Heald CollegeHarassment by Teacher

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This letter was sent toAssociate Director, Healthcare Programs. which they want me to change my schedule instead of morning classes, they want me to take them at night. Thats how they want to fix the problem. I cannot be in an environment where the teacher makes fun of the errors I do in my test in front of the class or to someone else. The week before the end of the quarter, I was doing a test setting up trays and then he decided to check my test and bring up my mistakes in front of the classmates.

For example, the day I was setting up several trays during this test, one of them was for Pap smear and I wrote “Q-tip stead of cervical swab.” He was making fun of what I wrote in front of other classmates. I do not appreciate that kind of behavior from a teacher. A teacher should help the student succeed, supporting, helping answer any questions students will have, not to make the student insecure when learning. When I ask him where is he reading from the book, he says, “It is not my problem.”Another incident happened when he was teaching and he asked if anyone had a question and I raised my hand to ask where he was reading, his answer was “ do you need glasses to see where I am reading?” of course in front of the whole class. That was embarrassing for me. This happened almost in the beginning of the quarter.

I am paying a lot of money to attend this school, for a better future and education, and by having this kind of teacher; it is not going to help me learn because he makes me feel very humiliated. This problem is affecting me at home, spiritually and in my daily life. I do not want this problem to affect me anymore. I need to have a different teacher than Mr. Messiah.


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    ArcaneGhost Oct 09, 2010
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    Yes, this is a problem.
    No, it is not likely that school officials will do anything about it, imo.
    Most likely he hates his job, and believes he has better places to be. The best thing you can do is if you don't understand something, pester him nonstop until you have the info you need, how you need it. Make it clear that you are a hardworking student (which I'm sure you are) and imply that if HE teaches you RIGHT the FIRST TIME, then you both will be able to save this time. ;)

    Best regards,

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    BriteSmile74 May 21, 2011

    That's what you get for going to a "For Profit" school. This teacher may not even have a teaching degree. Heald doesn't even have accredited courses so you might want to do some investigating yourself to see if your credits are REALLY transferable. You're seriously wasting your time at Heald and should go to a real college in your own community. A Jr. College is much cheaper in the long run and your courses will actually get you a REAL degree. You will also find more professionalism. Nobody at Heald "College" will help you.

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    180 May 29, 2011

    If you believe "for profit" schools are a "bad thing", consider the fact that the woefull public school system in the United States is NON-PROFIT.

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    yll Aug 02, 2011

    This complaint seems suspicious because Heald does not have a campus in Colorado.

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    slim33 Feb 17, 2014

    It's probably either an error when he/she licked for city and state or they are trying to be anonymous. DUH!! Heald College always threats fomer students. I have the letter to proof it.

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