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I have 5 Hampton Bay ceiling fans and tried to locate a contact number for them when two of the fans began to fail. This web site listed a phone number that the writer said was a direct line to Home Depot. I called that number [protected]) and found that it was answered by Hampton Bay. The person I spoke to was very helpful and is sending replacement parts and installation information free of charge. If anyone else has problems with Hampton Bay Fan and Lighting Co. in Atlanta, Georgia, call the above number and they will help you.


  • Ja
    janice n Nov 06, 2006

    The lights on the track have ring that fits over the light. When the lights get hot the ring falls off. The "hot ring" falls off the light. Please do not attempt to pick it up for awhile unless you have gloves on. You will get burned. We bought the lights at the w. lebanon NH store.

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  • Cd
    cdr2020 Jan 17, 2018

    @ janice n First, MR. US, thanks for the track lighting tip; was looking at buying it. Will look over design and think some more. And YES, I know this is a decade old thread, (It's now 1/2018) But I JUST came across it and need some help with the van.(which is probably just as old) Usually I can figure my way through these small projects/things easily, but finding a replacement part is proven to be arduous.
    This is the first time I've stumbled across this "blog/thread", so yes, I'm "old". Almost 50. Anyway I don't know the "rules of use" so feel free to let me know, if anyone DOES read this old thread. It's 1/Thanks for the track lighting tip; was looking at buying it. Will look over design and think some more. And YES, I know this is a decade old thread, ( It's 1/2018) But I JUST came across it and need some help with the fan.(which is probably just as old) and I can figure my way through these things normally, but finding a replacement part is proven to be arduous.
    First time I've stumbled across this "blog thread", so yes, I'm "old". Almost 50. Anyway I don't know the "rulls of use" so feel free to let me know, if anyone DOES read this old thread. It's 1/2018 now. (Was originall asking in a thread, but now that I've HAD to join, realize I might have better luck somewhere knew on this site/board. I appreciate all help.
    I know this thread is from forever ago but, did u get your parts? But did ANYONE receive replacement parts from HamptonBay OR Home Depot?
    I've got a Silver, 4 bulb, mesh covered lights/ fan unit that is very well suited to the environment. Unfortunately, only 1-2 bulbs light (depending on "it's mood") will work when turned on. I took a chance (that didn't work "size-wise" for my fan) at a Habitat for Humanity sell-off store and it doesn't look like the TWO DIFFERENT units to replace this bulb section are going to fit. I'll keep looking. So, no luck for me. But I'm preparing, sadly, to become an empty nester and am slowly getting rid of all the "what if" & "maybe items". These two fan the light attachments, new in box, would be $5 (what i paid for them) + your shipping. Let me know if these will help anyone out. Hate to thow out BRAND NEW stuff. I will try to upload pictures of each of the non-compliant attachments I have, and if possible a picture of the NEEDED lighting attachment that is on my fan in case someone happens to recognize it and steers me in the correct direction to purchase that attachment . Hope I'm not breaking any rules, just trying to upcycle and looking for help/ a part. (Plus, no delivery fees if i meet you at an arranged time in Smyrna.)

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  • Jo
    john bowen Mar 08, 2008

    I need a fixture globe for a Hampton Bay ceiling mount fixture. Home Depot does not carry the part and I am having no luck anywhere else. It has a number 445994 on the base. It is a milk white globe 5" deep with a hole in the middle for the stem to pass through. Its a matching fixture to a hanging fixture. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Da
    Dale Helton May 08, 2008

    We have a Redington II Pinnacle fan which we purchased 7/19/99. After the fan and lights have been on for a while, the remote will not turn the fixture off. We have to unscrew the light bulbs until they cool off before we are able to get the remote to turn the fixture off.

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  • Be
    Bernice Sommerstein May 22, 2008

    I have a ceiling Hampton Bay Fan and Light Globe, Model No. CC-52, Serial No. 038059. The Globe held two bulbs. The Globe fell on my head, and I need a replacement (on the Globe not the head).
    I went to Home Depot in Salem, MA, and they do not stock.
    How can I get a replacement?
    Tx for ur cooperation and courtesy.

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  • Ro
    robbie charles Sep 18, 2008

    I purchased Hampton Bay's Ancient Stone Tablet pendant, Model Number 07750. The fixture is suspended from the ceiling on a chain, 3 rods descend from the chain's end. They are equally spaced apart and attached to a ring below. The ring holds a bulging seeded glass globe. I love the fixture. But, the globe's imperfections included a crack. I I've tried everywhere and can not find a replacement.

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  • Me
    Meik Rapp Oct 09, 2008

    I don't have a complaint. I need a part for a lighting fixture. I have a Hampton Bay kitchen light and the lens fastener has broken when I was replacing the bulbs. I would like to purchase two of these lens fasteners. Home Depot said they can't help me & wants to sell me a new fixture. The description and model number of the lighting fixture is: Circline Fluoresent Light Fixture Model # 94269/05. I look forward to your response. Thank You Meik

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  • Jo
    Jo Anne Johnson Oct 15, 2008

    We bought two 52" black and brushed nickel ceiling fans that match our decor but one of the domes fell off and hit my daughter in the head. It broke and Home Depot can't help me with a replacement. They were installed in 2005 and Home Depot still sells same model (110 690). Can you help?

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  • Jd
    JD Oct 30, 2008

    I called the number given here and it was answered by a Home Depot representative. They in turn conference called me with the original manufacturer. They were not helpful in my case. I was disappointed to find out that a when Hampton Bay gives a "Lifetime Warranty" it doesn't actually mean it's warrantied for that long. They wanted me to pay for the replacement parts and shipping. Shame on Hampton Bay for poor customer service.

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  • Bo
    Bob Touma Nov 17, 2008

    I purchased a Hampton Bay track light in Las Vegas, installled it in my cabin in Utah, while putting the protective cover over the bulb, it broke in my hand. I called Home Depot Customer service who in turn called Hampton Bay, I was told they do not have individual parts and need to return the fixture, its already been installed and it is now out of state. They are forcing me to either purchase another fixture, remove the one part and return the fixture, or open it in the store and take it.

    ANy thoughts?

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  • Fr
    Frank Winston Jan 27, 2009

    I have five Hampton Bay ceiling fans and some light bulbs have burned out and I can not find the replacement light bulbs in the store or Home Depot. Can you please me in this matter.

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  • Jo
    joe provasoli Feb 15, 2009

    I have a 3- light LED task and accent lighting kit which has stoped working because of transformer model DA -12-12 by TDC power products co. [email protected]

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  • Li
    Lighting novice Mar 02, 2009

    Hampton Bay, is pretty much a shoddy company. They make a lot of products but don't seem to want to hear from their customers. You can't find them on line (in the year 2009) and they don't have an easy to find 1800 number.

    Perhaps the most frustrating part about Hampton Bay is the instructions they include in their products. I speak English as my mother tongue and Spanish as my second language -- beleive me, they can't convey instructions in either language. They seem to lack quality control in this arena. Not only are the instructions unclear they actually leave out impotant words. A recent purchase for a celing fixture had and instruction that literally said, " Make sure to place the objecct for four." Okay "four" what, and can you spell object? that was the second line of thirteen lines that were incomplete sentences are simply in the wrong order.

    Here's the short story: If you want a relatively painless experience in installing your own fixtures, then don't buy Hampton Bay. They simply can't convey the instructions logically. Use another product. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine who is an electrician wont bother installing Hampton Bay products.

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  • Ho
    Hounddog Mar 25, 2009

    The above listed 1-877-527-013 is NOT Hampon Bay but HOME DEPOT.NO HELP on BULBS.I did NOT have the part number to a 2 year old Hampton Bay fan that holds FOUR ROUND BULBS and the Home Depot person said SORRY.

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  • Br
    brian Apr 13, 2009

    I just called this number in the original post to order a replacement globe on my fan that I broke last week while throwing the tennis ball to the dog. She put me on hold to transfer me over to the distributors. Unfortunately, Kingoffans.com, is the distributor and I've already called them. I'm now on a waiting list for back ordered globes. Should be 4 to 6 weeks before I get a replacement. That's what I get for buying a fancy fan. Normal replacements will not work on it.

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  • Sh
    shawn May 28, 2009

    Just got off the phone with a representative that told me it would be 3 - 4 weeks before my Glass would be off backorder. We have two Hampton Bay Southwind V Ceiling Fans and both are ridiculously hard to change the light bulb. One of them cracked and fell on my wife's foot cutting it.

    What's crazy is that they want us to call them back. They wouldn't take our information to let us know the glass fixtures were off backorder and we could order them.

    Shame on Home Depot for dealing with such an uncooperative manufacturer. I should have done my homework before purchasing these fans.

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  • Jd
    jd4x4 Jun 02, 2009

    For what it's worth.. I found this on a web site that specializes in repair parts. They (the site I found) do NOT have parts for Hampton Bay products.

    "Hampton Bay ceiling fans are sold only by Home Depot, it is their own house brand. If you are experiencing problems with a Hampton Bay fan, please contact Home Depot."

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  • Al
    alaskamike Jun 23, 2009

    I have a Hampton Bay Redington IV and the lights quit working, but the fan and remote control still work. I took the light fixture off and it unplugs easily enough with a 9-way quick connect. However, I cannot seem to find the identical replacement part. Home Depot in Wasilla, Ak. doesn't carry it. Does anyone know where I can get this part replaced? It has four lights, but all the fan controls and remote sensor are in the bad light unit.

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  • HomeDepot_Care Jul 02, 2009

    My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. Hampton Bay is one of our brands and I may be able to help you out. I will need some more information, feel free to contact us at 800-466-3337 or send an email to

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA
    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    LOUELLA LEE Sep 09, 2009

    i would like to know the dirrence between 120v fan to a 220v one. how can i make the 110v fan be a 220v without using a transformer. everybody in united states think i'm crazy and it is impossible but i know for a fact that the electrical wires use for 110v and 220v are the same. now as far as the fan is concerned, what makes it 110v and what makes it 220v?

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  • Gt
    gtobill Sep 10, 2009

    I called the 877-527-0313 number after breaking a flush mount light globe. HD transferred me to HB and got a new globe coming in the mail. Cost $25 but its a large globe and definitely cheaper than buying a whole new fixture. Cant complain!!

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  • Sn
    snooks Sep 22, 2009

    Hampton Bay outdoor lights that I can not find on line. I bought two of them and one

    does not work but I do have a warranty on them. In fact it is a two year one.

    Model # 20094

    SKU no. 234855

    UPC No. 082392200947

    Vendedor No. 11688

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  • HomeDepot_Care Sep 29, 2009

    Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about that. I can assist you with getting in touch with the manufacturer. Please send an email to [email protected]

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Check out The Home Depot on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube

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  • Gr
    graphicmark Oct 11, 2009

    I'm looking to purchase a light fixture for our hampton bay fan... not a replacement because when we bought the fan it came without the light fixture... just wondering if anyone knew where we could find that...



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  • Cr
    crazymomof2 Oct 13, 2009

    I just called the 1-800-527-0313, option 2, "already received Hampton Bay item" and spoke to a very nice Home Depot rep named Jeanine. She looked up the item and said the manufacturer of the product is already closed for the day however she will call them and find out about a replacement glass shade for my floor lamp and have an answer no later than Thursday (today is Tuesday). She even went so far as to give me another 1-800 number with her direct extension so I can contact her. So far so good, I'll update my comments if in fact I do get a replacement shade.

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  • Cr
    crazymomof2 Oct 31, 2009

    (additional comments from 17 days ago)...True to her word...Jeanine from Home Depot called me back with the rep from the lighting company also on the phone to get me a replacement shade. So I ordered the shade and received it last Saturday. I also received a $10 gift card for Home Depot for the bad customer service I received at the store.

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  • Tw
    tweetie Feb 20, 2010

    I have a Hampton Bay Antique Pewter 2-Light Island Light. The ring to hold the globe in place gave us problem over the two years that we had it but we always were able to avoid a disaster until this morning. The globe came crashing down (thank the Lord no one was in the kitchen at the time!) and shattered to pieces. I need to purchase a replacement globe. After reading these reviews, I hope I have some success with Hampton Bay. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Ma
    mark otto Feb 23, 2010

    I have a hampton bay light fixture with three globes. I broke one the other day. The fixture is a three light chandelier over our kitchen table, bought within this past year. I called home depot to order a globe. They were a great help! I gave them the model number and it only took 30 seconds to tell me that the fixture is an imported item and no parts are available.

    That is a great example of fast no-help service! Actually it is a great plan- they force you to buy an entire fixture to get the parts. Why buy new when you can fix the old one for the same price!
    They focus entirely on cost- cost up front - not the cost of angry customers later on when they discover A: poor quality, B: no parts available, or C: what they sell today will no longer be carried in the near future if you need another!

    Don't ya just love Home Depot...

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  • Wi
    william earley May 27, 2010

    hi, have a 27-140-935 kitchen light. really like it but, one morning turned on the light, nothing. so bought two new round lights, still nothing. checked wiring, ok, so tried two more new lights, same thing nothing. any ideas. maybe balast, but two at the same time?

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  • Gc
    GCG Nov 06, 2010

    Shame on Home Depot for representing such a shoddy company. House flys live longer than their warranties. (lifetime, Ha!!!) Bought 5 wall lamps; three of the five will not work, has only been five months. Home Depot will not refund my money (been over 90 days) and have no contact information for Hampton Bay. BS, they continue to sell their products and I suspect this company is actually owned by Home Depot.

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  • HomeDepot_Care Nov 06, 2010


    I'm Steph with Home Depot Customer Care. I'm sorry about your wall lamps. I'll be happy to assist. Hampton Bay is a proprietary brand of The Home Depot and I can help. Please email me at [email protected]


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  • Am
    amaharris May 01, 2011

    I purchased 4 of HB ceiling fans in 2006 from Home Depot and 2 of 4 have stopped working. Once we removed them for replacement, we noticed burnt/melted capacitors (CBB61, E183963). This is really concerning to me what if my house would have caught on fire. One fan was on the first floor the other on the second floor of the house. They stopped working approx 2 years ago, but didnt have time to replace them. I have several other brands in my older home that I rent and they still WORK! I have tired Home Depot, but was told I have to call HB. Reading all these message makes me feel like I am not going to get results. I just purchased 2 more ceiling fans Harbor Breeze, but I assuming it is the same company only Lowes?

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  • Ge
    Georgia, Vermilion, OH May 15, 2011

    Has anyone else had this problem? We just moved into a house that has ceiling fans throughout. The one in the living room has a remote. Our problem is that the lights on this fan will come on by themselves, at any time of the day or night! The fan will also start or stop by itself. I sent an email to the above customer service rep, Michael, and I'm waiting for a reply. Let me know if this is common to anyone out there or not, I've heard from several people I've talked to that they have had the same problem.

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  • Hd
    HDTVCAMERA May 18, 2011

    I have 3 hampton Bay Ceiling fans. They were easy to install and have performed without incident for over 7 years. Nothing is perfect in this world. Contact "King of Fans" at 800-330-3267 for parts for the Hampton Bay fans. They manufacturer the fans for Home Depot. I have purchased replacement glass globes for my fans and a matched finish 30" rod extension.

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  • Sl
    SLUGO Jun 09, 2011


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  • Ch
    Charles Cr Sep 05, 2011

    where can you buy replacement parts for hampton bay ceiling fans. I need a blade mounting bracket for model 52-cct. The part number is 850-193 brush nickle

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