Homeaway, Koi Interiorsrent room has too many problems for unprofessional service. the room is unhygienic and unhealthy

6 Apr 06, 2019

I post to homeaway about problems.

The bad is too may stains, no clean room and tv is old.

When I arrive front of aprtment leasing office lady mad to me about airndb

I thought that I rent one unit.
I have many problems this room. I bad smell from bed and I take off cover and sheet.

I am really shocked about too many stains and yellow color
That is unhyginc and unhealthy.

Room is not clean. He did not check and prepare before customer arriving.

I complain about it. He sent cleaning guy who took over one hour for dishwasher and refrigerator cleaning. After I smell too much clenser. I never seen over one hour cleaning only
This part. After something missing, I do not know all. I I sleep on the floor yesterday for dirty bed. I cannot stay until aril 30.

Why I have to be patient for almost $5000 room?

If they cannot solve those problems I want to report to city.

I paid almost $5000 29 nights. Room price about $2600. They charged a lot and bad service.

I can wait until monday then I repot to city
Address is 609 st. Paul avenue la ca 90017

I thought I booked homeaway. Th guy gave business card. Advertising did not post this company name
Company name is koi interiors inc. 2216 south broadway la ca 90007

This company provides unprofessional service.

Somebody knocked my door but I was scared about unexpected visitors. I did not open and somebody tried to open my door.

After the guy emailed me. Why you did not open door? I did to know and I do not appointment to them.
If he is professional he has to ask to customer schedule and needs permission
He has to call and makes sure to me.
If he checks before customer arriving we do not have problems.

This is not my fault. I do not want to sleep this dirty and unsanitaly bed.

Tv is old but he does not want to change.

Again, I can wait until monday for problem solution and make report to city

Homeaway, Koi Interiors
Homeaway, Koi Interiors
Homeaway, Koi Interiors
Homeaway, Koi Interiors
Homeaway, Koi Interiors

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