Harvey Normanakai 65” 4k ultra hd smart tv mn ak6519uhds

Li Oct 02, 2019

I went to Harvey Norman Port Macquarie on Sunday the 29th of September to purchase a TV as mine had just stopped working.
After arriving in store, about 15-20 minutes I was approached by a young lady asking if I needed help, yes I replied aus I was standing in front of the Akai 65". I asked can you get Netflix on this TV, yes she replied as it is a smart TV, I asked if it was a good brand/model, she replied yes. She didn't not voluntarily give out any information on the TV. The price impressed me and knowing I could get Netflix I was happy and said I'll get The TV thanks, without showing me any others or any other specials she sold me the TV. I get home, I set the TV up, I try to install Netflix, it comes up "Netflix is not compatible with this device" . I installed an update that the TV had and tried again, this time I searched for Netflix in the play store and everything but Netflix come up. I searched through the browser and I tried to install it that way, still saying "Netflix is not compatible with this device". I went online and spoke to someone and they said it does come with Netflix, I replied "I am not lying about this, what can I do about it" as I felt like she was insinuating I was lying! They then told me to call the store I purchased it from, (thanks for your help, online help centre!) I called my local store we went through the process of trying to reboot the TV and find Netflix to no avail. I was heading down to Port Macquarie so he told me to call in. I called in and was confronted by two workers telling me they tried and got Netflix working on the in store show TV, they asked me to log into my google account which I did then showed them my account and my search for Netflix, still no Netflix. The girl tried (the same girl who tried before I got there with her google account and said she could install netflix) well it come up the same as mine everything but Netflix. The staff were baffled, offered me to buy a chrome cast, I politely declined, I told them I just wanted a TV that I could access Netflix and other apps from the TV I didn't want attachments. They then said they could do a swap and to look around. After that they left me to look around, they didn't offer to show me any other TVs they had in stock that would suit what I was after. I left to think about what had all transpired as I was very flustered. I returned to the store later that day and had a another look at TVs without any assistance from staff or management. I settled on a TV as I had had enough. The new TV was $200 extra, they were going to give it to me at the same price as the other, but changed their minds. The girl that was doing the transaction (after asking for something off the price, for the inconvenience of the girl who knew nothing about the TV that she sold me Sunday) she said all she can do is take $15 off and free pickup of the Akai and delivery of the new one. I was not happy with that, so she went to her manager and he said $95. I was defeated at that stage and agreed. I said I'll bring the Akai down as I am coming back down this way, as my step father is in hospital in Port Macquarie. My complaint is about how uneducated the staff are about the products and their incompetence at assisting a customer with an issue. I was treated like a liar. I was so very disgusted by the way I was being spoken to like I was less than nothing.

Harvey Norman

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