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CB Travel and Vacations Review of Go Ahead Tours
Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Tours review: Fraud and cheating! 1

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I went on a group tour with Go Ahead Tours. We were already in Europe and booked a 5 day Paris excursion. Based on the expensive rate we paid, our expectations were for deluxe accommodations. What we got was a student tour.

The hotel was on the outskirts of Paris, so you had to use the Metro (40 minute minimum to town) or a taxi (30 Euro minimum). It also was dirty and the rooms hadn't been redone in 40 years. The kitchen ran out of food for every breakfast. The food service they provided was so horrible and americanized, we stopped attending and ate on our own.

When I complained to the company, they offered a travel voucher for their firm. Six months later I was able to book a similar trip that included better & more convenient location, excellent meals and Airfare--FOR LESS MONEY.
When I brought this to their attention, they did nothing.

Boycott this firm. You cannot continue to swindle people and stay in business.

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Brigid Ellen
Lodi, US
Feb 10, 2012 1:56 am EST

I have been on many of their tours, and have never experienced anything but excellent value, excellent service, and the best times of my life. I'll take that coupon if you aren't using it :)