Harvey Normanleather suit

H Jan 14, 2020

In 2017 I purchased a suite from Harvey Norman Cannington. In July 2019 my grandson accidentally put a pen mark on the suite. As I had taken out a five year Multi Master warranty with the suite, I contacted Harvey Norman who contacted Multi Master. They sent a repairer out who applied something to the suite to clean it. A few months later, the mark came though the leather again so I contacted Multi master direct. At first they refused to send someone out to inspect the suite. Finally, upon my insistence they did send the same repairer out who applied something else to the suite and said ‘I should have done this the first time'. Another few months went by and the leather started peeling, only where the Multi Master repairer had applied the product. Since July 2019, I have been trying both with Kylie at Harvey Norman Cannington and also with Multi Master to have the suite repaired. Multi master are saying it's a manufacturing issued and the manufacturer is saying it's a Multi Master issue. NO ONE at Harvey Norman or Multi Master have got back to me. This issue must be fixed NOW or I will have no option but to take legal action.

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