Goodwill Industries Internationalservice

S Jul 23, 2019

7/23/19 at around 6:15. I was waiting to check out. The woman cashier went over to help the other cashier. She had called for assistance prior. A man came and started straightening clothes ha here. The cashier told him I needed to be waited on. The employee immediately goes over to a man standing by glass case and waits on him. I, as a woman, was totally ignored. I waited a few minutes. No one ever said another word to me. I left my cart full of items and the store.

I then called the store to get a number to file a complaint. A man answered and introduced himself as the assistant manager. I explained what had happened. He was the man that ignored me. He said he couldn't run me up on that cash register. He never acknowledged me. He kept talking and talking. I asked for complaint number 5 times. He finally gave me the number as 502-585-5221. He also added that this was crazy. I asked if he was calling me crazy. I explained to him by him blankly ignoring me and serving the man, he discriminated against me.

I'm a RN, I don't have to shop Goodwill. I also know how everyone is to be treated. I have gone into all the local Goodwills frequently. Really, I've never been treated so obviously rudely discriminated against in any Goodwill or any other store for that matter.

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