Resolved Healthy Back Storelate/nonesxistant delivery and ludicrously bad customer service

Purchased a mattress on 1/30/2010. Was told the mattress was in stock and the foundation would be in within a few days. My purchase order shows a delivery date of 2/4/2010. On 2/11/2010, called the store that sold it to me and was told I would receive a call back with a status update. Never got a call. I called again on 2/12/2010 and was told the warehouse had been sent and email and they were awaiting a response, but they'd call this time and then call me back with an update. Never got a call. I called again on 2/13/2010 and when he told me he'd call back he promised within 2 hours. Never got a call. When I tried to call later that afternoon, repeatedly, during regular business hours, there was no answer. I called the warehouse that had been blamed by the store on each occasion, and left a detailed message on 2/14/2010. Never got a call back. Called the 800 number on 2/14/2010 and finally spoke to someone who could look at the purchase details. Was told a) the mattress is in the warehouse and committed to our order and b) the foundation was expected to arrive on 2/11 and had likely been delayed because of the terrible blizzard we'd just had. Happy to finally have some detailed information, I thanked the customer service person and hung up to await my delivery scheduling call -- we were told we'd definitely hear something by 2/17/2010. The entire week went by and we heard nothing. On 2/20/2010 I attempted to call the retail location again. Eleven calls during business hours -- no answer, not even an opportunity to leave a message. A call to the 800 number also yielded no answer. A call directly to the warehouse finally got a hold of someone, who told us that a) the mattress is on backorder until at least 3/15/2010 and b) the foundation is again expected to arrive in "a couple of days" - probably by 2/22/2010. I asked to speak with a supervisor but was told that, incredibly, there was nobody at any supervisory level in all of the warehouse until Monday. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Next step is to go to the store in person and demand some kind of resolution.

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