Giant Eagleservice desk-netspend reload

I Nov 02, 2019 Review updated:

I'm a regular customer at the service desk, reloading money on my Netspend Visa card. Today, at 9:30 a.m., I'm told by Judy, the service desk manager, that she can't help me because it's going to take 20 minutes to sign in to the Western Union transactor. I opened an old wound with her by saying she should just do it at the register so I can be helped. She proceeded to tell me it's impossible to do that way. I said that I just had it done like that at the Rochester store. Again, she states that it's impossible, every store goes thru Western Union. I told her she needs to be retrained then because she's ignorant to this issue. In the past, her and I argued about the same thing. I told her that the service desk employees do it all the time when the transactor is down. Again, she said it was impossible, and if they were doing it, the cashiers were just stealing my money. I know better. I believe corporate needs to hash this issue out. IT IS POSSIBLE for the service desk to load money on my Netspend at the register. Please school Judy on this issue, as she insists I'm wrong. I'm taking my business elsewhere, as Dollar General loads it in less than a minute. Why should I argue with someone who is a manager, and insists I know nothing, at Giant Eagle?

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    Well, well, well,
    So here we have either her family member, her coworker, or one of those that fall in line and asks no questions. Do me a favor sheep, keep your mouth shut, and eyes forward. Please just stick to complaining about Trump, because you're getting nowhere with me. I know exactly what I'm referring to, and so does she. All her cashiers at the service desk know how to do it, and do it quickly. She refuses to open her eyes, and I'm sick of her constant talking down to me. I need no manners when I'm being schooled by the clueless, such as yourself. And maybe you're right about not being missed, but isn't it funny that they lost quite a bit of customers when Walmart moved in right up the hill? They certainly miss them...Now back to the pasture with you, little lamb.

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    Laughable little inbred...Again, you troll my comments. Hey! Look! Trump did something unfavorable! There, that should keep you busy for a month or more...

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