Gulf Oilgas station

Bought a pack of cigarettes at this Gulf Gas Station and guy behind the counter was from Nigeria. Cigarettes were a little over $10 and he was quite sneaky and handed me $8 and change by folding up the bills before giving them to me. He ripped me off by one Dollar. He also told me the Lottery was closed and someone was in the bathroom for a long time. I asked if I could knock on door and he reluctantly said yes. A guy with the same Nigerian accent answered and who knows what he was doing in there.

Gulf needs to fire that Nigerian guy who works their counter and has access to money, as he is most likely ripping off customers one by one to increase his pay.

Also, ICE should be notified to make sure this employee as all employees are legally authorized to work in the USA.

Gulf gas station at 344 Turnpike, Southborough, MA have hired a thief, scammer and liar to represent their company.

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