Martinique New York on Broadway, Curio Collection by HiltonHidden daily facilities fees??!!!

I've booked for my New York hotels with agodaabd have fully paid before departing for the holiday.

I've just landed in the hotel yesterday and the location is all great... Everything is a few steps away and all seems well and exciting!

That is until I'm told at checkin that there is this daily facility fees of us$15 ++ per night.
That is supposing ly part of compulsory fees we have to pay for even though we do not intend to use any overseas call or the business facilities at the center.

That adds up to another additional US$68 ++ for the 4 nights that we are staying and paying for services that we have absolutely no intention of using.

At agoda website there was also no indication of any additional fees required. This is probably a way to mKe your prices 'seem' more competitive at those websites. And when the customers do show up at your door step, you shove this compulsory charges on them.

I've stayed in countless places and this is the very first time I've heard of something like this. And even though I kept on trying to clarify about this and whether this is something we do not have to pay ON TOP of the deposit, the service staff was adamant and kept on saying that it's compulsory.

I think this is totally not ethical of the business not agoda. Probably the last times ill use them.

Martinique New York on Broadway, Curio Collection by Hilton

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