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[Resolved] / boutique job placement service

Aug 06, 2019

While this site does seem to post legitimate job offers that are adaptable for work from home mothers... you are lucky if you ACTUALLY get to apply for them. The site has numerous glitches, the service is TERRIBLE and the once you cancel, even if it's just mere days into your...

[Resolved] / The owners haven't paid me for the work

Jun 12, 2015

I found and decided to earn extra money to my budget. I made all the assignments and was really interested in this work. But the company turned to be dishonest, because they still haven’t paid me for the work. I’m tired of sending emails and asking about the payment. I...

[Resolved] / this website doesn't for people, who want to sit at home

Oct 19, 2014

I joined the website and hoped to find some job from home. I started to communicate with one lady, who promised to provide some stuff for me. After that I heard only fake promises and blah-blah. Also the website doesn’t provide jobs from home. I was disappointed a... / no money, no items

Dec 25, 2013

I recently made several projects for the website I paid for my membership on this website, and the agent promised to provide new projects each month. After I made three projects, they didn’t pay me and only promised to transfer money. I contacted them several time...