Holiday Inn Express & Suitesemployee reflection of your company...

Today (10 Oct 19) at approximately 4:20 pm I was merging onto Airport Way with my 3 sons ages 2, 9 and 11. I was almost completly merged in when a white prius started honking an i had to cut hard right to not get rear ended. Before I merged onto the road i looked to see it was clear but the vehicle that came upon us was traveling WELL over 65 when the speed limit is only 45. After I swerved out of the way I got back onto the road and followed the vehicle for approximately 2-3 miles. During that time the vehicle continued to swerve around vehicles at a high rate of speed leaving me quite some distance behind however I was able to keep eyes on it at all times. The vehicle pulled into Holiday Inn Express at the address listed above. A older Caucasian woman exited the vehicle approximately 55 to 65 years of age. I pulled in and asked her what the hell was so important that she almost took out my family an I. She just said sorry real quick and hurried into the hotel. I then lost track of her while i parked and asked the manager Jason if they had a older female who just walked in that works there. He said yes we do have someone with that description who just walked in. At first I was planning on calling the police but we all know nothing will come about it since she didnt actually hit us. I am writting this complaint for this business simply because she was their employee and after speeding, swerving and having no regard for others safey especially in a highly travelled road near the airport all kinds of people seen her pull into their lot. I did raise my voice in their place of business and for that I apologize. But as a company could you please explain to your employees that if they are late or if they simply drive carelessly that it does reflect poorly especially when they attract so much attention then pull into your lot and walk into work like everything is fine. I did not spend 20 years in the Marine Corps to come home and have myself and my sons killed by your employee simply because they may be late for work or whatever their reason is! I am still furious about the whole situation even after taking a few hours to calm down to write this complaint. Explaining basic fundamentals of being a decent human being to your employee at this location would be greatly appreciated. Some day this employee may not be followed by someone like me who takes time to explain the circumstances and how it reflects on your business. Think of upsetting the wrong person who would take drastic measures and how it could have gone. This woman was old enough to know better and even after honking she continued at a high rate of speed putting many others in danger and then simply pulled into this business as if everything were fine. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint as upset as I still am and I am proud I was able to write it without strong language!

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