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D Jan 21, 2019 Review updated:

We purchased a 7.5 ft. Pre-lit christmas tree from lowes on december 15. It was on sale, but was normally $278. It is a beautiful tree and seemed to work great at first. We always leave our tree up for awhile after christmas. One night after christmas we noticed that some of the lights on the front of the tree were very dim compared to the others. At first we thought the plug was just loose because when I jiggled it, the lights got bright again. Then they did it again another night, but jiggling the plug didn't help. We tried moving the branch and those lights and others on the tree would go on and off. We determined that there seemed to be a short in a wire to the lights. I called lowes and was told that they don't give refunds or exchanges on any christmas items after december 26. (ridiculous policy as some families are still celebrating the holidays at that time, plus this was a defective product issue) I was told that the manufacturer would have to take care of it. The paperwork with the tree says that if the product is no longer available or of you have any questions or problems to call their customer service. I did that and was told that there was no fix for this problem and I would have to take the tree back to lowes for a refund. I told the lady that I had already spoken to lowes and explained what they told a "not so nice voice", she told me, "pack up your tree. Take it back to lowes and tell them you need a refund. If they give you a problem, have them call us." she wouldn't even give me the chance to ask if I could just have the tree replaced. After calling and speaking with a lowes manager, he confirmed that they don't give refunds or exchanges on any christmas items after december 26. He called the company, called me back and offered me a store credit. Better than nothing I suppose, but I still think that a refund should be issued when this was a defective item sold by them. It's not like we waited a year to let them know and their policy about christmas purchases was not on the receipt nor was it told to us when we made the purchase. We'll probably use the credit for other things we can use from lowes throughout the year. I don't think I want to chance buying another tree from them and most certainly not from holiday living. We are a couple in our 60's and are empty nesters - no children to cause a problem with the product.


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      Jan 21, 2019

    Foolish child all stores have the "ridiculous" policy of not returning items after Christmas.

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  •   Jan 21, 2019

    @BEnchboy For real! You have to wonder.

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  •   Jan 21, 2019

    This is why I don't like these pre lit POS.
    You can't just throw the bummed lights out and you spend too much on the damn thing anyway.

    For the first time ever I got a Christmas tree. Never had one before, especially in my studio apartment but I am trying to make my place now a home.

    I started looking back in November. There's a home Depot on one side of Northern Boulevard and a Michael's on the other side.
    I looked online and in the store for a long time before I finally just ordered one from Amazon. 6 feet tall under $50. I can do what I want with lights.

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