Gold's Gymcustomer service

N Jan 15, 2020

Thousand Oaks, CA, Golds Gym has communication problems with costumers.
I would like to report Nicole Gooch for disrespectfully talking to me on the phone, and making accusations, didn't wanted to listen what I had to say, interrupted me, I asked to speak with her supervisor she said to me that she is very generous to me offering this deal $, but her supervisor will not be nice to me as she is, so I have no choice to pay money $, which I don't have for three months and more.
She was trying to get agreement with me about this amount money $, but oh there is more payments I have to make more money $, which it feels like a scam and not real.
Nicole Gooch has poor quality of communicating with people, she was very rude on the phone, she was threatened me with collection agency.

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