Hilton Worldwideemployee using my credit card for hotel stay

R Dec 06, 2019

My sister in-law Bridget Edgerton who is a home-based virtual agent had my credit card number and used it for her personal use. On November 4th, 2019, she booked an Ayrsley Hotel Associate stay in Charlotte, N.C, using my credit card number to pay for it. She had my number in order to book future stays at a Hilton Hotel when I traveled to South Carolina. I am pretty sure she went to the Hilton Garden Inn and paid $51.86. Because she is an employee I felt you should know she is doing this. She lives at 4611 Cricklewood Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28212. Her phone number is (704) 968-9737. You can contact me by email at: [protected] or text [protected]. I contacted my bank as well who is looking into it as well. This woman should not be working for your company. She never told us that all she had to do was put us on a list, but instead took my credit card number and used it. I can provide a picture of my bank statement if you require it. Please look into this matter. I am a disabled person on a fixed income and her larceny caused me a great deal of trouble. I am also a Hilton Honors Member under Renee Edgerton: [protected]

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