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I left a reputable gym where I had been a member for 10 years with no problems to join Goodlife since it was closer to my work and home. After several months of working out a male member began circling me while I exercised, would exercise right next to me, walk slowly by me staring at me intently, etc. I was completely unnerved. When I entered Goodlife one lunch hour he suddenly appeared in front of me entering the building ahead of me, and then blocked my way through the swinging gate. The final straw was when he followed me out the parking lot. I went to the young inexperienced staff at the front and told her what was happening to me. Another member overheard me describe my stalker and said that her and others had been harassed by this man too. The staff member would not come with me so I could identify this person to her. The manager was out of the building and I instructed the front desk girl to have the manager call me. I waited ALL AFTERNOON, no phone call. Finally, I called back and was told she was "in a meeting". I said if the situation wasn't dealt with, I would have my husband come to the gym with me to protect me. Upon this threat, I did receive a phone call from the manager, who advised me to point this man out next time I was in the gym. Why would she not have had her staff point him out to her?? Why victimize me again and put me in an awkward position. The next day he was not there and I was instructed by the manger that we would wait until the next time I worked out to identify him. At this point, I was extremely frustrated because the staff now knew exactly who he was and I felt they had the responsiblity to point him out to the manager. At this point, my husband was so concerned for my safety he waited in the parking lot while I exercised. The next time I exercised (Monday of the following week) I walked in and spotted him right away. Doing as the manager instructed me to do, I went to the front to get her. She was with a client (busy ripping off another unsuspecting member to be, I suppose) so I didn't want to interrupt. I informed the desk clerk of the situation and he said he would relay the message to her right away. I was shaking so badly I couldn't even exercise knowing this man was nearby. I just wanted to leave but was determined to see the situation through. After 35 minutes I went to the front again, and was told that the manager had left for lunch!!! I was very upset and berated the staff for not telling her I was waiting to point this man out to her. I asked for someone else in charge and, of course, there was nobody. I went to change into my street clothes and upon exiting the change room, I spotted the manager, who had been summoned back by her staff, looking for me. At this point, I was angry, frightened and frustrated. The manager sat me down in the public area and advised me the problem had been dealt with. I was shocked and asked how she could have dealt with it when she had been waiting for me to point him out to her. She said she had a staff member do it and she had talked to him. She then said she had spoken to him on the Friday previously. I was stunned and asked at what point would she have told me this?? Why would she have waited all weekend, plus have me walk back into the gym knowing that he was exercising there at the same time?? Why wouldn't she have come to talk to me BEFORE she left for lunch?? She said she was going to call me "LATER". I asked her what the outcome was and she said she couldn't say. I asked if he was going to continue to be a member and she said "ABSOLUTELY". (No, I am not making this up. In this day and age with zero tolerance on harrassment this actually occurred just 30 days ago). I terminated my membership within several hours. Goodlife continued to take a payment out of my acount and today, I spoke to someone at corporate HO to tell them to return the money to me, as I was no longer a member. He was very abrasive and kept saying I had "signed a contract" and that I had to wait 30 days for my membership to expire. When I told him I had been harassed and forced to leave the gym, because of the utter inexperience of the manager, he put me on hold for 18 minutes. When he came back on the line, he confirmed that I had emailed corporate head office twice about the harassment problem (I never did receive a response from anyone at their head office on the harassment issue. Maybe 'cause I hadn't been raped yet???) and he then said I was no longer welcome at any Goodlife Fitness Centre nor was I to communicate with them, and that they would do the same. It is beyond belief that any company would handle something like sexual harassment in such an insensitve way. I have worked out for 20 years successfully in other gyms with no problems. I would never recommend Goodlife to anybody! I am now happily back working out at Shapes, (yes, on the co-ed side occasionally) with no problems. It will just be a matter of time before the manager of this location runs this facility into the ground.


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    Mauiwowy Dec 24, 2008

    Get over yourself. If you have a problem with the person tell them. I will admit they are stubborn with payments though, I had trouble switching which account my payments came from, took 3 or 4 complaints to finally get it right.

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    charidee Jan 31, 2009

    i think you should sue them

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    AmyC Feb 02, 2009

    She can't sue them, unless he was staff.
    I'm really sorry that happened to you! It sounds very scary and I validate your feelings. You did the right thing and I'm sorry they didn't. But legally, I'm not sure they can do much. Tho, at my club a man was kicked out but he wasn't paying for a membership (maybe he'd won it?) so it might be a different situation. Our whole society is set up to allow this kind of thing to happen. I'm glad you were able to get out of that situation safely.

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    any123 Mar 18, 2009

    I think the man should have been kicked out. No tolerance should mean no tolerance. They may just be words, but they're words that are put there to protect people from ### like that. I go to a Women Only Goodlife and the employees aren't much smarter, if it's any consolation.

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    Mildred Apr 11, 2009

    I agree, you need to get over yourself "would exercise right next to me, walk slowly by me staring at me intently, etc." that is not sexual harrassment, sounds like you are making a big deal out of nothing, and it sounds like you are posting this complaint to get back at GoodLife for not doing as you wished

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    Anonymous Employee Jun 18, 2009

    Jeez there are so many Goodlife supporters. Do you even know what lies behind this companies real intent? I dont think so. Read up on some of these complaints.. Its consistent. and believe me. It wont last very long for them if they continue their way of business.

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    LadiDi Feb 15, 2010

    I believe these types of complaints need to be addressed as a safety issue. How about contacting some news business to see if there is anyone interested in the ethical side of organized gyms. Certainly harassment is an important issue.

    I believe this woman. Having been with Goodlife for 10 years ought to have counted in her favour by this particular gym. Gym's are personal places for men and women, much like public pools... but not supervised.
    My gym, a Goodlife, seems to be respectful. Men generally keep their eyes to themselves which helps me to feel comfortable, especially in the free weights area...and yes, it is walking distance for me.

    To: Anonymous Employee:
    A friend bought a used computer from a manager at a gym. It was thought the hard drive was impossible to recover, not so for my friend. He could not believe how bad it was... letters of intention to do a thing about it...a dirty business!

    As for myself, I have been harassed by Premier Fitness. I cancelled my membership after the year contract for good reasons. I was ignored so, I conveniently lost my credit card... and reissued with new number.
    Contract ended 2003... Last week, I received a letter stating my arrears can be forgiven if... I rejoin with conditions to offset the arrears... The sum is into thousands now.

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    1977styles Aug 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Premier is a very disreputable company. I cancelled in 2008 and thought everything was fine. One year later they called to ask about account. I wrote a full account of my complaint on this site. This eventually escalated to a being threatened by a lawyer. They use the hardsell and other aggressive tactics. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

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    silsburn Nov 23, 2010

    I have just been through the same HORRIFYING experience at Equinox in New York City of all places. The "best gym in the country" as they proudly announce to one and all. It is certainly the most expensive. If you do not address the problem, you are complicit with this longstanding American patriarchal culture of rape. The same culture that allows Clarence Thomas to sit on a Supreme Court bench -- in a news cycle when Anita Hill's testimony is finally being validated 20 years after the fact. Emphasis: fact. Language is oppressive. It should NOT happen at a gym. EVER. Equinox management claimed that they had a zero tolerance policy on the issue of member harassment. After listening to my serious complaint about a creepy old man who lurks, leers and makes obscene remarks, they did absolutely nothing. When I provided them with corroborating stories from other female members at the gym... they did nothing again. I cancelled my membership immediately. I got a partial refund. I am giving half the money to a local rape crisis prevention clinic and the other half to the ACLU. I am also going to contact the corporate headquarters of Equinox and make sure they know what happened. And exactly which members of their "best in the country" staff made such grave errors. In closing, I wonder, of all the previous replies above, if the people who told this woman to "get over herself" were men or women. Would be interesting. And tragically predictable as well.

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    MarniM Mar 11, 2012

    Good Life Nature Way in Winnipeg is turning into a bacterial dump. It's filthy. The instructors aren't very good; some of them are control freak nutcases. The tiles in the large gym area are coming unglued from the floor. Body pump participants trip over them when they try to get weights from the stand. The mats are stinky and filthy. I'm going to call the health department on them. It's enough already! It's starting to feel like a money grab. They're signing up way too many members and not maintaining the facility properly. I wouldn't be surprised if their members end up with bacterial infections, etc. since the facility isn't cleaned very well.

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