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Homeowner review: LG refrigerator

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Regarding a conversation I had with your customer services supervisor named Molly. (Unfortunately, that's all I have) my account number is [protected] my contact phone number [protected].

When I have a problem I call AHS, and you send some out. I pay a one-hundred-dollar fee.

I have a refrigerator from LG, a problem child I have come to discover.

The icemaker has brought your service representative three times, with me paying the fee each time, three hundred dollars for the same problem. The problem is icemaker is not making ice.

I recently called three different times trying to get someone here to look at the icemaker, which they will gladly do for another hundred dollars.

This occurring problem which has not been completely resolved is frustrating. EACH time the service representee assures us that it's fixed. I feel since this is the same issue, and the co-pay or service fee should be waved. In trying to speak with your supervisor Molly, she would not escalate, to her supervisor.

Her unwillingness to help us has prompted us to not only inform you, but the three business bureaus that you advertise on one of your websites.

Thank you, In advanced for you attention to this customer service issue. When ASH came out last year to repair my Dryer 3 times, I ended up buying a new one as it was not fixed. Should I look forward to purchasing a new Refrigerator?

I await you reply.

Sal-Lira [protected] contract [protected]

Desired outcome: requesting fee be waived and get my ice maker repaired.

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