H-E-B / HEB Grocery Companyunethical behavior, bad customer service, cross contamination, cashier lala, m

C Jul 25, 2019

To whom it may concern, I always go to this store to do my grocery shopping been going there for about 4 years now and I live about 10 miles away, and I go out of my way because of the great costumer service they have. Today it was awful, Miss LALA, M didn't provide the great costumer experience this store has and also took all my meats out of each bag, I had chicken, pork and beef, she had some attitude while she was taking them out of the bags and place all of them in one bag, I got home and found pork blood all over the chicken and beef, this is unacceptable, especially for someone that works in the food industry as a chef, cross contamination is something to be concerned about and if she did this to me I know she's doing it to every costumer that goes through her line. none of the other cashiers have ever done this, please take care of this issue before people get sick for an employees negligence, maybe she doesn't know the damage she can cause by doing this, or she doesn't know about cross contamination, I will continue my shopping at this store but if this happens again I will stop spending my money there, thank you and please have a great day.

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