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Great ExpectationsFraudulent Company Stealing Money from Innocent Singles!


In September 2017, I attended an informational session at Great Expectations, a local dating service, to learn about their organization. After 3 hours of a sales lady speaking to me about how wonderful this program is and a very strong sales pitch, I told them there was no way I could afford their $7000 fee. The sales woman left to �talk to her manager� and came back to tell me she could lower my rate to $3490. I told them that I still could not afford the $3490 since I was a graduate student with no income other than student loans. When I left I had not given them any authorization to charge my credit card and had not signed the contract. When I went on-line to check my credit card account to the card that I used for ID purposes only, I found that they had already charged me $3490. When I called and told them I had decided that I was not joining, they said that there was no refund. When confronted about the unsigned contract, they told me that it didn�t matter, there were no refunds. I don�t know how I can be charged 3490$ to my credit card without signing a contract. I haven�t used any of their services and have fought with my credit card company and am getting nowhere.

I am interested in trying to start a class action lawsuit against the Fort Mill/Charlotte locations. If you�d be interested in joining, please email GEcomplaints AT (GEcomplaints at gmail dot com) and include your story, what extents you�ve gone to get resolve your dispute and contact information. Thanks so much!


  • Ch
    Chris88008 Mar 03, 2010

    Contact your state attorney general and file a suit. You'd be surprised to find how many class-action suits are filed against G/E. If anything, you can probably sue for misrepresentation (i.e.; fraud) and might be entitled to some money back, but G/E uses a "Well, $xxx is a one-time membership fee" or some such defense. Don't be intimitated by these some research, contact the AG and advise from an attorney.

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  • Ja
    jagalskardig Mar 02, 2010

    Great Expectations is horrible! They promise there are educated, available men...
    I had one date in 4 years... got on the site and fewer than 4% met any of my criteria they said was NO DOUBT gonna work...

    Tried to sue... but at least got some of my money back... BOOOO

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  • Ch
    chewingfreedentgumisfun Feb 09, 2010

    I used to work for Great Expectations. Don't waste your time, effort or money. They keep pictures of employees and others who have canceled their service on the website and they only keep the good looking ones. Most of the people who sign up have no teeth and don't make a decent living.

    Great Expectations will make you feel quilty for not wanting to sign up. They run you're credit to see how much money they can get from you BEFORE you even meet a "relationship specialist" Oh please the front desk people do sales at times. They only have a packages, but the final price is determined on your credit score and how much money is available on your credit cards. Don't buy into the we can help you get a credit card to transfer your money, because all we do is sign you up for another credit card. It's not worth the time, money and effort to join them. take your chances and sign up for Plenty of Fish, or Yahoo Personals. You'll find the same people on these sites as Great Expectations and it will save you a pretty penny. Once you sign the dotted line, regardless if you signed it 20 seconds ago, it's a legal binding contract and you can't get out of it. Even if you do get a good deal, the photography package alone will send you to the poor house.

    All they care about is your money and nothing else. Many of the staff has left due to their un-ethical practices.

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  • Va
    Vaine Dec 28, 2009

    Hello I filled out an online app. for great expectations thinking I might wanna try it. I knew theyd be calling, and they did while I was at work. The girl asked me if I wanted to talk..I told her I don't think I wanted to continue with it due to new work issues that just had happend to me that morning, I work 3rd /1st shift.She made a few smart remarks then dove right into my personal life - She said to me " did this happend in your sleep?" "because your daughter told me you were sleeping" I asked her why she was talking to my daughter and she said because she answered the phone..remind you she was a smart ### the whole time. I told her I was at work and didnt feel she should had been talking to my daughter..she then said.." well maybe you should not leaver her home alone" My daughter was taught to say I am asleep when Im not home, and she will say it when there is someone else there as well. I could not believe the nerev of this girl. The customer service is horrid at Great Ex...and Id never recomend them! They will insult you and they have 0 social skills..guess that happens when you make $7.00 to pimp out people on line, lol. sorry if this didnt make a whole lot of sense..its hard to explain a phone convo. And I am kinda venting as well...GREAT way..use someone else!

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  • Ti
    TimD55 Oct 20, 2009

    Though I have many complaints about the unethical and deceptive business practices by the Great Expectations St. Louis office, located in Maryland Heights, my primary complaint is that they misled me about their membership numbers. Before I joined their service I asked Rhonda, their director, how many female members they had in my age range of interest (which I specified was about 24-34) in the St. Louis area. I was told I could expect around 125 such members with 3-4 being added each week. After they charged me $5, 295 for my membership I discovered how grossly they had misled me: they currently have 22 active women in the entire 18-35 age range for St. Louis and its surrounding areas, and they sign up less than one new female member in this age range each month! Needless to say I have reported them to both the Better Business Bureau and the Missouri State Attorney General's office. Interestingly, I have also spoken with about ten current and recent members through their office. Every single person I have spoken with is dissatisfied with Great Expectations, and interestingly their complaints are all similar to mine, especially about being misled about how many members Great Expectations actually has. Here are some facts about the Great Expectations St. Louis office and my experience with them:

    -They currently have only 22 active females in the entire 18-35 age range.

    -In recent months they have signed up less than one female per month in this age range.

    -They list members as "new in the last 60 days" when they are clearly not new within that time period (they are listed this way for well over 60 days)

    -When I called their office to ask about the discrepancy in their membership numbers, their director took nearly two weeks (after multiple calls from me to their office) to return my phone call.

    -They currently have a D+ rating and non-accredited status with the BBB as well as multiple unresolved complaints.

    -They have numerous complaints on file with the Attorney General's office.

    -They took nearly two months to respond to the BBB and the Attorney General's office after being contacted regarding my complaint.

    -A former employee has publicly described several very deceptive and unethical practices of the Great Expectations office:

    -There are many complaints about Great Expectations on online consumer web sites.

    -They falsely accused me of scheduling and not showing up for a video/photo appointment when I have phone records proving I never spoke with their office during this period.

    -They told me (and their contract also states) that all of their members must have a video and photo taken before being allowed access to their database, but several of their current female members' profiles do not have both of these.

    -Their office charged me $160 to put onto a CD-ROM the photos they took of me when I activated my membership. They then never sent me the CD, forcing me to dispute the charge with my credit card company to receive a refund.

    -They violated their own contract, which states that disputes will be resolved via mandatory arbitration with the Better Business Bureau, when they chose not to respond to the arbitration agreement that the BBB sent them regarding my complaint.

    -Lawsuits have been filed recently against Great Expectations by the attorney general's offices of Kansas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New York City, all alleging misrepresentation of services offered.

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  • Up
    Upset User Jul 08, 2009

    My dispute with Great Expectations of Fort Mill, SC has been resolved and that GE and I have reached a mutually agreeable settlement that does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing on GE's part.

    Posted by "Upset User"

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  • Vb
    vbrooks317 Jul 03, 2009

    i too was taken in by great expectations. same high pressure, hard line sales approach. after 3 months of nothing, i filed a bbb complaint and tired to get some of my money back. of course it is all my fault. i wasn't proactive enough--i guess checking every night and sending invites isn't proactive. i finally got them to agree to end my subscription after refusing a free year. wow, i want that. also, there weren't any of the promised events. now that i don't want them, i get event notices every week. now they are sending me to collections for not authorizing credit card payments for their internet service which i no longer want. i received a harrassing call and i informed them if they contact me again, i will seek legal action. you can't even use the service in the 3 days cancellation window, so how do you know if you want to continue? stay away from thes money hungry scam artists!

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  • Ha
    Harvey VeeNeck May 10, 2009

    I agree, but I got suckered in by the same tactics you endured. I can kiss my $4000 away.

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  • Ha
    Harvey VeeNeck May 10, 2009

    I agree with you. I'm trying to get back $4000.00.

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  • Jo
    Joan L. Young Feb 07, 2009

    I am a handicapped senior widow who was promised personal services regarding meeting similar individuals of the opposite sex. I feel I was coerced and shamed into signing up and have been too "freaked out" to handle this. I need help to recover my 3900. I never heard from them until last month when emails came in triplicate saying the name of the agency had been changed. I need help! Sincerely, Joan

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  • Ro
    Rocky river man Dec 17, 2008

    About 7 years ago I made an appointment to find out about Great expectations dating service. I just wanted to get the basic information about pricing and services. Instead, I was led into a conference room by an attractive young lady and after watching a video on how they work, I was asked a lot of questions concerning dating, relationships, etc... The LAST thing they did was to tell me how much it cost (the attractive young lady had the membership prices folded up on the paper and out of site). Had I known it was around $4000.00 for 3 years (this was in 2017 I believe), I wouldn't have even made an appointment in the first place! Then she tries to lay some guilt trip on me by trying to twist my answers around from the questions she asked me. I might have been lonely, but I wasn't about to be suckered in by hard sales tactics. She got her boss to try his hard sales pitch on me when hers didn't work. I felt like I was being interrogated by the cops! This guy wasn't going to give up and tried everything to get me to sign up. Still, I decided to play the game "How low can you go" to see how low I can get the membership price to drop to. Still not enough. I walked out without signing up. Very aggresive sales tactics. They try and make you feel like a piece of garbage whose only chance of getting a date is through them. That was the purpose of asking all those relationship questions, to soften you up for the sales pitch. Unless you have a lot of money to burn, STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Su
    susan lynn Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I cant beleive you would spend thousands of dollars for a dating service and then because noone picks you scream the dating service is no good... You dont get a guarantee in relationships with any dating service. You are not going to find Mr. Right over night. I think you need to be patient. And dont leave bad feed back on a company just because no one wants to date you...

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  • Jo
    Joyce Werner May 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My horrible fate all began back in July when I received an ad for GE in the mail. I thought I would give this opportunity a shot and filled out the form with my credentials and what type of person I am looking for, and sent it off in the mail. GE had notified me shortly and we discussed over the phone about setting up an appointment for me to come in and speak to one of their consultants. The appointment was scheduled for a few days later.

    When I went to GE I was introduced to a consultant who goes by the name of Jennifer. She took me in a room where she showed me a video and asked me some personal questions related to men and dating. After the video, she mentioned that they had various types of programs and showed me a chart. She emphasized that they make their service affordable for everyone. On the chart, it showed under each individual program that the cost would be $28.00 a month and that this amount would be charged to my credit card account on a monthly basis. Jennifer explained that the total amount would come to $3195.00, to which I assumed was the accumulative amount from each monthly payment. I had then explained to Jennifer that I did not want to be putting too much on my credit card, so $28.00 seemed liked a reasonable amount, to which she did not reply. So, then she pulled out a contract hastily and shoved it my face and told me to initial the appropriate boxes that she had pointed out to me. She did not bother to have me read it because she said that it explained everything that she had went over already. At this point I was excited and skimmed it and initialed it. Then she had me sign next to where she had written my credit card number and the total fee. Jennifer then took the contract back, leaving me a copy, and sent me on my way.
    My first shock came a week later when I was to go back and have a video interview and have my pictures taken with their photographer. After the photographer had wrapped things up with me, he pulled me aside and explained my payment options. I had looked at him in utter disbelief and confusion. Here I was being told I had to pay $399.95 for pictures when it was never mentioned to me in the first place. I explained to the photographer that Jennifer never mentioned about having to pay for pictures, nor was it in the contract. I had assumed that this was part of the membership plan. The photographer then told me that I wasn't the first one Jennifer misled like that. Had I known that I had to pay any extra for pictures, I would not have signed anything. Still being upset, but being in an almost desperate state of mind to find a possible mate to fill the void that has been left for me, I decided not to make a fuss and went ahead and paid for the pictures.
    My next shock came a few weeks later when I received my credit card statement. Much to my horror, I glanced at my statement and saw that a full amount of $3195.00 was charged to my account! This is when I started to feel like I had been scammed. First it was with the pictures, now this!
    No where on the contract did it say that this amount would be drafted from my account in one lump sum. I was led to believe that I would be charged $28.00 a month until I reached the accumulative amount of $3195.00. Jennifer knew that this is what I believed and did not try to intervene with saying anything to the contrary.
    I called GE and asked to speak to Jennifer and explained how I was completely misled and felt scammed. I talked to her about this issue as well as how she failed to tell me about paying for pictures. However, she acted like she could not even be bothered. She explained that the $28.00 was only monthly dues on top of the lump sum. She further explained that I had signed a contract and I could not cancel under any circumstances and it stated that in the contract. However, she never let me read that part, and she never mentioned it in our discussion. She said that I knew that this full amount would be charged to my account, when I had never thought in a million years that it would.
    People do not just go slapping outrageous amounts like that on their credit cards, especially a struggling widow such as myself. Jennifer knew my circumstances and still took advantage of me. How could one be so heartless and deceiving? Well, I have the answer, when a sneaky business such as GE cares only about profits and shady marketing ploys. Needless to say, I have not had a date since I joined two and a half years ago.

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  • Ds
    D Simon Oct 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a member of the singles group at my church, so when I got an events email and there was a great expectations questionnaire attached I thought it might be legitimate. I filled out the questionnaire and got a call from someone mentioning the name of my church along with Great Expectations. I agreed to go in for an “interview” to see if they wanted me as a member. After Michael asked me some basic questions and let me watch an advertisement. He told me it would be cheesy and it was. After the video Carol came in and dug deeper into the questions. When was the last time you had a serious relationship? What are you looking for in a man? On a scale of 1 to 10 how serious are you about getting married. Great questions, but she used them to “twist my arm” later. Didn’t you tell me it’s been years since your last serious relationship? “Obviously what you’re doing isn’t working”, she said. She told me as a single never married woman without children I’d be perfect and they wanted me to join. She told me it would be $5,000 and I said NO WAY!! She left the room, “to speak to her supervisor”, and came back asking if I was a student. I said I’d recently graduated, but was paying student loans. Oh great, I’ll be right back. Yes, you qualify for our student rate $2,000 for our elite program. You are guaranteed membership until you get married. I admit I really wanted to be in a meaningful relationship and despite what my gut was telling me signed up. I thought it would be a glorified or eharmony, both of which I’ve tried. A week later I was approved and able to search. I was stunned. You can only search by age or weight. What a crock! I called to complain and Michael tried to tell me how great they were. I asked where the black men were. I told him there were very few in my age range and the TWO that I was interested weren’t interested in me. I mentioned that I had searched weekly for the last few weeks and come up with the same guys – none of whom I’m interested in dating. I also said no one had contacted me and that I wasn’t willing to list my weight since it’s not part of my normal description of myself. Michael said “yeah, then you’re probably not coming up in the searches if you haven’t listed your weight”. CRAP! I listed other complaints and asked for a refund, since the service was useless. Michael said that this wouldn’t work overnight and reminded me that I had signed a non-refundable contract. This company has no integrity. They are preying on people’s desire to have someone special in their lives. They are lying about what they have to offer and once they have got you and your money, no one will return your emails or calls. DON’T GET SCAMMED.

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