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Totally unprofessional. Co-owner John Glenn is usually drunk and does nothing leers at women, flirts and hits on every girl at the stable. Very high pressure sales tactics, John and the other co-owner Ralea Casperson try to shame you into joining. Sales tactics are so high pressure here, it makes buying a car from a used car salesman enjoyable. I left there feeling "violated". If you need to board your horse or take riding lessons go anywhere but here.


  • La
    LaDel Sward Dec 22, 2014

    So are still burning bridges... she still owes me money and I gave her horses to train and she sold them, then moved... more than once here in MN and Wisc...were does she live and work now? I will try to keep following till I get my money... Let me know Ralea when you will be paying up? I am the person that bred and raised Knight ...she bought him from me and it took 4 years to get the paper work right then, it took a few dollars on my part to get him reg for her ...I like to help the underdog...but YEP I got bit... Get ahold of me Ralea so we can settle up...I would like to be able to close my books with you... but till I am paid ...I might have to start spreading the word... of good or bad...wonder what it will far far I have kept it private... I guess i can get a hold of your parents again...let them know that I have not been paid YET and you would not even have been able to own that Stallion if it was not for me trustung you... Lets get this done and get closer...LaDel Sward

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  • Ho
    hot mess May 19, 2014

    if you are one of the many persons who worked for Gulfshore, and never received payment, or had the misfortune to become involved financially, we are forming a support group .- dont worry, there will be no dues as none of us have any money left. meeting times and locations to be announced. come and lick your wounds with the rest of us.

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  • I can't wait to meet Ralea, she seem like the perfect person to take my x-husband for the ride he deserves. Maybe Relea can charm the pants off my husband and pick his pockets at the same time. Maybe she has nice "seasoned horse" for sale. He's ripe for, the picking and for the location, perfect. Thanks everyone for posting. Why are all the positive comments written in the third person. Lol

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  • Ya
    Yaoweme Wiser May 18, 2014

    Beware, Ralea has gotten where she is today on someone else's dime. She's very convincing with all the stories she'll share with you.
    She plays the blame game, never taking any responsibility for the problems that come her way. That poor child, her morel compass is broken. One can only hope that someday she will find her way.

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  • Do
    donnatella m May 18, 2014

    google narcissitic personality disorder and it will explain everything. the trail of disaster both financial and emotional will make sense. if you get involved with this "trainer" buckle up, you are about to be taken for a ride.

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  • Ei
    eileen s May 16, 2014

    i would like to retract my glowing recommendation from march 27, 2013, this turned out to be one of the worst, costly mistakes i have made.
    if you are moving your horse to any facility you need to do your research and speak to others that have had been at that facility.
    we all want to believe peoples motive's are sincere, but sometimes we have to learn the hard way. but if you accept that during your life you will meet many people that will disapoint you and whose motives are purely self centered, you will have learned a sad but true fact of life and be able to move on and LET IT GO!!!

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  • Dy
    Dynamic Mobile Mechanic Service Nov 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have personally worked with Ralea for almost 4 years and have been impressed with her technique and ability to perform. I have 4 children and they can take lessons with Ralea anytime they want to. I trust her. The facility has made a big turn-around since the days when Jon was around. I never met him and from the sounds of it he probably wouldn't want to meet me after hearing about all of the debt and BS he put this wonderful and talented woman through. His own family doesn't even like him. But, we stand by Ralea 110%. I would not have invested my time, money and resources into her or this facility if I didn't think she deserved it. As a proud business owner and a current horse owner (Obviously Cool Arlis "Gus") I want you all to experience the new changes that have been occurring at GSEC. We were down but not out. We will continue to fight back and make things better. After all, isn't that the goal here? The mistakes have been corrected and we are moving in a better direction with clear goals in mind.

    Chad Burgess
    Dynamic Mobile Mechanic Service
    SWFL's #1 Mobile Mechanic Service

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  • Sh
    shakira m Nov 24, 2013

    Gulf Shore Equestrian Center is a place where the people are dedicated to making your horse happy and a better horse all around. At GSEC we make sure to give your animal the quality care it deserves. All of you people who have not been to GSEC please come by and take a peek at how much we have done to make it a better place and the goals we have accomplished since then, before you make completely idiotic remarks.
    - Shakira

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  • Ra
    Ralea Casperson Nov 14, 2013

    LIES! LIES! LIES! I am sincerely disappointed in these "accusations". If anyone at this beautiful facility resembles a parolee you, my friend have never stepped outside your home. And, the "complaint" about the property flooding during summer...Welcome to Florida! But, all runs and stalls are 100% dry and safe. Not a single equine at this facility was affected negatively from these "flooding". You should be ashamed of yourselves, I, as a 20 year old, guarantee all the above said offenses are from ADULTS who either have personal vendettas or have poor judgement. John, the EX co-owner is no longer involved with GSEC! All accusations against him are obsolete. Ralea, is a very professional and ambitious trainer. With nothing but pure love for her trainees and their horses. I strongly suggest everyone to come and experience Gulf Shore for themselves. Do not be easily dissuaded. This is a small business that is aiming for high places. Olympic high! Whether you are searching for a pleasant and DRAMA-FREE barn, or a excellent and correct trainer Gulf Shore and Ralea is the place/individual for you! Thank you and have an amazing day! - Loni

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  • Ra
    Ralea Casperson Nov 14, 2013

    I would like this person above to present there scores! You just admitted you are not a trainer and don't show. So where do get off thinking your opinion has clought, do not judge when you have no perception. Your just speaking nonesense. So get a life and let people live there own. Also you stated you HAVE been here. What 5 years ago? You have never seen my facility it is beautiful, dry, clean and I have very happy horse and clients!
    Getting 69 and 70% with a Friesian mare in Wellington against quality warmbloods and good competition is nothing to sneer at. If you would have half a brain and realize either the breeds of these horses are doing excepctional against the competition they are facing you would realize a good trainer can even take a basic breeds that are not just expensive warmbloods and develop better gaits and make them quality dressage horses. Some of these horses have come to me for training that had bad habits created by previous trainers and may have not shown or were very scared, and could not even make it down centerline. The fact that they finished a test successfully and positive is proof of a good trainer. Diva is a 15.1 APHA paint mare doing PSG, she is holding her own well at these shows and is quite an amazing gal. You can see her on you tube and my website
    My stallion Knight if you look at the dates above, I just turned 18 yrs old and just really started focusing in Dressage. Knight is a Friesian Percheron that I started myself at 18 and is now training PSG. Zhivago was a horse that came to me for training that A trainer had before me that had a terrible rearing habit at 7 yrs old and scared the trainer. He was never shown and would rear on centerline and bolt. I successfully trained this horse and helped him develop confidence and happiness with a rider and to finish a test with no spooks or issues is a testimonial to my abilities and the relationship I developed with this horse. Also if you were not at the show check the levels of where the judges were placing people. It doesn't mean I had low scores the judge just might be a low scorer. This is when you know people don't do this for the love of the sport and horses but for the drama and gossip of it. Which I take no part of. Just so everyone knows. Come and see the place before you judge and see my happy horses, clients and workers!
    As far as the remarks towards John in the beginning we are no longer together but the remarks are still totally false and people really need to just see and make judgement's for themselves. I would be happy to talk with any of these people face to face. But seeing how they are to chicken to put there name out there means they have no grounds to stand on.
    Thank you Ralea Casperson

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  • Gr
    Grand Prix Queen Oct 29, 2013

    I have been to the barn and it is old and it floods in summer. ( look at the ditch and [censored] system -my horse would not sit in that)
    Other then I 75 and the high Power - these are all facts.
    As to Ralea being a valuable trainer - look guys there are people that can train and have no clue how to ride and there are people that can ride and not train... and there are people that can not do either... ( and I am not a trainer, so not competition)
    Everyone is a trainer ( as there are no requirements to carry this title) ... no matter how much experience they have or not have... everyone is an expert... try this web page ... www, and type the trainers name - and be surprised...
    so here we have a trainer with 6 shows of experience - on 4 different horses...real horse people know that is nothing. Also the score and level that she shows are not even amature level and no where close to trainer. Pretty sad scores for 5 classes at 3 rd and 4th level...
    How good can someone be ??
    7/21/2013 2013 Zaltana 1st 3 63.226 Wellington Classic Dressage in the Tropics II
    7/21/2013 2013 Diva 3rd 3 60.385 Wellington Classic Dressage in the Tropics II
    7/20/2013 2013 Diva 3rd 3 59.615 Wellington Classic Dressage in the Tropics I
    4/11/2013 2013 Zaltana 1st 3 69.677 Wellington Nations Cup
    4/11/2013 2013 Zaltana 1st 3 68.871 Wellington Nations Cup
    2/3/2013 2013 Zaltana Training 3 72.6 American Dressage Concours II
    2/2/2013 2013 Zaltana Training 3 67 American Dressage Concours I
    11/10/2012 2013 Zaltana Training 1 68.125 Gold Coast Fall Dressage
    11/10/2012 2013 Zhivago SRS 4th 2 60.676 Gold Coast Fall Dressage
    11/10/2012 2013 Zhivago SRS 4th 2 56.216 Gold Coast Fall Dressage
    11/10/2012 2013 Zaltana Training 3 69 Gold Coast Fall Dressage
    11/10/2012 2013 Zaltana Training 3 66.8 Gold Coast Fall Dressage
    6/24/2005 2005 Knight Mystique Training 2 60.385 Dressage Lite
    6/24/2005 2005 Knight Mystique Training 4 63.077 Dressage Lite
    6/10/2005 2005 Knight Mystique Training 4 63.077 St Croix Classic
    6/10/2005 2005 Knight Mystique Training 2 66.923 St Croix Classic

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  • El
    Elizabeth Dusette Jun 14, 2013

    I went to the facility to check it out. I have never been to it before. I will never go back. All I can say is go check it out for yourself. I felt like I was at a prison rodeo. Everyone at the place looked like they were on parole and if they weren't, they probably should be. It was the most frightening group of people I have ever been around. I feel fortunate I got out with my pocketbook and my car. I'll never go back.

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  • Mi
    Misty Levites May 30, 2013

    Terrible facility. There is no way in hell I would let my child participate in anything at this stable. The "co-owner" John Glenn is a total drunk. The whole crew needs to enroll in AA. Avoid this place at all cost.

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  • Rj
    R JIMENEZ Mar 29, 2013

    I just found this website via Google search. I guess you can tell a lot about a person based on a check with the local County Clerk of Courts. Seems like John Glenn the co-owner of the stable is being sued for failure to pay some of his debts. Check the Collier County Clerk of Courts website and look up case number 1300246CC. GMAC is after him for $24, 800, plus court costs, attorneys fees and interest. The case was filed on January 29th 2013.

    What a guy!!! Does this sound like the kind of person with whom you would like to associate? He is also a deadbeat dad, who owes thousands and thousands of dollars to his child in Connecticut which he won't even acknowledge. Yeah, this guy is a real gem of a human being. Why don't you pay your ex-wife and child their child support John? You seem to have plenty of money for beer and cigarettes.

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  • Ei
    eileen socey Mar 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i do not understand where these vicious, totally unfounded attacks are coming from. i have owned and boarded my horses for 27 years and feel i have found the most amazing facility ever. i have a 20 yr old andalusion mare that i have personally invested over$ 200, 000 over a 16yr period..She is also an approved Oldenberg mare, has shown three times at Devon, shown at the Andalusion regionals 4th level. my husband is an attorney in NJ, we are not redneck white trash. Would anyone in their right mind believe that i would entrust my most precious posession to anyone less that totally professional? these mean spirited people with an imaginary axe to grind need to look in the mirror and realize the toxic energy they put out there will come right back to them. SHAME ON for john and ralea you will never find more trustworthy, hardworking people. these comments would be considered slander if the cowards who wrote these things would sign their names. but of course they won't . Ralea is one of the most gifted riders/trainers i have encountered, and i have trained in nj with some of the biggest names out there, including two pan am medalists. of all the trainers i have known who have expressed their goal to compete in the olympics, ralea is the first who i believe has the ability to actually get there. as for john, well, just let anyone make those comments to any of the females at gulfshore. we will laugh in your face, because he is a gem! i guess the final analysis is the happiness of the horses, which is clearly evident to anyone interested in stopping by to really see what we have. my mare, after a nine year absence from the show arena was just sucessfully shown third level test three by ralea at the last swfda show march 16th. this was a huge accomplishment for my horse and i owe it all to ralea. so to the haters out there, and we do know who they are, i say RI!DICULOUS! go find someone else to torment and let us enjoy our happy, friendly, non backstabbing bit of paradise in piece.get a life.

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  • Am
    Amber Hoffmans Mar 18, 2013

    I just stumbled into these posts and had to laugh. The posters hit the nail on the head. I have also been at the Gulf Shore Equestrian Center looking to board my gelding. What I read above, is EXACTLY what I saw first hand, this is exactly why I didn't board my horse here.

    If I had a child, this is no place I would bring him/her. If you want to bring your kid here, then go ahead. I don't know what Ralea is all about (I didn't feel comfortable enough to stay to find out), but I can say that her employees look like a bunch of parolee's and the "Equestrian Center" looks as if it is in a no man's land of tangled high voltage FP&L power lines.

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  • La
    L. A. Meier, CMCA Mar 14, 2013

    It is true that negativity breeds witnessed in reading several of the comments posted above. An intelligent person will understand that there are at least two sides to a story or situation. I board my lovely young Percheron gelding at this facility. He, along with all of the horses at this facility, is given extreemly good care. Have you seen these horses? Have you looked at them to forecast what kind of care your own horse will receive if boarded here? Have you watched a lesson? Have you seen a performance of the majestic stallion? HIs training is amazing and I know I will be fortunate to have my young horse trained at this facility. Have you been to a show to see the results of Ralea's training? Have you stood at the show office when the scores for tests are given out? These are things that should be considered when looking for a facility, training and instruction. The barn is safe, the facility has all of the rules in place to keep everyone there as safe as possible. Do you ahve a fair understanding of what it takes to operate a facility such as this? GSEC is a young business with a great future. There is no need to visciously attack these hard working dedicated owners. They, along with the boarders and the women taking lessons are good people dedicated to their business and to their clients and excited about the future growth of their company. If you are investigating the possible locations to board or receive instruction, GSEC should definately not be ruled out because of some negative comments from a handful of people who didn't look at the important factors of what this business offers. I encourage you to visit this property and make your decisions based on what you see and not what you read inthe posts listed above.

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  • Th
    Thomas Doyle Mar 05, 2013

    Avoid these people. I hate to stereotype, but they are all a bunch of redneck white trash.

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  • Te
    Terri of Bonita Mar 03, 2013

    Great place to go if you want your child to receive riding lessons from a drunk. AVOID - GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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  • Ju
    Julie Thomasson Feb 18, 2013

    Avoid this place at all cost. Very high pressure sales tactics and the hired help is quite scary.

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  • Th
    The Pale Rider Feb 01, 2013

    Stay away from this place and these people. Totally unprofessional. There are much better places to go to ride. The stable is basically right on the berm of I-75 and is directly under major FP&L power lines.

    Ralea seems nice, but the help she has working there is questionable at best, they all look like they are out on parole from prison.

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  • Lw
    L. Williams Feb 01, 2013

    Well, I don't know about the other complaints, but I can tell you this. I took my daughter to the stables for riding lessons and we quickly left. John Glenn, the stable boy is a drunk, he smelled of beer and was slurring his words. Glenn also had a gun on his person!!! The stable is literally 20 feet from I-75 which has trucks hauling dangerous chemicals and cargo flying by at 80 MPH and if that is not bad enough it is located directly below about 10 million volts of power lines. I felt like we were glowing when we left the stables!!! Hopefully we don't get cancer. The stables were dirty and the owners house is an old office trailer. The whole place is HILLBILLY at its finest. The stables should be on an episode of Candid Camera. I guess if you don't mind putting yourself and your children in danger, this is the place to take your kids!!!

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  • Ir
    Irwinproject Jan 20, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't care about the previous allegations on here but my previous experience with these people has been less then pleasant raleahs father came to me for computer work he referred me to them and I did computer work for them as well. They came to me asking web design work raleah(whom I understood was the owner ) and her boyfriend John both talked to me. John wanted google optimization and raleah kept talking website design since raleah is the head trainer and owner I did what she told me. I did not realize the yard hand John was really in charge. I built a production grade site for them and had it quoted by an affiliate company for over 1000 dollars. While I was on my way to their farm to launch the website(by raleahs request) I got a call from John telling me that they wouldn't need my services. They gave me with a cheap sixty dollars which he complained and tried to get back. After which they asked me for more help but flagged on me each time. Like I said as horse trainers I don't know how professional they are but if you are Another business in the area and you are dealing with the. Be sure to get money up front. Btw afterwards I showed a few companies the work i did each said at minimum thy should of paid me at least 600(not including website design) I only asked for 400 which was apparently to much for them.

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  • Bl
    Black Tye Affair Oct 23, 2012

    Not really sure where this complaint came from. I have been around the horse industry all of my life ( 40+ years). I have been looking for a place to introduce my children to the world of horses without the high drama, backstabbing and pressure that usually accompanies the sport. I feel 100% confident we have found the place. Ralea is a true professional and is able to teach both horse and rider in a manner that they both understand and enjoy. As far as the personal attack on John, I am at this barn every day and what I personally observe is someone that is hard working and dedicated to growing a small business in an industry that has historically been run by back stabbing elitist. It is very obvious the person writing this complaint has a personal issue to air but not the intestinal fortitude to do it personally. It should be obvious to anyone who reads the post.

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  • Ra
    Ralea Casperson Oct 23, 2012

    I am the owner of this business and I will state on my life and the bible that this is someones attempt to hurt us and our business for a personal vendetta whatever that may. Very sad really and extremely unprofessional. We have wonderful people and I mean good honest loving hard working family oriented clients. These clients have all felt very comfortable in trusting both John and I with their children, and themselves. John is one of the most respectful and honest people I have ever met. I have NEVER NEVER had anyone say anything of the sort. This personstating these lies I guarantee has never been on my property. In one year we have had only ONE client leave our facility. We are still friends with them and they did not leave for any reason other than life's circumstances If this person really felt uncomfortable here why would they never say anything to me or the police, seriously. As far as this drinking allegation, please. Why would he risk his future and business by being so stupid in front of clients and children. We have plenty of witness for his quality character. That's saying to my clients they don't know whats best for their children. They obviously trust us enough to let them come here after school on there bikes or be dropped off by themselves. Who ever you are, I think you are getting your self in a fire you don't want to be in. You really don't want to piss off some moms! I hate to sit here and write this but I will not let someone destroy us for nothing. He is extremely supportive of my goals and has a great relationship with all our clients and they ALL respect him and are amazed with his work ethic. I find this quite funny that someone has to go so low to make an extreme completely false accusation. If this person is found out they will be brought to court for slander. We don't appreciate lies, when we are trustworthy and hard working people. If you would like to know the truth please find out for yourself, I guarantee you will be happy with us and how we take care of your horses! Here is a picture of one of my clients who has been with us for over a year! She is very happy here and loves the peace and tranquility we offer. Please see our website and you will see how we run our riding school, for the better of both horse and rider! That's the truth!

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