Hilton Grand VacationaLack of Security


I want to let everyone know that we were robbed while staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations on International Drive, on the night that we checked in. As soon as we realized that we were robbed, I called the front desk to report it, so they told me that Security would be right over. It took Security at least 30 minutes to come, after my husband had called the front desk a second time. While my husband was filling out the Police Report, we asked to be moved to another room. This was around 10-10:30PM. We have two young daughters and besides all that they had to endure, they were very tired to go to sleep. Security left and said someone would move us to a different room. We packed all our stuff and were left waiting another 2 hours before anyone showed up to move us. My husband has to call the front desk twice to see what was taking so long for us to move to another room. We told them that we have two little ones, who need to go to sleep but it really appeared as if they didn’t care because the staff still took their time to get to us. Finally, after midnight, someone shows up to move us to the other room, so we pack everything into the Golf Cart and after two or three trips, we finally get everything into the other room. By now, it is well after 1AM and our older daughter has to go to the bathroom. When I flush the toilet, the toilet overflows, so we have to call Maintenance to come and look at it. We didn’t get to sleep until after 2AM. All the stuff that was taken from our room (Jewelry, laptop, camcorder, chargers, batteries), Hilton’s Insurance Company tells us that they are not responsible for our loss because it wasn’t a Hilton Employee that broke into our room to take our stuff, or that it wasn’t under Hilton’s control. So, basically, anyone can walk onto Hilton property, break into a guest’s room and take whatever they want and Hilton will not be responsible for any of it. I also want to let everyone know that this place doesn’t have any surveillance cameras. We know this because the Sheriff asked the Loss Prevention Officer this question and the answer was ‘No.’ So, Hilton charges a lot of money for their Time Shares and they want you to buy into the Time Share, but they don’t have enough Security to make you feel comfortable in your room, or the pool or wherever. This is especially true at the Hilton Grand Vacations on International Drive. Being so close to the Outlets, anyone can easily gain access to your room and take your valuable possessions. Hilton will not take responsibility or care of the trauma that may affect your young ones. My four year daughter is still affected by this incident, more than a month after it had happened. This Hotel is the worst, they don’t care about the residents, and they don’t provide enough Security. All they care about is you buying into the Property. Everything they say during their Sales pitch is not true. I am not going to stop, I will be putting this complaint on many different websites so everyone is aware of the way we were treated while staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations on International Drive.

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