Goodwill Industries Internationalcustomer service

T Nov 19, 2019

Your employee Cherie walked up to me and told me she was not going to check me out. She did this very loud. She would not tell me the reason why. She then tried to tell me I was making a scene. I shop on your stores at least 4 times a week and I spend $300 or more everytime. I am a stylist and I exclusively shop in your stores for my clients. This is not only a total inappropriate situation, it is completely uncalled for. That woman embarrassed me in front of my son and other customers. I left your store in tears. What will be done about this? Perhaps she was having a bad day but guess what... I am too and that does not give her any grounds to treat me so poorly. She was a bit scary as much as she was uncouth. I would like to know what will be done in order for me to go into any of your stores again. I donate to your company almost everyday... now I cannot dupport your business. This is so very upsetting. I style Austin's up and coming and I do not want to share this situation at hand. My husband is a lawyer and I will be speaking to him when he gets home. This is not what my community needs either. My son is confused as well. This was over the top and will damage me for quite some time... I support your company with my Non Profit Organization so this will effect me on many different levels. I hope this can be handled in order for me to ever step foot in one of your stores.

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