Hair Cutteryunjust sexual orientation and firing


on the first day of work, my boss, jammie minor, asked if i ever had a girlfriend, knowing she is checking my sexual orientation. at the time, i let it slide just because i just got a job. this complaint is coming from the address listed above. It seems the manager is biased to her "pet" named doreen. Another is melissa H. The three sided with one another and made up a story about a client being scared of me, which i know wasnt true. The boss was absent that day. I was stuck with the managers "pet" doreen and Melissa, who deceived me to say the smallest thing, just so i got in trouble. melissa is the instigator, yet jammie will always side with her no matter who says what. For example, melissa will say "isnt jammie lazy and a bleep". She tried tactics to get me to say anything. The next day, I got a verbal warning about gossiping, eventhough shes the instigator. They intentionally got me fired as a trio team. I just seems they can get away with murder because of their phony attitudes. Jammie Minor uses the business phone for hours at a time when there is no business just to talk condescending remarks about both people in the business and personal matters as well. the business phone is a cover-up to look like a professional. please give her a talking to

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