Golden Corralservice

Ro Oct 03, 2019

my wife and i visited this location on sep 22 2019 after finally getting thru check in and no there was not but 6 people in front of us but it took 42 minutes to get in because the one of 2 cash draws was open . the cashier found it her duty to seat people that she new and pretend she was getting more fork wraps. returning back with two more full tubs to add to her already two full tubs she seated her friends first leaving the line for minutes at a time. after finally getting in to this dirty shop we had to clean our own table and go back for our own water. i can go on about this experience but it makes my stomach upset. this place needs a serious make over starting with the staff. as my whole crew and work crew wont go back till it happens and we are not the only disappointed ones. and food is always cold what the heck is with that

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