Golden Corralallowing customers in a place to eat with their pants down to their knees!

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We just got back from eating dinner this evening March 24, 2019 at the Roxboro location. While we were eating a teenage black boy and his family came in to eat. The boys pants were hanging down to his knees with all his underwear shining. He had to hold his pants up just to walk around to get his food. This should not be allowed in a public place to eat! It was apparent that his own mother had no respect for others allowing him to dress like this. I spoke to the Assistant Manger and she too did not like the situation. She agreed with us whole heartedly but she said that corporate management had never given them any leeway to address these situation. She was going to talk with Mr. Rogers regarding this matter. Golden Corral should put up a sign advising everyone that they have the right to refuse service, this way when people such as this person could be told to leave due to their dress attire! It would be better to loose these type people instead of loosing upstanding decent respectable people. We like eating here but I will not go back if I ever see this happen again! It is time for everyone to step up and handle the crowd that has no respect for the rest of the world. I hope you all will truly address this matter and I would appreciate your reply. Thank you: Billy Timberlake 2003 Dick Holeman Road. Timberlake, NC [protected] (cell)

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      Mar 25, 2019

    Living in the Durham/Timberlake/Roxboro area, you surely must be use to seeing black males with their droopy pants! GC could put up a sign but could possibly alienate a good chunk of their customers. Personally, when I see someone wearing these droppy pants I just think to myself how dumb they look and I go on about my business. I have nothing at stake with how well someone's pants fit them.

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