Holiday Inn Muskegon - Harborage discrimanation


Michigan law states that you can rent a room at the same age that you are able to legally sign a contract. Holiday Inn does not do this. They require you to be 21. Since they are a private company they can get away with doing this. This is age discrimination. I booked a room for my son and two friends, who were over 18, so that they did not have to drive back after a day at the amusement park. They were turned away because of their age. They were tired, had no where else to go and were hours from home. This was a safety hazard to them and any other drivers. The manager was not at the hotel to talk to and corporate office could only take the complaint which makes the manager required to call me within 48 hours. The web site for Holiday Inn states that you have to be 18 to book a room it does not state that you have to be 21 to stay. I am sure there is a disclaimer as to the age requirement somewhere on Holiday Inn's site but I have been looking at the sites for two hours and can not find it. I can't believe of the discrimination for a room based on age, when that age is considered an adult. I feel like I totally threw my son and his friends out to the wolves when I thought I was helping them out.


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    Ducky87 Jul 20, 2012

    Something definitely sounds off if they state you can book a room at 18. That would be pointless if you couldn't stay. Besides, someone can have a credit card at 18, so their liability of getting ripped off shouldn't be a problem.

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  • Du
    Ducky87 Jul 20, 2012

    As I am looking around, it looks like some Holiday Inns are 18 and some are 21. Perhaps, some hotels have a higher age in order to prevent 18 year olds from having parties and trashing their hotel.

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