HitachiTV needs fixing/workers have bad customer service


I called the RCA store @ Forest Park to informed Mr. Kevin Sapp about my TV on June 2, 2009. my TV wont come on or respond to the buttons. Mr. Sapp stated he will call me back to discuss about picking the TV up. Mr. Sapp never called me back, I had to go to the store in order to get his attention. it is now June 20th 2009 & I my TV is still not fixed. he calls and harrases me about paying tghe bill, but can't get to my house to get my services met. I've been a valued customer since March 2004. Mr. Sapp store bad customer service. he doesnt know how to talk to people. I really want to pay off my stuff and be finish with it but not if its broken. it seems like no one will listen and someone needs to do something about him. all the good people got fired but they did a great job. I wont tell my friends about that store @ all.

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