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Gu Sep 29, 2019

From: Gursarn Uppal, 2353 Oak Ridge, Troy, MI [protected], [protected]

Dear Hansons,
Attenion Marvin Glazier, VP

Complaint #2,

Dear Mr. Glazier,
I sent my complaint #1 about a week ago and you called us back immediately and we had a discussion about the problems we are facing with your new gutters and the damage that they have done to our basement because of overflowing.

Several people have visited my home from Hansons and the subcontractors for the gutters and they have all agreed there is a capacity problem with the gutter. The downcommers are way too small, 3 inches by 2 inches and my old gutters ran for 31 years without any problems and their downcommers 4 inches by 3 inches which is 12 square inches and is double the cross-sectional area of the current gutters you have provided. It also looks like the capacity, the depth, is not sufficient enough to hold water and it backs up and overflows.

I tried to impress upon the salesman Mike Sullivan, that I need 6 inch gutters, and he said no, and he sold me 5 inch gutters which now looks insufficient. Although you promised it would be fixed in a week, nothing has happened yet and the gutters are overflowing into the basement and into the garage causing extreme damage to the home.

I sent you a complaint a week or so ago and no action has been taken, we will be taking legal action if I don't hear from you in 24hrs. There is extreme damage to my home due to your gutters overflowing. I need a response ASAP.

Gursarn Uppal

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