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Google Money Master KitScam


This is not real? I get all the emails and such and that happens to be a scam?
I also ordered the kit, and i saw this so i called them and they got the phone.
I realized that when you ordered it, there is no section where you type in your
Address. . Right? I'm not so sure, (Got a short memory. . .) anyways, so i called them
Asking about that the web didn't have the seciton to type my address, but it says that
The kit will be mailed to be 2 - 5 business day. . They got the phone, and said that
There was no account information about me ordering it, and they put on me to hold,
This lady got the phone. . . Asking me the same question and she said she found it. . .
Then i told her that the website didn't asked me for an address and it says it will send me the kit,
I already paid 2. 87 and i want that cancelled. . So she said that she was able to cancel it and
The confirmation will be emailed. . But i haven't still got anyting yet. Is this scam???
Im so terrified. . ###


  • Do
    donnadonna Oct 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Isn't there a moneyback guarantee or something? Perhaps you can ask for a refund.

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  • St
    StopScammer Jan 29, 2010

    Call [protected] to report your complaints about the scam.

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  • El
    elder Jan 14, 2010

    what is the number i call to cancel???

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  • Aa
    AAP Jan 04, 2010

    Checking my account I found that my bank account was charged $59.84. I called the i-[protected] number my bank gave me and it's not working. Online search for the compamy I found a number I called. I explained my case and he (jose) said that it was a charge for some money making website. He said I had signed up for a three day trial offer. When I didn't cancel after three days they charged my account for $59.84. However, I never signed up for a trial offer I signed up for a small fee to cover shipping cost for a google link-posting kit on how to make extra cash posting links from home. Apparently I was under the impression that it would only cost me about $1.95 (using debit card) to pay for a service, then be mailed some info about there service or money mastery plan. I was scammed completely. They charged $59.84 twice and $29.71 once. I honestly thought I'd be paying $1.95 for some literature that would just be mailed to me and thats it! I don't recall receiving an e-mail from them, hence my "product" was never delivered, it probably ended up in the SPAM filter. I have been victimized by these people like so many others have. This can be a financial burden on some of us and for a company to do this is down right wrong. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! HIDDEN FEES IN SMALL PRINT THIS IS WRONG ! ( So they state that it was in the terms and agreement we should have read)

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  • Th
    the rouche Jan 04, 2010

    scam or not, It's very simple. i am not familiar with this sytem. I bought from another guy his books and videos, and I am starting my company online. I know exactely what to do to make money with Google, yahoo, ebay, etc. I found one which is not a scam (very hard to find). any ways, no one should put his card # b4 reading the terms and conditions of these websites, specially if the site dsnt look serious. also, try to contact the customer service b4 you actually hit submmit, on your order, so you are sure that you can cancel or ask questions after. people and companies have the right to scam you in this country bc we live on a FREE MARKET! and if Mcdonalds can use children as their main advertisement target bc we are on a free market, then, expect anything from any company, bc the government(which is the people) allows it. enjoy...

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  • Ic
    Icalibraman Dec 23, 2009

    Yes.. i fell for this scam too. I should have checked them out before i registered my credit card...Never again.
    I have just been on to my bank who have now assured me that they will deal with it.
    I have recently been made redundant and here in England we are in the middle of the largest deppression in history with jobs being lost in their hundreds every day. Threfore i was a little vunerable and naive and thought there was a chance of earning some extra money. I was exactly the person these scam artists were looking for. Be warned do not have ANY dealings with MHM Money Mastery!

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  • Fa
    faj Dec 16, 2009

    has anybody got their full refund??if you have please tell us how to get ours from the google money making kit..they have taken a total of 80 dollars from me..they are involved with google and my money mastery plan..

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Dec 16, 2009

    Here is the head office phone number and address for the Google Money Master Kit scam company:

    Just Think Media
    Corporate Head Office
    Suite 204, 85 Cranford Way
    Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA T8H 0H9
    Phone: 780.416.0211
    Fax: 780.416.0218
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Customer Service email: [email protected]

    Company Owner: Jesse Willms
    Address: 527, 52328 Range Road 233, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada


    More about this scam company and their history can be found here:

    Where to file complaints:


    Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!

    And end to this scam and refunds of stolen money is our number one concern,


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  • Vi
    vicky_700 Dec 16, 2009

    Indeed google is great this got nothing to do with the money mastery

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  • Vi
    vicky_700 Dec 16, 2009

    Guys if you are talking about MHM scheme check dis to get back your money

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  • Fr
    Fruad in Google Name Nov 27, 2009

    Complaint: Fraud Web Site

    Web site!confirm

    Complaint: The “ fastblogincome” Site is cheating the Google customers in the Google Name.
    Please be aware of it. It decreases Google’s Creditability. Please kindly take necessary action to prevent the unscrupulous activity which tarnishes the image and goodwill of Google among general public.

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  • St
    StupidMe_TX Nov 14, 2009

    People this is a SCAM company!!!

    Stay way from their sites.. The Credit Card company do knows about them too... I had already report them to BBB (, to help other it is your turn to report them to BBB so no more people would not be rip off.

    I demand a return for trail that I do not know anything about and that I have not except to. I only agree to buying the product and not the trail. I hope BBB will close this compay soon and conficicated all the properties/finacial and then put all these people on jail that is including the people work there.

    Their "Offical" internet complaint reply message alone can tell these people are SCAMS... Note: "we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process." Where is the refund for the non-existing trial??? And DARE you not to cancel my trail.

    For now, I will post warning/complain on every major sites. The bottom line is stay away from this site.
    I hope the employee of this company get a wake-up call too and I know your are reading/checking these complaint sites. Where are your morals? How did your mom raise you? How will you tell your child what kind of work you do?

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  • Mr Ford Nov 08, 2009

    Well, , , Well, , , Its been three days since my last post, (see above) and still no sign of my hard earned cash,
    However it looks like Nicole Otero has been on the same course as Goldsworth and has learnt how to cut and paste as well!! well done nicole! Thankyou for proving my point.

    PS you are also invited to come along to New Zealand with your boss James wilms & Goldsworth!! how about organising everyone that works in that stinking, low life, thieving company to come along! I will even pick yas up from the airport!


    Still out of pocket

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  • An
    angie garcia Nov 06, 2009

    What happen is that you will register on their website and boom, there is a membership fee at the following day. Although it is in their fine print, they intentionally make it misleading because if they are true to their service they will return the money if customer is not satisfy or wasn't able to use the website at all. They don't care, the owner know what they are doing, looking for loopholes. The website to login is, if you make a research what country has extension php you know where it came from. I am a victim and citizen of the same country. They don't acknowledge refund because this is their business.

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  • Mr Ford Nov 05, 2009

    Righto "Goldsworth", Judging by your replys you have made to the others like myself who have been fleeced of their hard earned cash, it seems you know how to cut & paste! Well done!

    As far as that phone no# goes for cancelling the subscription, once I actually got talking to someone that could speak fluent English, I managed to get it cancelled... But yep! you guys managed to get one more sneaky little payment out of my Accnt!!! bringing the grand total to NZ$341.11!!!

    Now, as far as getting my money back, I was told that I would need to ring "Quickprofit" (or whatever you guys call yourselves ) direct, and was given two different numbers which (you guessed it!) dont work!

    So Mr Goldsworth, you stated in your nice little cut n paste job that Quote "We honestly didnt mean to inconvenience you in any way" & "mistakes can be made" & "customer service is our number one priorty"
    So seeing as you are so customer focused Mr Goldsworth, I am sure that you will not find any problem in returning my hard earned cash to its rightfull place - back in my account.


    Out of pocket

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  • Mr Ford Nov 02, 2009

    Well, Well, Here we go again on the the big train ride to getting sucked in to another scam.
    Yes we too fell into the trap, with their ### web site & "free" offers, and after paying the initial
    US$2.95 we were then billed twice again to the tune of around NZ$300.00!!! and what did we recieve for this hard earned cash that was extracted from our account you may ask??
    Sweeeet F*%&K all!!!
    So once we realised that we had been had, we moved quickly to cancell our cards (NZ$15.00 Each!!!) then rang this so called company "" (or the hundreds of other names that this Company operates under, , , , ) and asked to cancell our subscription plus a full refund of all moneys taken, the snotty nosed little imigrant on the other end agreed to the cancelation but told us there would be no refund and hung up on us.
    Now I have done a bit of research into this scam, and I am starting to get a sense of scale as to how big this problem is and how many people are getting sucked into these scams all around the
    world, even down here in good old New Zealand!
    It looks like the company "Just Think Media" are behind this one and many other scams run by a bloke called James Wilms, from what I can work out what they are doing is not iliegal, , , However it is very, very misleading, unethical and down right wrong! stealing from hard working people!
    So if you are reading this James Wilms, and I hope you do, I invite you to come to the rugged west coast of New Zealand, where the people of this land are pround, loving, strong and most of all honest as the days are long, I would love nothing more for you to be here in this rugged land, so I can take you into the hills and remove you from the Gene pool that is the human race, to relieve the burden that people like ourselves must carry thru your actions.

    " The only way for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing."

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  • Cr
    craz2ella34 Oct 30, 2009

    TQG*onlinebizkit [protected] UT is what appeared on my statement

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  • De
    deedasdee Oct 29, 2009

    YES YES YES!!! This is a HUGE SCAM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!! As they say... If it sounds too good to be true, lt is! I'm a mom at home and didn't even click on this site, it just popped up, so I began to read it, listened to the FAKE testimonials, which just looked fake too, then BAM!! next thing I know my account has been charged not only the $1.97, but also the $97 dollars for the FAKE Money Mastery Kit. My husband contacted our bank right away and filed a complaint. Then he contacted some FAKE rep that said our account would be credited the monies back... Shah what ever!!! still waiting!!! So lesson learned, DONT EVER BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A GET RICH QUICK OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE!!!

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  • Ad
    Adan Oct 26, 2009

    I signed up for this and didn't get to going through the kit they sent me right away. The kit took almost 3 weeks to get here and by the time I did go through it I realized I didn't need any of the information they provide because I already have saving plan and debt process that's working for me. Then when I checked my bank they charged over $70 for the 2 monthly subscriptions to manage money. I waited another month to see what would happen and again another $70 withdrawal. I called several times and couldn't get through for the 15 minutes that I waited. Finally I called today and left it on speaker while doing other things and finally got to customer service after 30 minutes of waiting. They gave me a cancellation code. Hopefully I won't see that charge again next month. The idea seemed reasonable for making money and saving money, but if it takes that long to get to customer service I don't want to do business with them.

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  • De
    DeeGee1978 Oct 05, 2009

    Please dont mess out with this frauded scam. I already registered, cancel your credit card.

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  • Li
    lilred200522 Sep 28, 2009

    All Of the Google stuff is not real you can't make money doing anything pretaing to GOOGLE! I know I signed up for a FEE of $1.97 and it told me before I singed up that once I did then I would be ready to go and fill out forms and paste websites that's all I had to do to start makeing money, well when I got thru paying for it, , , it sent me to a WEBNAIRS thing where you can hear recordings of people who make money, , that's not what it said and thats not what I signed up for! So if anybody says you can make money doing it, , then they probably work for the company who is scamming people out of money!!! Don't fall for anything, , Make sure you go to WWW.BBB.ORG first and make sure the company is with them first and read all the reviews before you sign up with anybody!!! I have wasted so much money and so much of my talk time trin to cancel things with people who say you can make money doing this!! DO NOT DO IT!

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  • Ph
    phladz Sep 08, 2009

    that happened to me too...i called them and then the guy who answered the phone said he cant do anything about it and that i can't have my $49.84 back...this company doesn't have any conscience to take money just like that...i know its not a lot but i work hard for that money and that i don't have that much...its ridiculous...

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  • Vo
    vonni Aug 27, 2009

    Stop payments on any further transactions,
    cancel your card if necessary.
    good grief, you would think google would object to this use of their name.
    this "company" should be prosecuted.
    or worse.

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  • Ka
    Karen Gonzales Aug 23, 2009

    so I entered my credit card for the 1.95 google cash kit but it was giving me an error to read the agreement. I couldn't find the agreement. I hope for some reason they don't have access to my card now even though it didnt' go through? Has anyone else had this issue?
    Deeply concerned,

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  • Sk
    skeet5550 Aug 22, 2009

    Hi I was just reading your comments, I was going to sign up for the Google member kit. but I think I better keep checking it out.

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  • Co
    Continental Aug 16, 2009

    Hi L,
    I did not fall for the scam, because I did a Google search on this product since the website said ‘As seen on CNN”. Thus, I figured that I should be able to find some info on it on CNN’s website or something. Instead, what I found was this blog and I’m glad I decided to research it before entering my credit card info.

    Anyway, while I did not fall for the scam and can’t tell you how the charges appear on the bank statement, I think I may have some useful info for you. What made the whole thing so tempting is that I saw a headline on, which took me to an article from the San Francisco Daily News, both of which are legitimate sources.
    The link to the San Francisco Daily News article is:

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  • Mr
    mrmarty13 Aug 09, 2009

    I saw this add and thought it was to good to be true. So I googled(The irony using the search site to find the scam about the site.) Oh well thank you for all your honest feedback about the scam and I as a hard working american am truly sorry for your loss of funds. I hope google does something about this. The site that nearly got me was This site looked so legit until I clicked on the San Diego Tribune news link and it took me to the sign up link for the money kit. Everyone beware do researh before you sign up for anything. You are at a computer might as well take a second to google something your not sure about.

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  • Ja
    JamesScotte Jul 22, 2009

    It is certainly a scam. The snapshots they show are of Adsence and there is no product like Google Money Master at all. Check out this sleasy site promoting something which does not exist.

    I just hope Google wakes up to these buggers and wacks them for using its name for a scam.

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  • BellaDotka Jul 19, 2009

    Thanks 4 the info !!! I was looking 4 some extra money.Since I got pregnant, and had to " quit" my job... haha . I'm so green in this area . Wahjobseeker, don't waist Ur energy on dummies, cause 2morro, they may have a car accident and be disable as well . Even if somebody it is lazy, it's the person business. I thought, this page was create to help each other, not for some smart apples, w/o a life . Thanks again :)

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  • Ja
    jaj 11670 Jul 17, 2009

    Low signup fee, other monster charges hidden far down the sign up page.
    No way to unsubscribe.
    Impossible to contact via the help line number.
    Third party web companies dipping into your account.
    The only way to stop the thieving was to report the credit card used to sign up as lost stolen, this cancels its use and blocks any future activities.
    (Be warned, simply put, this is a theft scam, clever, stealthy but simply a group of thieves taking your money) dont do it.

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  • Ca
    Camando Jul 16, 2009

    Total scam guys! When you are about to sign up for your free kit read the bottom of that page. It does say that you will have a trial period...then it does go on to say that you will be charged a monthly fee. Come on...we all know the saying 'If it sounds too good to be true it probably is"...Thank goodness I didn't give out my credit card number!

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  • Be
    beebite Jul 16, 2009

    i have same problem scam web site how to stop it for charge im try call them nothing there

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  • Be
    beebite Jul 16, 2009

    i have same problem use and right away call 800 number is nothing oh poor and get email and try email to them cant send it how solve problem for that ?

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  • Ni
    nick jarrett Jul 13, 2009

    I did not fall victim to this scam. I almost did. I found the link no I sent them an email via their contact us link on their site explaining what we have all learned her. I urged them to contact me as well as provide them a link to this blog. I can only hope that they will help with attaining the whereabouts of this scam. My instincts tell me it is overseas, Africa, where the incresing number of these scams are being conducted.

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  • Sk
    Sk33t3r Jul 11, 2009

    I purchases one of these google kits via my paypal, on 6/30/09, then today I noticed that took 79.90 from my paypal account. So I am filling a complain to dispute the charges with paypal.


    PS dont buy any of these clams on how to make money cia google, just go to google yourself and look at how to ad the banners to your site.

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  • Mc
    MCcalifornia Jul 08, 2009

    Please people - this is a scammmmmmmmmmm DO NOT DO IT.

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  • Ay
    ayrodriguez Jul 07, 2009

    I am in the same situation. I tried calling and its busy then someone answered and gave me 3 other customer care numbers. I haven't even received the email confirmation nor the cd yet.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jul 06, 2009

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  • Rp
    rp36asa Jul 06, 2009

    i saw the add on both and why would these people advertise for this scam. I was recently layed off and it is very difficult to find a job in southern california right now. So i figured why not look into making money online. Yeah, i read this and i have decided not to sign up for this scam.

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  • Be
    bella99 Jul 05, 2009

    I saw these ads on the site.
    Is Microsoft sooooo desperate to make money that they would concede to advertising scams on their news site? Yes, these are definite scams, always FULLY read the small print before handing out your CC number.

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