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HornymatchesBeware, total fraud

I made a free account on this site a while back. I uploaded some photos, and over the course of the next 2-3 days, recieved a fair share of attention- a good 6-ish responses, which is reasonable for my areas size. One of them even wrote twice- a few days after the first note sent, another note- "just checking to see if you got my mail, i didnt get a reply :(" popped in.

I recieved enough responses to say 'why not' and give it a try. Signed up as a silver member, and started mailing those who first messaged me. And guess what--- NONE OF THEM REPLIED! Not even a "sorry, not interested". No reply from the girl who had to email me twice, she was so curious to winks from any new action AT ALL.

A few days pass, only to find nothing on a daily basis, even though the members who i was contacting were labeled as "last visit: today". I begin to doubt this place, and then look for reviews, only to find tons of negative ones. So I decide to test things, and begin to send these members letters basically telling them "i bet youre not even a real person, are you?" Still, no replies. I spam-winked at one, just to see what would happen: SHE SENT ME A WINK BACK! However, it was sent TWO SECONDS after mine was sent out, and was labeled as OFFLINE. Real person? Yeah right!!

Standard members cant send out email. You know this when you become a member...obviously, cuz thats WHY you became a member! Anyway, every member who sent me anything was a GOLD or SILVER member...and NONE of them included ways for me to contact them. WHY NOT...? Its a lure! A REAL member who is interested in you would take their paid account and mail you some ways to get ahold of em, as they KNOW you cant reply! Nope, just BS teases here!

Total waste of money. I feel taken by these ###, but also blame myself, as I usually research these types of things before I just dive right in. Now im 30 bucks in the hole and with NOTHING to show for it: dont make the same mistake as me!!

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