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Questions and answers about Georgia Power

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What does Georgia Power do?

Georgia Power is a company that transmits, generates, and distributes electricity.

Where is Georgia Power located?

Georgia Power’s head office is located at 241 Ralph McGill Blvd NE 10th fl Bin 10105, Atlanta, Georgia, United States - 30308-3374.

How can I contact Georgia Power?

You can reach Georgia Power at +1-888-660-5890 or +1 888 655 5888


Are there any requirements for participating in the Georgia Power PrePay program?

To participate in the Georgia Power PrePay program, you must have a smart meter. For more details, please reach Georgia Power customer service at +1 888-660-5890

Will I be required to pay a deposit at Georgia Power?

Georgia Power may require you to pay a security deposit before they establish service. For more details, please reach Georgia Power customer service at +1 888-660-5890

Can I make payment arrangements at Georgia Power?

No. If you take part in the PrePay program, you cannot make payment agreements. Nevertheless, you can control how much and when you pay.

What happens if my Georgia Power account balance gets to zero?

Georgia Power will send you a message informing you that your services will be turned off if you do not add money to your account (a minimum of $5).

Can I make payments using a debit or credit card at Georgia Power?

Yes. You can make payments using a debit or credit card.

Can I switch back to a Standard Service at Georgia Power?

Yes. You can switch back whenever you want.

How can I make PrePay payments at Georgia Power?

<p>You can make PrePay payments in a few different ways:</p> <p><br />&bull; At authorized payment locations by cash;<br />&bull; Online using your electronic check and debit/credit card;<br />&bull; By phone using your debit/credit card;<br />&bull; Using the Georgia Power app.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

If I do not pay, will I be disconnected from Georgia Power?

Yes. If you do not pay, you might be disconnected.

What does the “suspending disconnections for nonpayment” status mean at Georgia Power?

It means that the extra time to make a payment has expired.

I received calls from Georgia Power asking me to pay my bill to avoid disconnection. Should I trust these calls?

Georgia Power does not ask its clients for a credit/prepaid debit card number via the phone. If you received a similar call from Georgia Power, please hang up and reach Georgia Power customer service at +1 888-660-5890

How do I cancel my Georgia Power payment?

<p>To cancel your Georgia Power payment, be ready to provide the following information:</p> <p><br />&bull; Account number &amp; account access code from your bill.<br />&bull; The date when you would like to get your services turned off.<br />&bull; The email address where you would like the company to send you the last check.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

How do I set up a prepay at Georgia Power?

<p>To set up a prepaid function at Georgia Power, follow these steps:</p> <p><br />&bull; Head to <strong>My Account Login</strong><br />&bull; Enter your <strong>Username</strong> and <strong>Password</strong><br />&bull; Choose <strong>Login</strong><br />&bull; Enter your Account Number and Account Access Code, then choose <strong>Continue</strong><br />&bull; Enter the required information and then click on<strong> Look Up My Account</strong><br />&bull; Select your PrePay account and choose <strong>Add Selected Account(s)</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Why was my bill so high at Georgia Power?

If you did not pay for a previous month, your current check might be higher than usual. To check your usage, go to your account and choose My Power Usage.