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For the sake of brevity I will be blunt. She is a con artist along with all her staff who enable the con to continue on! She is a liar & a thief. Documented & verified!

She has lawyers scurrying about the internet looking for people posting the truth about this organization. The problem with this tactic is the truth is your defense, it stands on its own. Something they know nothing about. Also, we have this concept in the USA called the 1st Amendment. We do have freedom speech and a duty to warn potential consumers about fraud. They enjoy & threaten with this word "dispargement" well if there is such concern why not conduct an ethical business. Now there is a novel thought!

I like to read restaurant reviews before visiting the establishment. I to want know if people report a good experience, good food, good service etc. There are reviews consisting of the good, bad & ugly. Imagine if these restaurants thought they could prevent the consumer from reporting their experience! So, here we go, off on a review of her coaching program & ethics!

She could very well be one of the best cons at present time. She speaks of being an Intern at the White House & working for Marianne Williamson. Interesting how nobody has ever seen a picture of this and she loves her own photos. Why is that? A little research will provide a plethora of reasons why it is only verbal exultations. I know several people who have interned at the White House. It is regarded as an honor and privilege. They use these photos in their marketing, however they are honest & legitimate businesses.

Her business plan is if you don't give her $10-20-30, 000 plus you obviously have money block issues or mom/dad issues. The solution to this dilemma: you are directed to cash out your 401k plan or even take out a 2nd mortgage on your home. Next step, give her this money so she can help fix your issues. She is not about empowering women but all about empowering & increasing her bank account only.

This is not to say that perhaps she was legitimate at some point. I hope she was, however she has become completed corrupted by GREED.

She has defrauded over 400 women worldwide who find it difficult to get restitution or they are fearful of repercussions from the organization. She has a habit of changing her agreement mid steam. Her program was advertised as in the process of being ICF accredited. Problem: She never applied! Documented! However, her story is she decided to FORGO ICF, as it was not in alignment with her coaching style! I bet it wasn't and the ICF will never have her scam as a certified course.

She operates in a thug like manner of threats & intimidation. Along with dispatching her "muscle" to physically intimidate women who express their less than satisfactory experience with her so called coaching. That is her brand of women empowerment!

Yes, she is good! But so was Bernie Madoff. Look where he resides now.

Any honest & reputable business person will not want to be associated with this person. It will fall just like every other con man (women) in history. A matter of time.

My absolute favorite part about this con is how she invokes her "Spirituality" The word CHARLATAN comes to mind. I do hope she keeps a sharp eye above her head, as lightening bolts may be on the way. She is just a simple girl from Detroit with dreams, she has crafted an incredible STORY. It will be interesting to watch the implosion on its way. She is no Esther.


  • Vi
    Vic Rose Edwards Nov 28, 2016
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    My name is Victoria Edwards and I'm a freelance journalist writing a story about Gina Devee and her coaching services. It sounds like the services were not as they were advertised, would you be interested in talking to me about it? It would help to get the word out and increase awareness. My phone number is [protected] and my email address is [protected] Thanks!

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  • Km
    KMiller20 Aug 14, 2020

    I will share a creepy experience with Glenn. I had a really bad experience with him on a retreat, I caught him taking photos of me when I was suntanning in my bikini. I told him to stop and he tried coaching me about my "fear of being judged." After that, he emailed me a link to his peeping tom photo of me on his Instagram and tagged it "Nice View." It was so embarassing and traumatizing. I warn every woman to stay away from this evil couple.

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