Hotwirele tap inn jfk airport, reservation # [protected]

Dear Complaint Department, October 6, 2019
We made a reservation in good faith at this hotel for Sept 24/19, trusting that
LeTap would provide a hotel experience similar to that of the Westin, Double Tree
Hilton or Crown Plaza as advertised. Not only was this hotel located in the ghetto,
under the train tracks, the room reeked of urine, front desk clerk was not discreet
in providing room # which would be another definite safety issue . This hotel in no way, shape or form ranks in the same class as the above mentioned.
Therefore, the issue is that Hotwire was negligent in Falsely representing the
calibre of hotel we were booking, and put our safety in jeopardy. It was a hellhole!!!

Spoke with " Wendy" at Hotwire to complain, she offered to move us to JFK Hilton
for an additional $100.66, which we agreed upon. Unfortunately, she neglected
to mention that she had only made the reservation for one night, when we had booked LeTap for 2 nights. Furthermore, when we arrived at the JFK Hilton, they
were unable to book us for a second night so we wasted an entire evening of our vacation trying to find a place to sleep the next night, not cool!!! Every hotel
was booked and / or selling rooms last minute at a huge premium.

Called Hotwire again, spoke with another agent, then asked to speak with his
supervisor, who was unable to offer further assistance, aside from listening to
the taped conversation and get back to us, which has never happened

In summary, we initially paid $449.30 Cdn for 2 nights at Le Tap ( 224.65 / night),
plus an additional $100.66 to move to JFK Hilton for what should've been 2 nights,
but ended up costing $549.96 for a single night which is well beyond our budget
and we could've stayed in NYC for same! Our minimum expectation would be to be
compensated by Hotwire for the difference of $325.31 ( $225.65 / night, Le Tap)
based on their error. You may reach me at darlene.[protected]
or [protected]
Looking forward to a speedy resolution,
Darlene Kretzschmar
22-2531 Northampton Blvd
Burlington, Ontario Canada L7M 4H5

Oct 07, 2019

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