Law Offices do" (I have worked for 2 law firms and thats the way we sent out all of our important letters) they told me it was my fault since I never kept in touch with them. I had thought that debits have a statute of limitations of 7 years this has now plagued me for 8 years. All I would like to know is how without spending a ton of money which I do NOT have (I work part time, have 2 children and I am even on certain state assistance programs) do I get the payments reduced? They will not help me but they are the nicest people when I am calling in a payment. Please help!

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  • Im
    Impartial 3rd Party Jun 09, 2011

    I have to say that these complaints have been disturbing, amusing and aggitating all at once! The Law offices do not own the debts they collect on, as some of you have implied that you "know" they do. They are hired to collect on debts that in most cases are legitimate. There are instances where a debt is not, and with cooperation by all parties, even that can be resolved. It is not their fault that you have fallen in default on your bills and they were hired. In most cases they are willing to help if given a fair chance. Just because they do not do what you think they should, doesn't mean they are not trying to help.

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  • Pa
    PaulaD May 09, 2011

    We to have had the pleasure (more like displeasure) dealing with Howard Lee Schiff, representing Midland Funding LLC. On May 6, 2011 they took from our bank account all of our money except for $.23. When trying to call to speak with the lawyer who supposedly signed the court documents we were only allowed to speak with rude and inconsiderate woman who did not give a damn about the situation. This should somehow be illegal!!

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  • Bo
    Boblori Apr 04, 2011

    I too have been harrassed by these people, the woman Gina called me
    "Fat and Lazy" and put my name on Facebook with the same exact
    words! They also took me to court and I ended up with a judgement
    against me for a Capital One debt that I owed for $2900. I tried to
    settle with them early on and they wouldn't settle with me or call
    me back so I could obtain a settlement letter. They lied in the court
    room and told me I had to stay to see the Judge, they took me into the
    criminal courtroom and obtained the judgement on me. Then they
    put a "lien" on my house. I had a homestead, but they did it anyways.
    Now I am going to court on April 13, 2011 to see the judge. to settle.
    I'll see what he says. The emotional and mental abuse has been awful.
    The woman "Gina" flipped out on me when I told her, "God will get me
    thru this." She became enraged like a spitting vipor! I now know
    where they are all headed after reading everyones report of them.
    If there is a class action suit going on, I would like to be involved.
    Please e-mail me @ [email protected] -Thanks

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  • Do
    Down with Schiff Feb 21, 2011

    To Juicy Juice ---

    The most important advice I can offer is to file against them or at least respond in clear, short sentences. No more than a paragraph or two. They are relying on you to be intimidated. But, the public courts are not theirs to command. More than likely they won't even show up. It depends on how many cases they can line up in a day to justify the fees paid to their [censor] lawyers, the bottom of the barrel. Their absentee rate is extremely high.

    Do not be intimidated; your situation will be taken into account, and they will need to provide evidence to the courts. You can also request full disclosure of all documentation and if they don't give you what you need, you file a small claim against them for maximum allowable. Lastly, if they came to your house, they are have acted illegally. If they sent the Sheriff's department to you to deliver the court papers, that's different.

    What happened? Describe it in detail.

    A friend in New England

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  • Ju
    juicy juice Jan 25, 2011

    omg the just come to my door saying my husband on them over 1200$ he is not here he is in kuwait so now what i do and the say the don't know for what i own the bill i am scary help help

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  • Pe
    PeOpleArEsOdUmB Nov 13, 2010

    Yeah, OK metro-I'm sure you weren't late on a payment either! They are a multi-million dollar firm...they aren't going anywhere...the longer people act irresponsibly with their finances, the longer HLS will be in business! What exactly are people going to sue them for? Collecting debt? Their recording clearly states that they are a "debt collection firm"... they are doing their jobs and people don't like the fact that they always come out on top. It's a simple concept your bills and you won't be bothered!

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  • Me
    metro442 Nov 09, 2010

    These people are pieces of [censor]. I agreed to pay these [censor] holes every month. Never missed a payment. Ive been paying for over a year. Next thing I know theres a lien on my house. Lawyer time! I'm in for a class act suit. My friend also works in the court system He said if enough people file a complaint something will get done.

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  • Re
    redebord Mar 25, 2010

    I got sued twice for valid debt that I own from adivorce. I started a court ordered payment of $100 a month since may 2008...$2200 has been paid to the account, but funny how as of 03/2010 only $805 has been pulled of the original balance owed. Where is the other $1400? Have made several attempts to contact them and no replies and left on hold for hours on the phone.
    Like most if not aal the have been paying as court ordered and agreed and still my balance doesn't go down. This law firm is stealing money without justifying where it goes. CT resident.

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  • Ar
    ariday Mar 10, 2010

    well i too!!! have been dealing with worthless unethical punks!!! they treat one like one is a criminal. i understand we as consumers and credit card users are responsible for paying our debts, but i do not condone the way these people handle their business. if you are a collection agency and u want to collect the smart thing to do is to work with the client. we arent perfect and with this ungodly economy we are seeing people loosing their cars, homes, and jobs. i have been served with 2 execution notices and have a lein that was put on my house??? they are now serving me with a court date to garnish my wages on $1, 331.78 cmon people!!! they refuse to accept payments they want me to pay them in full, i am 24 yrs old work 2 jobs have a morgage car note and pay for school i make 30, 000 a year when its all said and done i am left with nothing. i cant understand how others get away with causing people misery!!!

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  • De
    DebsW Mar 05, 2010

    I must add, my daughter just got off the phone with them discussing payments, The girl on the phone apparently had a bad day and called her a F****** D****** B**** then hung up !!! I called them back and asked for a supervisor, they can' seem to transfer calls, but took my number to have a supervisor call her back. Can you believe that ?? stupid morans tape their calls too, LOLOLOL got'cha !

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  • Sa
    sandistp Feb 20, 2010

    I just received a letter from them and am now wondering if bankruptcy is the only way to protect myself - anyone have an answer?

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  • Jo
    johnworc Feb 19, 2010

    I have HAD IT with these people! I was unfairly and deceptively scared into signing a judgment with these ###, I was not informed that I had the right to dispute the debt (which I believe they are required to do by law) was told that I did not want to waste the courts time and could go to jail which is illegal and I did not know this. I met them in the hallway BEFORE the courtroom, they acted like my best friend and I was basically scared into signing it and I personally NEVER stepped foot in a court room. I wish I knew then what I know now.
    I have filed complaints with the Massachusetts Division of Banks, The Massachusetts Attorney General, I have written to the Governor of Massachusetts also my State Rep and the FTC. These people need to be stopped doing what they are doing, basically skating the line of the law because while they are attorneys, in reality they are debt collectors but are not subject to licensing as so because of their attorney status . I am currently looking into filing a class action lawsuit against them for deceptive practices but need more people that have been deceived like I have been. please email me at [email protected]

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  • Ca
    CALEPI Feb 09, 2010

    I agree, I owe discover card less then $3850, then kept adding to my late fee, over limit fee which total to $70.00 dollars a month plus 80-90 worth of interest they sold my account to HLS and they got a Judge in Malden, MA who double the amount base on one of their lawyers say so and wants me to go to court every three month, or else he will have me arrested. I had life saving emergency surgery because I was working in a molded and mildew infested basement in 2006, loss my grand mother in 2007, my mom had a tripple bypass in 2008, a had three strokes and spent a month in the hopsital. Despite all that I finish my masters and graduat in June of 2009 instead of looking for a better job I a doing battle with these people everyday. I pray to god every day that I get up and go to work to and pay my bills and do the right thing but these people are so greedy they do not care whether I have nothing as long as they are getting paid. I file a complaint with the attorney General's Office they send me a letter, telling me that their is nothing they can do they will be watching for a trend in this matter. I was warn abouth thugs, drugs dealers, but no body ever warn me about these credit card copies and bill collectors. I borrowed money from my family to pay these pigs and it simply is not enough for them.

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  • Tv
    TVL316 Feb 04, 2010

    I live in MA. and I recently went to court to settle a debt owed to Discover Financial Services. Now, I agree that I owe the debt. I went to court and I will start having a voluntary wage garnishment for 50.00 out of each check. I am seeing on the internet all of these complaints against this so called law office. Since I already went to court and spoke to the clerk of courts should I be worried? He told me this is now and order of the court. The garnishment of my wages start on the 19th of this month (February 2010),

    Any info would be much appreciated

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  • Ds
    dsangeliz Feb 03, 2010

    I feel the same way about this firm. I had a debt (credit card) that I defaulted on ( my fault) they took me to court and ordered an automatice wage garnishment. OK, I could deal with that, It was my fault. My employer at the time did what they were leagally bound to do. Once it was satisfied, they sent a letter to the firm and it said if you disagree, please sign and return. Well, they never diputed it, so the wage garnishment stopped. well, almost 1 year later, they contacted me telling me I still owe them! and since it had been about 1 year, now I owe penalties too. so now instead of the 200+ they "claim" I still owed it turned into 750.00 which they took out of my bank account!! This was after I sent them all the documentation from my former employee saying they did what they were supposed to. THEY ARE UNREAL! Nothing I can do about it either!

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  • Jg
    JG1115 Dec 29, 2009

    Ok so here is where I stand with these people. They sent me a Crap One CC bill stating that I owed $3440.00. The first thing I did is reply with a DV letter via sugned receipt. About 3 months later, I received their sorry attempt to validate this debt. Almost none of the information I requested was included.


    VIOLATION 1...

    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §1692e and §1692f by providing false and misleading information by mailing a dunning letter which asked for a lump sum of money and did not itemize the various charges that comprised the total amount of the debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and U.S.C., Title 28, §1331 and U.S.C., Title 28, §1332(b).

    Reason: They included 3 different papers with 3 different amounts, none of which itemized the full amount of the debt owed.

    VIOLATION 2...

    October 5, 2007
    Andrew M. Beato, Esq.
    Stein, Mitchell & Mezines, L.L.P.
    1100 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20036

    "We note first that courts have construed Section 809(b) as giving debt collectors two options when they receive a written dispute or a request for verification: (1) provide the requested verification and continue collection activities, or (2) cease all collection activities. If the debt collector ceases collection, it is not required to provide verification. See, e.g., Guerrero v. RJM Acquisitions LLC, 2007 U.S. App. LEXIS 20072, at *35-36 (9th Cir. Aug. 23, 2007); Jang v. A.M. Miller & Assocs., 122 F.3d 480, 483 (7th Cir. 1997); Wilhelm v. Credico Inc., 426 F. Supp. 2d 1030, 1036 (D.N.D. 2006); Zaborac v. Phillips and Cohen Assocs, 330 F. Supp. 2d 962, 966 (N.D. Ill. 2004); Sambor v. Omnia Credit Servs., Inc., 183 F. Supp. 2d 1234, 1243 (D. Haw. 2002)."

    Reason: By mailing me a letter which did not contain the Requested Validation Information, this in essence resumed collection activity on a disputed account. So therefore, they broke the law.

    So anyway, after receiving their sorry attempt to validate, I sent another letter via signed receipt demanding that they now Cease and Desist in the collection of this debt since they are unable to properly validate it. I also included a pre-printed civil court partition with my letter and offered to not file my case if they pay me the amount of $1000.00, which is the fine that I would be entitled to collect in a court of law. BTW, each violation is worth $1000.00 for a total of $2000.00 but I figured I would be fair.

    A few days ago I received a response letter from them which basically stated that my claim is denied and that they did not have to provide all the information that I requested. Man these people are stupid because my last letter contained a Cease and Desist clause. After I told them to Cease and Desist, they had three options. Advise me of their intentions to pursue this legally, advise me that they are dropping the matter or ignore my request and do nothing further with this account. Since their letter contained none of the above, they now owe me another $1000.00 for again resuming contact after a request to Cease and Desist was sent to them. I have I now turned a $3000.00 debt into a potential $3000.00 profit plus possible damages.

    So today I put the wheels in motion by filing a complaint with the FTC right on their website and I will again mail another bill to this company, this time demanding the full $3000.00. No more Mr. Niceguy

    The moral of my post is this...if you give a collector enough rope to hang themselves, they most often will.

    learn your rights and fight back against these fools. Turn the tables on them by looking for violations and then charging them, making you the collector. If they sue you, file a sworn denial and show up to court. Force them to have to drag a live witness into court who has first hand knowledge of your account. Then counter sue them with the any violations you can think of. Basically make life a living hell for them. That is my goal not to mention it is kind of fun!


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  • Fa
    fattyz Dec 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see them all the time in court, in fact I practically knew the small claims guy. He'd get me in and out in no time. Now they have a new guy, I ran in before the thirty other poor dopes who did not know what was going on and got out of there. It was payment review small claims. We really need a class action law suit against them. The court is complicit in this also and pays no attention to the law. I wonder if they get paid by Schiff. They way they act, it would not surprise me.

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  • Sh
    Shylock Dec 16, 2009

    I am currently dealing with these people, too. I lost my job and set up payment plans with all my credit card companies. I even had one with Discover. I had a late payment with Discover that I called and told them it would be late by 2 days and they said it was fine. I tried to make the payment and was told that it would not take it because my account was sent to Howard Lee Schiff. I called the number given to me and got the run around. Then a month late received a judgement letter in the mail. I never knew anything about a court date! They gave me all sorts of excuses. I have been fighting with them for 3 years, now and the balance never really goes down. I call to get informantion and get the run around. Last year I got fed up and contacted a lawyer, who told me that this company is a shyster. They also told me that there was nothing I could do because it would cost me too much money to fight. I am now currently looking for a lawyer. If anyone can help please do

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  • El
    elizabethM.giamattei Dec 14, 2009

    Help, schiff has won a 4, 228.00 judgement I was not in court anyway to fix this? I am ill, unemployed and have no medical insurance. I also asked for copy of contract they could never produce it. Is there anyway for me to fight this now? I read somewhere your full name has to be listed. I always use my middle initial even when I sign anything all mail everything has my middle initial except his court judgement I received.
    Any advice, desperate

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  • Do
    Dottt Nov 21, 2009

    I was paying another agency when it was almost paid off (Mitchel Kay agency) then I never heard from them again. A year later I started to get mail from Schiff for the same debt only they went back to the original amount and started again with collection. they started taking money form my account...when I went to court I found out that they are not allowed to take anything under $1, 000 from your account. After paying for months they sent a settlement of 75% on the original amount..Where does the money go?
    ???none of the money ever came off the balance...How do they get away with this???...Where is the law for the people that are being lied to by these collection agencies? Schiff is a Collection Agency not a Law Firm... They are not registered with the Conn. Bar Association either...

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  • Ti
    timthewizard Nov 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey all. I am once again dealing with these bottom feeders. my first case went on for three years and I just got the arbirtration thrown out. Fight back! You have every right to validation. If the judge issues an order without having proper validation, the judge can be held accountable for issuing a fraudulant instrument which caries a $200, 000 fine or 5 years in jail or both! I am better prepaired now for the next round with Schiff. Should be able to take them out before it even gets to court. Just remember, it is all commercial. It is all contract. Check out

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  • Lo
    lost in New England Nov 10, 2009

    My wife has $800.00 in a creit card. They sent her a payment plan for $40.00 per month. Then SIX MONTHS LATER!!! We recieve an execution order from the court and delivered by the sherrif by certified mail. They put a lien on my house, there is one catch, I have a homestead on my house. The court told me the form my wife signed for the payment plan was a waiver of the homestead, I am #1 on the deed and I was never served nor was my Mortgage Company

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  • Ih
    ihateschiff Oct 13, 2009

    All I have to say is I really hate those ###ing people.

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  • 28
    283530 Oct 09, 2009

    Get a lawyer. Especially a FDCPA attorney. Its cheaper to furnish the defense than it would be to pay them.

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  • Ge
    get a lawyer Sep 24, 2009

    Advice for everyone on this post...GET A LAWYER! You think it will cost more than you can afford, but I promise you that you are better going late on your cable and/or auto insurance and catching up on that next month (neither of those will shut off for being one month late) than trying to deal with Schiff alone.

    Schiff put a lein on my house, got a bank execution, took all of my money, and left me with 9 overdraft fees.

    To use a statement from another post...they are ABSOLUTLELY THE WORST, MOST IGNORANT, AND TREACHEROUS PEOPLE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Ms. Frances from Schiff is just down right the nastiest person I have ever spoken with in my life.

    My lawyer called one of the attorneys at the law office and got the bank execution reversed, putting the money back into my bank account. She also worked with them to have the payments I make to Schiff half of what I was originally paying. Also, I called the bank and they reversed the 9 overdraft fees because the reversal of the bank execution proved that it wasn't my fault the account was overdrawn.

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